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The classroom was silent except for the scratching of quills and rustling parchment. Professor McGonagall sat at her desk and was busy marking papers while the class took notes off the board. Harry had long since given up paying attention and was resting his head against the table, doing his best to ignore the angry looks Hermione was throwing him.

"Don't think I'm going to let you copy my notes later!" she hissed to him.

Harry rolled his eyes which earned him another disappointed look, but he couldn't really bring himself to care about the lecture he knew he'd be getting later; he was in too foul a mood to care. Today was his one year anniversary and instead of celebrating it with large amounts of sex, he was stuck in class bored out of his mind.

He had been planning to ditch classes but Hermione had been watching him like a hawk lately and he couldn't risk her following him. Sighing he propped his head on his hand and watched the boy he should have been spending his day with. Draco sat at the opposite side of the classroom, looking as equally bored as Harry was.

He was writing down what was on the board, but Harry could tell he wasn't really paying attention. He hadn't greased his hair back and it hung loosely around his face which made Harry smile. He loved Draco's hair when it was natural, he loved running his fingers through the soft platinum locks. Harry cocked his and began his favourite game. Draco watching.

Draco's skin was milky pale could blush oh so prettily when he was embarrassed. His eyes were the most beautiful shade of frosty blue, but according to Harry, the best bit of Draco was his lips. They were perfect, the perfect shade of pink, puffy and pouty. Harry swore inwardly when he cock gave a slight twitch. Fuck, getting a boner in the middle of class was not good.

Grunting, he dropped his head onto the desk. He was clicking his tongue quietly when he felt something hit him of the head. Looking up he saw a ball of rolled up parchment sitting on his desk.

"What the fuck?" he muttered, careful not to alert Hermione.

Picking it up, he looked over at Draco who hadn't moved a muscle. Harry frowned and unrolled the parchment slowly, not sure what to expect. When it was fully unravelled in front of him, he smiled softly as he instantly recognised Draco's handwriting.

Of everything I know and love and treasure,

It's you my love, who gives me perfect pleasure.

I love your way with me, your touch, your kiss.

To be with you is happiness and bliss.

Meet me tonight at eight in the room of requirement,

Love you xoxo


Harry smiled and looked up once more to see Draco looking at him with a small smirk. Harry blushed slightly and mouthed love you at Draco.

"What's that?" Hermione demanded and tried to snatch the note out of Harry's hand.

"Nothing." he said quickly, shoving the note into his pocket.

"What's your problem Harry?" Hermione frowned.

Harry was saved from answering by the end of class which was his last class of the day which meant he could easily avoid Hermione. Collecting his things he shoved them into his bag and headed out. He felt a hand drift over his ass and was about to yell when Draco walked past him with a wink.

"Cheeky bastard." He muttered to himself.

"What was that?" Ron asked, catching up to him.

"Mmmm? Oh, nothing."

"Come on, let's go and get something to eat." Ron said, grabbing Harry by the arm and pulling him along.

Harry laughed at Ron's enthusiasm and followed him, happy to get away from Hermione. Besides, he had to keep himself busy for another four hours until he was due to meet Draco.


Harry was panting by the time he reached the room of requirement and had to pause for a moment to get his breath back. Opening the door, he gasped at the sight that greeted him. The room was full of dark blues and purples, a fire was the only source of light and the crackling flames sent shadows flittering through the room, highlighting the dinner table near the fire and Harry was glad he hadn't eaten anything at dinner.

"You're late."

Harry spun around and faced Draco smiling.

"I know, sorry. I had trouble dodging Hermione." Harry explained, walking over to Draco.

Reaching Draco, he wrapped his arms around Draco's neck and pulled him in close. Draco responded by wrapping his arms around Harry's thin waist.

"I missed you." Draco whispered.

"We saw each other today." Harry teased.

"Seeing is not nearly as satisfying as touching." Draco explained, stroking Harry's soft cheek.

Harry hummed and pushed his cheek into Draco's warm palm, enjoying the touch. Harry closed the distance between them and captured those pink, perfect lips in a kiss. Draco hummed at the sudden contact and kissed back passionately, pushing his body up against Harry's.

Harry groaned and probed Draco's mouth with his tongue, searching and mapping the soft, wet warmth. The kiss was electric, sending shockwaves through their bodies and joining them together. Draco was tempted to just push Harry against the wall and fuck him senseless but managed to control himself and pulled away from the kiss.

"Wait, wait!" he panted harshly as he held Harry at arms length.

"I don't want to wait!" Harry pouted.

"Dinner first. Then we can move on to...other activities." Draco promised, pushing Harry towards the dinner table.

"This looks amazing." Harry told him as the food came into view.

"I hope it tastes as good as it looks." Draco laughed, pulling out Harry's seat for him.

Harry grinned at the gentlemen like gesture and sat down. Draco moved to the other side of the table and sat down. Harry looked over at the roast pork and vegetables in front of him and felt his stomach growl in hunger. Draco pulled out a bottle of wine and poured Harry and himself a drink.

"Where did you get that?" Harry asked.

"I can get anything." Draco answered cryptically.

Harry shook his head but let it slide. He probably didn't want to know where it came from anyway.

"So, how was your day?" Draco asked casually, chewing on a piece of roast potato.

"I was bored out of my mind."


"Hermione hasn't let me out of her sight all day. All she does is talk about leaving school! How old we're all getting, what we're going to do for a living. The way she acts you'd think we were graduating tomorrow, not six months from now." Harry ranted good naturedly.

"Actually I wanted to talk about that." Draco admitted.


Harry was suddenly nervous. They had never discussed the future before, especially their future together. Hell, it had been a year since they'd started dating and no one knew about them. From the beginning Draco had been very secretive, and Harry hadn't wanted to push it.

"I'm moving out of the manor after graduation." Draco continued, breaking Harry out of his thoughts.

"What does your dad have to say about that?"

"He's not happy, but I don't really care. In a few months he'll be too busy trying to keep himself out of Azkaban to worry about me."

"Why? What's he done now?"

"Nothing new. Ever since the downfall of our favourite dark wizard, all the people my father would usually

bribe to stay out of prison have all been arrested."

Harry snorted and took a drink of wine.

"Where will you live?" he asked.

"I found a nice house in the country. I used the inheritance I received when I turned seventeen and bought it."

"You bought a house?" Harry asked, shocked that Draco could announce that so casually like he had bought a new broom.

"Yes, it's beautiful. It has a large backyard and not too far from the city."

"It sounds lovely. But why buy a house and not a apartment? It sounds more like a family home."

Draco blushed and avoided eye contact.

"Well, I remember you telling me you dreamed of a house in the country and when I saw the house I realises how much you'd like it and kinda hoped I wouldn't be living alone."

Harry frowned for a moment as confusion swam through him before he understood.

"Draco? Are you asking me to move in with you?" Harry asked slowly, hope bubbling in his chest.

"Yes, is that….ok with you?" Draco asked, unsure of Harry's hesitant reaction.

"Yes Draco that's ok! And yes, I would love to live with you." Harry smiled, taking Draco's hand in his own and giving it a squeeze. "Does this mean we can tell people?"

Yes Harry, this means we can tell people. Although can we please keep it to a minimum? I don't really want this splashed across the Daily Prophet."

Harry laughed and nodded in agreement, he understood what Draco was talking about. He wanted to tell people desperately, but he also wanted their private life to remain private.

"Of course. I've had enough of my life being made public knowledge, I'd like to keep you to myself."

Draco grinned and they continued dinner in silence, just enjoying each others company. Draco was last to clean his plate and looked up to see Harry watching him.

"Are you ready for dessert?"

"Yes I am."

Harry quickly blocked Draco's way when he stood up. Moving forward, he grasped the back of Draco's neck and pulled their bodies close together.

"What about dessert?' Draco asked, knowing what Harry wanted but making no move to pull away.

"This is my dessert." Harry purred and began sucking on the soft expanse of Draco's exposed neck. "Mmmm….tasty."

Draco laughed, which rapidly turned into a moan when Harry started to pinch the skin of his neck with his teeth. Draco pushed Harry back and pushed him over the edge of the bed, enjoying Harry's yelp of surprise.

"Where did this be come from?" he asked, frowning as he tried to think how he had missed a king sized bed in the middle of the room.

"It's called magic." Draco teased.

Harry glared playfully and pushed himself upright so he was resting on his elbows. Draco jumped onto the bed with him and straddled Harry's waist, effectively pinning him to the bed. Harry leaned back and wiggled until he was comfortable, knowing from past experience that nothing kills the mood quicker then a cramp.

"Are you going to do something or just sit there staring at me?" Harry laughed, bucking his hips up in encouragement.

"Well I don't know. I'm quite comfortable like this, I don't think I want to move." Draco said, sitting back and crossing his legs so he was balancing dangerously on Harry's stomach. He played with the hem of Harry's shirt, teasing but not actually touching the skin.

Harry bit his lip to stop himself from whimpering, they played this game often and it wasn't a game he intended to lose. Draco smirked when he realised what Harry was doing and Draco was determined to have him begging. Softly, he began drifting his fingertips across the waistband and the soft skin of Harry's stomach. Harry's breathing hitched and the muscles in his stomach pulled tight as Draco tickled him and left a blazing trail of heat wherever his fingers went.

Draco was going to win the game and they both knew it, but Harry was determined not too go down without a fight. Draco was more experienced in sex then Harry and knew how to tease and push Harry to breaking point in a very short amount of time, whereas Harry was still trying to overcome his shyness at being naked and learning it was ok to touch. Draco was pushing Harry's t-shirt up slowly, taking his time to pay attention to every part of skin he could see and making Harry shiver in pleasure.

Harry lifted his arms up and allowed Draco to push the shirt over his head and throw it to one side. Draco took the moment to admire the toned body before him. No one really knew how much Quidditch had done for Harry's body unless they had the chance to see him naked, and if Draco had any say, he'd be the only one to know.

He was amazed at how pale Harry was, soft creamy white skin, the only bit of colour being the dark snails trail which disappeared under Harry's boxers and the two pink nipples standing slightly erect in excitement. Harry let out a whimper when Draco grazed his nails over his nipples, causing prickles of pleasure.

"Oh, you like that do you?" Draco teased.

"Bastard." Harry moaned as Draco did it again.

Draco uncrossed his legs and straddled Harry once more and leaning over him. Leaning down, he took one of Harry's nipples in his mouth and swirled his tongue around it. Harry gasped and his hands flew to Draco's hair, gripping tightly.

"Oh God! Don't stop!"

Draco winced at the pain of Harry pulling his hair, but didn't try to move away and continued sucking. When the normally soft bud was hard and erect, he pulled away and moved to the other. By the time Draco was finished with that one, Harry was moaning and whimpering, jerking his hips, desperate friction against his aching erection. Draco pulled back to admire his work.

"We should really get your nipples pierced." he said softly, flicking one of the hypersensitive nubs.

"Never going to happen." Harry grunted.

"Why not? You have such pretty nipples." Draco argued, pouting slightly.

Harry snorted and bucked his hips upwards, trying to bring Draco's attention back to giving him release.

"Oh yeah? Well you have a pretty cock, maybe you should get that pierced?"

"I'll make you a deal. You get your nipples pierced and I'll get my cock pierced." Draco smirked, backing Harry into a corner.

"Can we have this discussion another time? Maybe when I'm not rutting against your leg?" Harry growled.

"Of course darling." Draco smirked, leaning up and kissing Harry deeply.

Harry wrapped his arms around Draco's neck and pulled him closer, grinding their hips together. Draco was close to breaking, it had been too long since the last time they'd had sex and they were both too horny and desperate to wait much longer. Both knew that when they actually got to penetration, neither would last long. Harry pulled away panting and ran his hand through Draco's hair.

"You are way too over dressed." he managed to pant out.

Draco huffed a laugh and sat up to pull his shirt over his head and threw it on the ground next to Harry's. Harry dropped his hands and started to unbuckle Draco's belt, frowning when he couldn't get it off.

"Do you want some help?"

Harry glared at him and told him to shut up. After a small struggle, Harry managed to get the belt off.

"From now on, you are banned from wearing belts." Harry grumbled, pulling Draco back down.

"Ok, no more belts." Draco laughed.

Harry smiled and shifted Draco so he could take his own pants off while Draco finished removing his own. They did this in relative silence, exchanging quick kisses, until Draco paused when Harry removed his pants. Harry was not wearing any underwear.

"Shit Harry! Why aren't you wearing underwear?" Draco gasped, mouth suddenly going dry.

Harry had the decency to blush and shrugged.

"Didn't think there was any point. Figured I wouldn't be wearing them very long."

"You were right. Fuck, you have no idea how hot that is." Draco murmured, playing with the elastic of his own boxers.

He watched in fascination as Harry's cock bounced happily against his stomach, leaving behinds smears of pre-cum. Swiftly, he pulled down his own underwear and freed his throbbing erection which sprung up and bumped into Harry's, causing them both to gasp. Their twin need for release escalated to unbearable levels as their naked skin touched and set their bodies on fire.

"Come on Draco!" Harry whined and started rutting against Draco's thigh.

Draco chuckled which quickly turned into a moan. Pulling back he grabbed the bottle of lube from the bedside table. He could have prepared Harry with magic, but he preferred to do it the muggle way. It was more personal and he could judge how Harry was doing easier. Plus he didn't like the thought of sticking his wand up Harry's ass, that was how bad shit happened. Harry breathed deeper when he saw what Draco had in his hands and automatically spread his legs a litter wider.

Draco smirked and scooted back down the bed so he was sitting in between Harry's open legs. Popping the top of the lube, he covered his fingers generously. He always made sure to use more then was needed because Harry was always very tight. Each time they had sex, if Draco didn't know better he'd swear Harry was a virgin. Not that Draco was complaining, he liked the knowledge was his and only his, it just meant he had to take extra care when preparing Harry.

Slowly he circled Harry's puckered entrance with one lubed up finger. Harry stopped breathing and his body tensed, causing Draco to sigh sympathetically.

"Breath baby, come on." Draco coaxed, rubbing Harry's stomach soothingly.

Harry forced himself to keep breathing and tried to relax. He hated this part. It always hurt when Draco stretched him, no matter how relaxed he was or how much lube Draco used. Draco gently pushed a finger inside him and twisted it slowly, the first was always the easiest. Slowly he entered another finger and winced in sympathy when Harry whimpered in pain, but he didn't stop. It was always like this and as much as he hated causing Harry pain, but it was necessary and he knew Harry would be pissed off at him if he stopped now.

"Shit!" Harry gasped, breathing through the pain.

It was nearly twenty minutes before he was loose enough to add another finger. By that time, Harry's erection was gone and Draco's was quickly deflating. Leaning up Draco gave Harry a loving kiss and added another finger.

"Almost done baby, promise." Draco murmured.

Harry nodded and his body began to relax as his body accepted the invasion of Draco's fingers. The more Draco stretched him the, the less pain there was and pleasure was taking its place. Draco grinned when Harry started rocking against his fingers and watched as his erection returned full force. He bent his fingers slightly and rubbed against the spongy spot inside of Harry.

"Fuck!" Harry swore violently as pleasure engulfed him. "Do that again!"

"Demanding little thing." Draco murmured, rubbing against that spot once more.

He couldn't contain a smirk when Harry practically jumped off the bed but was shocked when came violently. Harry lay panting as Draco watched him in amazement. Blinking he realised that quite a large amount of cum was stuck to the side of his face. Harry looked at Draco and laughed when he saw what he'd done.

"I'm so sorry." He giggled.

Draco grimaced and wiped the cum off his face and wiped it of the sheet.

"Well that's never happened before." he muttered, still shocked.

In the year they'd been together, Harry had never cum from just fingers before. He was even more shocked when he realised how loose Harry was, looser then Draco had ever managed to get him.

"That's something we'll have to do again. You've really opened up." Draco told him as he pulled his fingers out.

"I don't think I have a problem with that." Harry chuckled, still dazed from his orgasm.

Draco smirked and coated his cock in the lube and lined it up with Harry's slicked entrance. Taking a deep breath he pushed down his arousal so he wouldn't cum too quickly and slowly pushed into Harry. He slid in easily and grunted loudly as Harry's warm, wet heat surrounded him and he had to force himself to stay still and wait until Harry was ready.

Harry's breathing hitched but frowned at the surprise lack of pain. This was the bit he loved. Draco inside him, filling him completely. He never felt as close to Draco as he did at the moment they joined together. He rolled his hips to signal to Draco that he was ready. Draco begun to thrust in and out, happy to see Harry's erection returning. His thrusts sped up and he wrapped a hand around Harry's cock and begun pumping in time with his thrusts.

"Fuck!" he managed to grunt out, when Harry squeezed his muscles causing Draco to see stars.


Draco lifted Harry's leg up so he could thrust at a better angle, hitting Harry's prostate every time. Harry lost the power of speech and all he could do was beg and plead for more, hoping Draco understood what he wanted through the garbled mess of words. Draco was very close but he refused to cum before Harry.

"Come on baby, cum for me."

"Oh god! Draco! So close, so close!" Harry panted, getting closer and closer to his second orgasm.

All it took was a few well placed thrusts to his prostate before he was cumming. Draco's head spun as Harry tightened around him and he followed Harry over the edge, emptying himself deep inside of Harry. Draco collapsed on top of him and lay panting, sticky with sweat and cum. Shifting slightly, he used what little energy he had left and buried his head in the crook of Harry's neck causing Harry to giggle as his hair tickled him.

"Do you want me to pull out? Draco asked, hoping Harry said no.

"Nah, I'm comfortable like this."

Draco smiled lazily and wiggled until he was comfortable, using Harry's shoulder as a pillow.

"I love you." he whispered into Harry's ear.

"I love you too."

"I can't wait until we live together, then we can do this every night."

"What makes you think you'll get sex every night?" Harry teased, yawning.

"Someone needs to sleep." Draco answered, ignoring Harry's teasing.

Harry hummed in response and closed his eyes, hugging Draco closer.

"Goodnight Draco." Harry whispered, kissing the top of his head.

"Goodnight baby."

Draco listened as Harry's breathing evened out and as tired as he was, he just lay there and enjoyed the moment of peace and quiet with the man he loved. He knew the trouble that was coming, he knew how people would react when their relationship went public, it was the reason he'd always been hesitant about telling people. But at that moment it was just him and Harry and no one else and he was determined to enjoy it while it lasted.

To be continued...

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