Author's Note:

My very last fic before my partial hiatus. Chocolate-chip cheesecake if you recognize the dialogue. ;-) Enjoy!


"I wonder if we'll ever be put in tales."

"Do you mean aside from the Lauriston Garden Case?"

"Well, yes. I wonder if people will ever say, 'Do you want to hear about Sherlock Holmes, the private consulting detective?' and children will say, 'Yes, that's one of my most favorite stories. Mr. Holmes was really something, wasn't he, Dad?' 'Yes, m'boy, the greatest man of his time'—and you know that's saying quite a bit."

"Ha, you've left out the other protagonist—Dr. Watson the… Brave. 'I want to hear more about Dr. Watson. Mr. Holmes wouldn't… have gotten very far without him.'"

"Holmes. You shouldn't joke that way—I was being serious."

"So was I, my dear Watson."

Author's Note:

So, do you know? That's right, Sam and Frodo from The Two Towers. The other day, I started watching The Fellowship of the Ring, so I'm in an LotR mood right now (which has spawned a completely wacky AU crossover—check my profile). This came to mind this morning (this is early yet in the timeline, definitely before the publishing of SIGN).

You can't deny that it fits. Fits perfectly.

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