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My take on something that happens after Season 2 Premiere

The Gift

"Maura, why do I have to have a blindfold on?"

"Because you are worse than a child and can't keep your eyes closed."

"But, Maura…" The car had stopped and Jane heard Maura get out of the driver's side, but before she could take the blindfold off, Maura was there again.

"No you don't,"

"Aww come on Maur!" "I don't like secrets, and…"

"For me Jane, can you let me have my fun, please?" Maura said this quietly and without inflection. Jane sagged in her seat.

"Sorry Maur, I'm all yours" Jane owed her too much not to indulge her every once in awhile. Ever since Jane had shot herself to save Frankie and her, Maura had made it clear to everyone that Jane was her business. No one was going to argue with Dr Isles on that one, not even Jane Rizzoli.

Jane had been back to work for about a month now and her life still felt like it was upside down. Dinners at her ma's were now in Maura's guesthouse, her dad was keeping his distance a bit more than she would like. She didn't even get to hang out with Frankie as much. The only constant in her life was Maura who made sure that Jane and everyone else knew that 'Jane' was 'her' business. She rolled that around in her head and liked the sound of it; she had since she first heard Maura utter those words. They had surprised her, but they felt right.

"Okay, now step out of the car carefully"

"Yes mother" Jane said sarcastically.

"Jane I'm not your..oh…right" she smiled.

"Take off the blindfold"

Blindfold in hand, Jane looked at the house then Maura. "What are we doing at my old house?"

The smile on Maura's face was one of pure exuberance; she was excited.

Maura reached into her purse, pulled out an envelope and handed it to Jane. Still confused, Jane pulled the papers in the envelope and started to read.

"W..T..F.. Maur, you bought my house?" Maura's face fell as she realized Jane wasn't at all happy about her gift.

"Why the hell would you buy a house when you already have one Maur?"

"And why this one, did you need a tax break or something?" the last she said viciously without giving any thought about the impact her words could have.

"Maura WAIT!"

The tears came without warning and Maura ran to the driver's side, jumped in and drove away leaving an angry and confused Jane Rizzoli standing in front of what was now the home of Dr. Maura Isles.


Looking down at the papers in her hand, she started reading, one page after another until, "Aw Maura…" despondent, Jane pulled out her phone and speed dialed Maura's number, "Come on Maur, answer…"

After leaving five pleading messages on Maura's cell, and calling Korsak, Frankie and Frost to see if they had seen Maura, Jane finally went into the house.

Frankie was coming over to get her in a bit since she didn't have her car. Walking around, she saw that some items had been packed up and others had been left where they were. There were still pictures and mementos. Sniffling a bit, she wiped her tears away, angry at herself for being such an ass with Maura.

"Why would she do it?" Jane couldn't understand it. Maura hadn't just bought the house; she had paid the first and second mortgage, leaving a clear title, which she had signed over to one Jane Rizzoli.

Dropping her lanky body onto the couch, she realized how tired she was. The past four months had been hard, for everyone, emotionally for all and physically for her. She was still working on building up her stamina and today had caught up with her. The one constant through everything though had been Maura.

"Dammit where are you Maura!" exasperated and just a little sad, she leaned forward and put her head in her hands.


Jane snapped her head around, "Maura!"

Coming around the couch, Jane pulled Maura into an embrace "you had me worried Maura" she said softly.

"I'm sorry I was such an ass Maur"

"Jane I'm sorry I thought it would be a nice surprise, I forget how you get about my money, but"

"Shhh, its okay" Jane's arms tightened around Maura as she realized how good Maura felt in her arms.

Maura leaned into the embrace grateful to be this close to Jane. She loved the smell of this woman, a mix of pretty and musk. She knew Jane didn't use women's perfumes but the men's colognes she used didn't make her smell like a man at all. She could lose herself in Jane's smell. She sighed deeply.

"Maur?" Jane said tentatively

"Yes Jane," she purred.

"Thanks for the gift, I don't know how I could ever repay you though"

Smiling, Maura's green eyes twinkled, "I know of a way"

The surprised look on Jane's face was quickly replaced by the infamous Rizzoli grin,

"Really Maur?" The smoldering look Jane gave her was enough to let Maura know that Jane was feeling the same way Maura was.

"I thought I wasn't your type," Jane said as she wrapped her fingers in Maura's hair and pulled her closer.

"Oh, no" she whispered, "you're definitely my type…

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