The name I once spoken with ease. His name rolling off my tongue like water on skin. Sighing, I gazed at the starless sky and watched as two shadows whizzed past into the night, gracefully dancing around each other. Would it have been different if I didn't have the Kyuubi in me and Itachi didn't kill the Uchiha clan?

Brushing off specks of dust on my knees where I landed on from jumping from the roof, I picked up one of the many kunai lying on the ground. I attacked the worn-out tree with sharp thrust of my kunai. More, I needed more.

Faster, stronger, harder.

I nearly lost my mind in a frenzy of countless atempt of assult on the tree until I was left gasping at the realization. My hand was covered in blood, my blood. I stared with morbid fascination as my wounds recover. I snickered at the thought of the Kyuubi, the bane of my existence, helping me as much as a friend would.


It left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth.

I reveled in the scent of wood and the air. Having calmed down, I took a slow walk to Sasuke. Mixed emotions meandered my mind leaving me with a heartache. A thick cloak was drapped nicely over my arm and no matter how cold it might be, I surged forward, desperately wanting to actually feel something, anything.

With a flower on my other hand, I placed it on Sasuke. I was sure he would have wanted to kick my ass for putting a flower on him but I couldn't help it, it reminded me so much of him- Dobe, he would say. May you rest in peace, Teme.

With finality, I stood up from my crouching position and slipped on my cloak. Heh, I grinned to myself; I knew I would look good in red and black.

I made my presence known and soon, silence made way to cumbersome steps and I found myself exactly where I was supposed to be; facing a mass of trepidated kunoichis.

Scared, yes. Confused, yes. Betrayed, definitely.

I could almost smell their fear. My red eyes, sharp fangs, whiskers and Akatsuki cloak, they must all be shitting in their pants right now. I grinned at the bloodshed. Besides, there's nothing Konoha can offer me now. Just a little more time and I can finish your legacy, Sasuke and then maybe, just maybe, I can meet you again.