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Chapter 1 A New Opportunity? Bring it on.

Neyla was seething. The plan didn't work at all. She was supposed to beat Sly and then be immortal. Carmelita had come at the wrong time. What was she doing helping Cooper? Now she was in deep shit.

She was in a bad shape, bloodied and wounded. The crash of Clockla and its posterior disintegration had left her miserable. What was she suppose to do now? At first, she couldn't stop swearing that she was going to have her revenge.

But that diminished every day. As her chances of living slipped by. She thought that the police would at least investigate the place! She would be found, they would treat her and then she would be thrown to jail. But no one came. As her life was leaving her slowly, she could no longer think of revenge.

Her last thought was if I get a second chance…I'm going to make it worth it! Then she fainted, but not before she saw one piece of Clockwerk shine and she disappeared.

*******At the Jade Palace******

As the five were in position, ready to be chosen, Shifu was nervous. Oogway had the tendency to be unpredictable. If he had to chose, Tigress would be his choice. But, alas, it isn't his decision. For all he cared, Oogway could just turn to the crowd and point at someone from there and BAM, the Dragon Warrior is chosen.

However, today Oogway seemed to be in agreement with Shifu, as he came towards Tigress. The moment was one of tension and you could hear the breathing of Oogway as he walked slowly.

Suddenly, a blinding light appeared in the center of the field. Once the light faded, everyone saw a battered and bloodied purple leopard on the floor. She looked like she went to hell and came back to tell the tale. Oogway ran towards her with a sped that made everyone wonder why he moved so slowly before. He checked her, then yelled.

"Could somebody help me here? I have a dying leopard on my arms and she needs help!"

Immediately, a group of geese came and took her away. Oogway then turned to Shifu and said "Well, it seems like today is filled with surprises!"

Shifu looked at his master. "Master Oogway, please. It is time to choose the Dragon Warrior. Now that the Leopard his taken care of, we can…"

"Oh but I already choose, my student." Said Oogway as he pointed in the leopards direction.

"The leopard? She is hardly alive! What if she dies? What if she can't heal in time?"

"She won't die! I applied in her my ancient healing palm. She should awake tomorrow morning and you can start training her then."

"But is it wise? We don't even know her? And did you saw those wounds? What kind of trouble is she in? Are you sure you don't want to reconsider? You were going to pick Tigress. This was just an accident!"

"There are no accidents, Shifu."

******The next day******

Neyla woke up because the sun decided to be a bitch with her. One day, I'll beat you! She thought as she stretched herself, feeling a little sore. She then stopped in mid stretch, eyes widened: she had been given a second chance! She had her second chance!

She decided to take a look outside to see where she was. Let's see. Looks Chinese, but I never been to this place before, and I have been in China. Maybe that Clockwerk piece sent me to a different timeline. Well, I did want to start anew. As she was thinking this, she heard a chuckle.

"Well, good morning, young one! Do you know where you are?"

She turned to see an old… turtle! She went pale.


Oogway chuckled, amused. "No child. My name is Oogway. By the way you're confused, I presume you don't even know where you are, so I might as well tell you. You are in the Jade Palace, in China."

Neyla then remembered her promise. "Thank you for saving me. Whatever it is you need, I'll do everything you ask me to do!"

Oogway was surprised at this. But then a smile appeared in his face. "Do you mean it? Because what I'm going to ask is going to be very hard on you!"

Neyla paled. Oh god, a pervert! I knew I shouldn't have made that swear. Still, I have to do it. I just wished my first time would be different. "What is it?"

Oogway licked his dry lips. "You must…become the Dragon Warrior!"

All was silent. Neyla looked at Oogway in the eyes, then asked "What?"

"Become the Dragon Warrior. You see, yesterday, I was going to choose the Dragon Warrior from Five pupils of my own pupil. However, when I was finally going to say 'this one is the Dragon Warrior' you appeared out of a blinding light! I knew in that moment that the universe had brought me the Dragon Warrior."

Neyla looked at the turtle like he had grown another head. Are all the turtles I meet crazy or what? I always get to work with wackos: Carmelita, Sly, Countess, Arpeggio and now, this…Oogway. Still, I get to keep my dignity for now, and maybe this business of the Dragon Warrior isn't so bad!

"Very well, Oogway. I accept my task. I will try to be this…Dragon Warrior."

Oogway smiled. "You must go to the Hall of Heroes. You will wait there for my pupil, Shifu. He is a small red panda, easy to recognize. He will be your teacher while you are here!"

*****With Shifu*****

Shifu was seething. First this…leopard appears out of nowhere and now she becomes the Dragon Warrior? This is unacceptable! Tigress should have been the Dragon Warrior, not a skinny Leopard with more bruises than a veteran of war!

He entered through the door to the Hall to find the leopard looking at the Sword of Heroes. That is, until she cut herself just from looking at it.

"Ouch, what the hell happened?" asked Neyla as she was freaked out by this: she didn't touch anything, and yet she got wounded?

"The Sword of Heroes is so sharp, that if you look at it, you can cut yourself!"

Neyla turned to see a small red panda looking at her. "If what Oogway said is right, you must be Master Shifu."

Shifu looked at her, clearly not impressed by the leopard. "…so you are the legendary Dragon Warrior, huh?"

Neyla thought about this. Is this some kind of test? "Well, Master Oogway wants me to be the Dragon Warrior, but that would mean I am not one yet!"

Shifu actually was surprised by this. Most people would take being a Dragon Warrior for granted and would not care for what was required of it! "You are indeed correct. You are not the Dragon Warrior and you will never be unless you learn the secret of the Dragon Scroll!" as Shifu said that, he pointed towards the ceiling.

Neyla nodded. "Since I have to learn the secret, I assume there are requirements necessary to gain the right to read the scroll. What are they?"

Again, Shifu was admired. Maybe she wasn't going to be so bad after all. He would wait till he had seen her in practice.

"For you to gain the secret to limitless power, you must first dominate the highest level of Kung Fu. Let me see what you are worth." As he said that, he started circling her. Neyla got a bit uncomfortable. Don't let him be a pervert, please! "Well, you have an athletic built, can you do a split?"

Rather than saying yes, Neyla did it in Shifu's front. "Not bad, you have a great flexibility." He then went and grabbed a candle holder and took out the candle. "Can you stand in one of these?" Neyla jumped up and hold herself there in one foot. "Excellent, Excellent. You have agility. Stay there!"

Shifu then grabbed another candle holder. "Can you jump from one to another?"

Neyla did that, landing gracefully on the other candle holder. Shifu observed, getting a little bit impressed. "Impressive, so you do have the grace too. Can you show me your speed?"

Neyla jumped from the candle lover and as soon as her feet hit the ground, she sped up to a corner of the room. When she reached it, she did six steps in the wall then jumped again, landing on the floor and running back to Shifu. Shifu was starting to think that perhaps Oogway wasn't as crazy as he seemed. "The speed to! Tell me, how long have you been learning Kung Fu?"

Neyla looked at Shifu, a little bit admired by his answer. "I…don't know Kung Fu!"

Shifu gasped. She had all the qualities but she didn't even know a bit of Kung Fu? Shifu said "You don't know Kung Fu? But then these skills, how did you get them?"

"Well, I was a cop back in my world!" said Neyla, but at seeing the look on Shifu's face, she decided to explain better "I upheld the law. Some of the thieves and criminals were skilled in the escape part of their jobs, so a cop has to be well trained in the physical aspect."

Shifu nodded, then asked "If I may ask, why were you in the state you were when we found you?"

Neyla looked at the floor. "It's complicated. Where should I even start?"

"You better start by the beginning!" Said Shifu as impatient as ever.

Neyla gulped down. "Alright, but know that this story is not the best of the stories to be told." And so she started telling her story to Shifu.

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