Delfim: Hey there, it's me Delfim, with the epilogue of this story.

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Shifu had just played the gong, making all the Furious Five come out of their rooms. All? No, Tigress was still in her room and it looked like Neyla wasn't coming out either.

"Tigress? Neyla?" yelled Shifu as he came to Tigress room. For a master, he forgot one simple thing that sometimes parents tend to forget: you shouldn't walk into the bedroom of other people, you may see to much…

And that is what happened for in Tigress bed laid a sleeping Tigress, naked, arms and legs bounded by ropes and curled over her form, sleeping with her head on Tigress breasts, was Neyla. The room was a mess, the floor filled with scattered clothes and… was that a double side vibrator?

It was too much for the old master, as he fainted on the spot. The others looked and this was the result: Mantis and Monkey whistled without Viper smacking them and Viper cheered the fact that Tigress was finally "tamed". Crane was shocked to the bone, then yelled "OW MY EYES! THE IMAGE IS BURNING MY BRAIN! OW OW OW!"

Neyla opened one eye, looked at them, then roared at them as she jumped and started running after the "perverts".

"Come back here, you bunch f perverts! How dare you? I'm gona get you all."

Tigress opened her eyes just at the same moment Shifu was regaining his senses. She looked at him and he looked at her. "Huh, a little help getting out of these ropes?" asked Tigress.

Shifu fell down again. Yep, things had just gotten much more lively at the palace, but some are just not ready for it.

Author notes:

So this is it. I hope you liked it, and check out the other stories I have been writing. Anyway, until next time.

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