Chapter Two

I heard the distant breaking of glass as the cup slid past my hands. "E…Evan? Missing? Where'd he go?" I asked. My mother shook her head. Curse it all. I gritted my teeth. Turning around, I headed for the door. No one even tried to stop me. The wind blistered around me and my necklace swung to and fro across my grey shirt. Squinting both of my eyes, I headed for Evan's house.

His parents were in total hysteria. My expression softened with sympathy. Evan…Where are you? Leaving his parents to themselves, I entered the house. I glanced at a room which door was slightly ajar, on its brown ornate door hung the words, "Order is an art". I smiled wryly to myself. No doubt, this was Evan's room. Pushing the door further, I took a step inside as light flooded from the room. It was exactly how I would have pictured it to be; neat, fresh, everything in perfect order. I walked over to the computers at the corner of his room, my guilt growing. This was where he last spoke to me.

Suddenly a small gust of wind blew in and closed the door shut. I frowned, but ignored it. I shifted my attention to his gaming computer on the right. It was still on. Shifting the mouse slightly, I came up to Evan's screen. It showed a pretty picture of a garden, full of vibrant green grass, butterflies flitting about the rainbow colored flowers that bloomed there. A waterfall gushed in the distance, and the water glistened with clarity, reflecting the pure shafts of sunlight that fell upon it. And in the middle of the screen, was the title 'Drane Degen'. I raised a skeptical eyebrow. What do those words mean? A paper at the corner of my eye shifted slightly in the wind, catching my attention. Grabbing it, I noticed two row of words on it. I grinned. Evan had created an account for me to play with him. Why not give it a shot?

Clicking on the title, I came up to the login screen. Quickly I typed in my username, which was my name, Lucius. My password was…Fides. The word struck me as Latin, a subject which I had vaguely studied, but somehow I could not place my finger on that word. I shrugged and hit the enter button. 'Do you wish to enter?' said the screen. And without a second thought – I hit enter once more.