Timelines a UOC-TWS-AIB AU


Star Trek M5: Timelines is the story of multiple AU Starfleet ships plucked deliberately from their universes and dropped at a time of great upheavals across a galaxy in a universe that never heard of Starfleet. Yet the stakes for this deposit of ships and crews have a far more reaching consequences to many realities.

Much of the first several acts of this story are based on fanfiction stories titled 'A Universe of Change,' 'Those Who Stand,' and 'Allies in Blood,' by Albert Green Jr.

Future acts are based on 'Another Perspective' and 'Ruinations War' also by Albert Green Jr.

They are AUs of his work. An AU of an AU of series I love and couldn't get out of my head. Thank you Mr. Green for writing such inspiring stories and permission for this attempt based on your work.

Diane Duane has been a huge influence on my view of Star Trek and that prompted the myriad alien life in this story as members of the various Starfleets. I'm stretching this beyond the wonderful non-humans of her version of Trek to include aliens from other franchises. In most cases its the only reason they're included.

My approach to such poaching aliens from other franchises are to involve alien characters that are not limited by a tv budget reducing them to merely a skin color change or bumps on the forehead.

Or to quote Shadowjack, 'you can describe any crazy thing and don't have to worry about the visual effects budget. I wouldn't replace any of the Trek standbys, just add new ones. Let's have LOTS of aliens, they're fun.'

Its a what if the various aliens existed in one universe and were members of Starfleet. Expect to see such as Huragok and Sangheili from Halo, or Salarians and Krogan from Mass Effect in the various Starfleets.

This also features a lot of fan made starships. Unique designs I feel in love with their look, concepts or they inspired me of a particular timeline that came up in the story.

For the purpose of the universe this story takes place in a galaxy that is a blend of Babylon Five, the original Battlestar Galactica, and Farscape.

For artifacts only, Halo, Mass Effect, and Stargate are added, specifically the Stargate and the Halos along with the Mass Relays and as antagonist, the Reapers. With a dash of Andromeda for one of the antagonist.

From a Trek point of view the Galactic map would place things roughly along the following;

Alpha Quadrant Babylon Five

Beta Quadrant Battlestar Galactica (original, reimaged is only from other timelines)

Gamma Quadrant Mass Effect (for the Serpent Nebula where the Citadel is located)

Delta Quadrant Farscape

Five acts if you will, the first focusing on B5, with the following growing to include the others.

I'll be including aliens from comic series as well, including one of my favorite from the Alien Legion series, the Jenteks, most of the cultural information about them is taken from the works of CSHayden and her Alien Legion: Arrows of Artemis. A wonderful fanfic.

This story also has elements influenced by fanfics The Best of both universes by Janusi and Man's Potential Ages of Change by Aegnor Taralom.

This by no means is any attempt at writing a 'better story.' It is just different. The best are the original stories that Mr. Green and company wrote, in fact some of the dialogue is directly from that story to show at what points this story is as it unfolds. All of his original characters are his creative property as well as the other authors CSHayden, Janusi and Aegnor Taralom.

Additional Credits and Disclaimers

Disclaimers I do not own, nor profit from any of the works used in this fiction such as;

Star Trek, in various incarnation of television, film, book or animation. Babylon 5, Farscape, Andromeda, Earth Final Conflict, Stargate, BSG (both old and reimaged), Alien franchise, Predator, Halo, Mass Effect, Halo, Unreal, Freespace, Dark Crystal, with one or two films mentioned or poached a race from in passing.

The character Sevar is from the three-part unofficial Star Trek mini-series Star Trek: Of Gods and Men.

In this story he is the son of Uhura and Spock from their relationship portrayed in 2009 movie instead of in the mini-series where he is the son of Uhura and Stonn.

Both the characters Donald Varley and Judi Ballard have appeared only once in Star Trek, although Varley was mentioned here and there due to his friendship with Jean-Luc Picard.

'Judi' Ballard only appeared in the same episode as Lal, and only by surname. Lt. Ballard was played by Judyann Elder, which is where I base the character's first name of Judi from.

Killing Time, a novel by Della Van Hise is where the Second History timeline was based off of.

'Q'uandary, a short story by Terri Osborne is where Selar is recruited by the Female Q during the Continuum's civil war.

Brave New World, a short story by Chris Roberson, is used for one timeline of this story.

The Typhon class featured in this story comes from the game Star Trek: Invasion by Activision.

The Kzinti in this story are imagined through Jimmy Diggs' proposed CGI animation adventure, Star Trek: The Lions of the Night, and whose redesign would have been featured on Star Trek: Enterprise's 5th season.

The species Straegis is from the (currently on hold) online game Stargate Worlds, I've chosen to dub them Fourth-Dimensional Lifeforms based on what has been seen of them on the Stargate Worlds wiki.

Fan works that are tapped for this story;

Star Trek: Arcadia is a fan fiction series which is the basis of most of the technological development after Voyager series ended in canon. Its armpadd evolves into the holographic omnitool of later Starfleets.

Star Trek: Warship Voyager is a fanfiction series where the Imperial Federation of United Worlds, Empress Hiroshi Sato, Omega molecule Core and Tactical Holo-Ships system are by 'Lindsay Lohan Phoenix'.

The Socialist Terran Empire and the New Terran Empire, are from Memory Gamma (still researching the actual creator).

United Planets of America is by Elitolu found at Memory Gamma.

The Legacy of Kirk, a fanction story by Paul Gadzikowski for its Project Easter concept.

Kial is from T.L. Morgan's fan fiction series Star Trek: Pendragon.

KOENA is from SushiTheLegend's fan fiction series Star Trek: Future Perils

The character Z'ahm-213 was created by ZZoMBiEXIII at deviantART.

Backdrop situation at Orion VII is from Voices of Babylon's audiodrama productions Three Edged Sword.

The Fanon Fleet;

Ascension, and Insignia class are by Mark Kingsnorth.

Avenger starship and Allegheny runabout class by JamieTakahashi.

Britannia class by calamity_si

Cern class designed by John Evans.

Delphine, Duj'Yay and Duj vo' Hech (Ship of Death) classes by Andrew J Hodges.

Enceladus and Magellan class by Steven Rivers, specs and background of the Enceladus class from the Unity class by Admiral Konya Ophin of the Starfleet Scientific Corps rpg group.

Espial Grace is based off the ship of the rpg of said name of GlennShatowski.

Excalibur class mark II (1900 meters) and mark III (11.6km) by stfanboy in his 'My Take on the Excalibur' on .

Incursion class designed by Capt. W. Harris, this story's mark II is inspired by the designs of MadKoiFish's 25th century starship thread at .

Insignia and Kron class specs as well as the one name for Species 8472, the Sra'xa'diin from Star Trek:Final Frontier fanfiction group.

Pathfinder class designed by David Webber.

Paladin class battlecruiser by Korok of

Paladin class mobile drydock (the USS Zellgotis) by Hummakavuula at deviantART.

Phoenix class is designed by 'drbob', Y'Lan and the Q'tami race are from Star Trek: Renaissance.

Protoss Titan walker by highdarktemplar at deviantART.

Pulsar class starship by .

Savior class based on drawing by GlennShatowski at deviantART of one version of the Espial Grace and concept as an evacuation ship from the Normany Class Supercarrier by Nate Perry.

Starwatecher class was designed by Xavier Gordillo.

Threin class (a variation of the Concorde class) from the Holoworld Fleet rpg group.

Universe class by Doug Drexler.

Wilbur Wright class by carpandean

Wolf class long range explorer by Jayru of

Wright class frigate specs are by Task Force 575. The actual ship designed by John Eaves.

Heartfelt thanks to creators of the following fan works that have given me permission to use their characters or ship designs for this story;

Andre Tremblay for the Apocalypse, Magellan (Centaur-B), Re-Atum and Velocity class

C. Reyes, AKA: Atolm/Azel and Mr. Dufrane for the Bloodwulf, Chariot, Gemini, and Karkadan class.

Chris B. for the Innovation class

Chris Robato for Athena and Mercie the Holograms from his series.

David Lovejoy for the Baltimore, Colossus, Othello class as well as the type 20 shuttle

Joe McMullen for the Wanderer class

John E. Payne for the Grand Alliance, Val'Walo and Wolf (gunship) class

Josheua Samuelson for the Aegis, Discovery, Newton, Perception (both mark I and II) class starships along with the Valkyrie mark III and mark IV fighter

Juan for the Coyotte class and his unique ShipSkin technology concept

Markmassey for the Catecea refit of the Auzris class

Michael Putman for the Oxen class ship Little Engine

Paul Lloyd for the Cardiff class

Phil Sherman for his Star Runner class

Robert Heckadon for the backstory and capabilities of the Timeline explorer, Pierre Boitard class used for Karkadan class that will appear in later acts.

Sam Kowal for the D'taran, Eternity, and Independence class

Special thanks to Albert Green Jr. for allowing me to use his excellent stories to write this AU about.