Chapter One

I glanced out of my window casually, observing the quiet streets of my neighborhood. As usual, my life was monotonous and without change. Sighing, I twirled about in my chair, until a subtle light blinked on and off on my computer screen. As quickly as I could, I grabbed my mouse and opened a chat room to my friend, Evan Krama.

Greetings Lucius. Evan greeted me as always, formal and straightforward.

-Hey there Evan, anything interesting?

-As a matter of fact yes…

I fidgeted excitedly in my seat, at last, something for me to do!

-What is it?

On my screen, it showed Evan's status as: 'Currently Typing' as I bounced up and down my seat, silently raging. And then nothing.

-Evan! Tell me what it is!

-I'm sorry? I just sent the programme to you. Are you sure you didn't receive it?

-Yes I'm bloody sure!

-Wait…What? How could this be?

I waited for him to say more.

-Lucius, it's the most fascinating game I have ever seen in my life. Right now as I play it…It's almost as if the characters are alive. The character development is just amazing, even the minutest detail is there.

-Evan! Now I really want to see it!

-Wait, something's happening to my computer.

I frowned in confusion. Evan had two computers, one generally for his gaming purposes and the other for chatting and research.

-Which computer?

-No no no, what is this? This is impossible!

-What is impossible?

-Lucius, my computer, it's not normal, something is happening to it!

-Evan! Tell me WHAT is going on!

By this time I was on the edge of my nerves, and completely clueless what was going on.

-Lucius, the computers are haywire! I

His message stopped at the word 'I', which was very unlike him to leave a sentence unfinished.

- #Configure# Lu #shut down# ci #Transmute# us #downloading info# ed #transfer complete# en

-ga #yuiop sa-rkg

Those last three lines were the last of what Evan typed.

I sat there stunned as my left eye twitched. What in the worlds was that! But already Evan Krama was offline. I shook my head in despair, that idiot must have gotten himself a virus. I shrugged and turned off my computer, there was nothing I could do anymore. Slumping down into bed, I soon found myself in a deep and dark sleep.

Suddenly I sat upright in my bed, rivulets of perspiration dripping from my chin. I clutched my bed sheet tightly, trying to remember what I had dreamed of. However it kept eluding me. Sighing, I tried my best to ignore the sense of dread. I shrugged off my bed sheet and got up, eager to get a glass of water to quench my dry throat.

As silently as I could, I opened the door with barely the tiniest squeak and headed for the kitchen in tiptoes, careful not to break the serenity of the night. Soon, I had successfully infiltrated the kitchen and a sense of achievement warmed me. I glanced at the mirror above the sink. I was certainly no handsome looker, with raven black windswept hair and dark brown eyes. Just an average boy of average height and average looks. The only reason I survived as long as I did was because of my cheerful and amicable personality, gaining me a few close friends. One of them, was Evan Krama, a boy whose imagination was quite similar to mine.

I pulled my eyes away from the mirror, breaking my chain of thoughts. Maybe one day I'll be successful, then I'll show all of them. I grabbed a glass of warm water and headed for the living room for a seat. I stopped and frowned. The living room lights were on. As I edged closer, I caught faint murmurings. As I rounded the corner, I noticed that my father was on the phone, and my mother beside him.

Wide-eyed, I stepped into hearing range. Neither of my parents had noticed me, so intent they were on the phone. My father had a sad look in his eyes, and he muttered faint apologies of 'sorry'. He set down the phone and looked straight at me. For a moment he said nothing, and then opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something and then closed it again. He walked away briskly, leaving my mother staring at me. "Can someone tell me what's going on?" I started to yell. My mother looked away, "Your friend, Evan, he's…Missing."