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Summary: The plan was so simple to "pretend date" in order to get who they love back. But, sometimes love doesn't always follow the plan. Pairings: Implied Jerome/Mara, Mick/Amber, and Mara/Mick. Eventual Jerome/Amber.

Disclaimer: All rights to House of Anubis goes to Nick and whoever else owns this!


It's one of those quiet evenings in the Anubis house, which is weird because teenagers generally run around causing a much. At least that's what Victor thinks, whenever the house is truly quiet, that the teenagers are up to something. But the night was possibly quiet because Amber already cried her heart out because Mick decided to announce that he has a girlfriend Mara, and soon afterwards Alfie told everyone about his girlfriend too, some lower year or something.

So Amber left to go cry in her room. She though she heard someone knock on her door, which she thought was weird, cause she was hoping that Nina will come and comfort her right now. She opened her door, to find Jerome standing at the door, shuffling his feet, looking nervous and upset at the same time. He looked up to her and decided to say he was sorry. Strangely Amber, understood some what, and thus leads to the question, what was she going to do to win Mick back?

While Jerome left the room, Nina came in looking at her friend, asking "What did Jerome want?"

"Nothing," replied Amber. She was too busy plotting away to get Mick back and she knew exactly who would help her with this plan.

Now, if only Jerome will be willing to "date" her to get Mick back, leaving Jerome free to have Mara.

She'll tell him these plans after dinner. She needed to go fix her makeup. Crying tends to make any girl look horrible, especially if the mascara wasn't waterproof!