"Thanks Sam, I owe you one." Danny said after I told him he can have my extra toothbrush.

"I'm holding you to that." I said.

"2000 dollars to fly to someplace for a school trip?" Danny said totally annoyed.

"Yup." I said, already board of the subject.

"That's pretty cheap for a flight to xensonia." Tucker stated. I nodded.

"But still, I could fly there for free."

"Umm, no Danny you cant. By the time you get there, the two day trip will be over."

"That's another thing! A two-day trip! Wait! I'm faster then when I was fourteen! I could go 376 mph now!" he said defensive. I laughed.

"Yeah compared to a plane that can go like- 5000 mph." I smirked. He frowned.

"I will not swim in you pool of negativity, besides, planes are show offs."

"Danny, you're a show off."

"Yeah but I look good being one." I hit him in the head.


"Danny," I began. " We are about to bored the plane. You already spent your money. So deal." He pouted.

"Hey, if you want to fly go for it. But I ain't coming with you." I said.

"Oh, really? What if I change your mind?" he said. I raised my eyebrow.

"Won't work." I said and began to walk.

"Really?" he asked.

"Really." Next thing I knew I was in the middle of a tickle war in the middle of an airport. Danny tackled me to the ground.

"Mr. Fenton! There is a time and place to tackling your girl friend, that place or time, is not her or now!" Mr. Lancer yelled at him.

"She's not my girl friend." While I said at the same time, "I'm not his girl friend"

Lancer walked away muttering something about lovebirds.

Danny helped me up.

"Ha Ha! That scene looked so wrong!" tucker laughed.

"What?" we asked. Its not like he hasn't seen Danny and me have a tickle fight before.

"Danny like forced you to the ground, here, check it out. I got it on video."

We say the video and we blushed. Honestly it looked like Danny was thinking about raping me.

We got on the plane and got prepared for our 9-hour flight. Tucker had a window seat and Danny got the isle. I was just sitting in between. We wear watching Dead teacher 3 for like the 100th time since it came out two years ago. I fell asleep.

"Hey! Check out the Love birds." I heard an annoying person yell. I felt someone stir beside me. Nothing processed. In my mind, my only thought was 'sleep'. I curled into a ball

"Sam?" I heard Danny ask half asleep."

"yeah." I murmured.

"The plane landed." Danny said gently.

"No." I whined.

"Come on same. We got to go." He started shaking me.

"No." I was still half asleep.

"Come on no one is going to carry you there and you could sleep at the hotel."

Thank you Danny for the idea.

"Yes someone will carry me."

"And who is that?" something in him voice almost sounded threatening. Almost, jealous…. Wait this is Danny. Jealous of who?

"You." I said sleepily.

"No way."

"Yes way, you owe me one remember.'' At this point I knew I was winning. Especially when Danny cursed under his breath.

I drifted off to sleep.

Danny POV

At least Sam was sleeping well in my arms while Dash and Paulina were taunting me.

"Oh, so sweet! When's the honey moon?" Paulina said and laughed.

"How does she always manage to make you do stuff for her." Tucker said laughing – I shot him a glare.

"Me and my- I owe you ones. She takes them seriously." I mutter. I didn't mind holding Sam. She wasn't heavy and actually lighter then Paulina. I know from saving her life multiple times. She was also really cute when she slept. I mean I don't like her more then friends…. I think. I don't know. Well, actually. I know I really like her-like, like , like her. Not that I would ever admit it to anyone.

We were finally getting to the hotel and lancer –finally- noticed me holding Sam and tucker with our bags.

"Mr. Fenton! What are you doing?" Lancer asked.

"Carrying Sam. She's sleeping." I said. It was obvious….

"Let her walk!" He yelled at me.

"I can't wake her up."

"Fine! Then I will!" Everyone was laughing he was about to touch Sam but I turned around to move out of the way.

"Lord of the fly's! What do you think you are doing!"

"Saving the schools life. I recommend you don't wake her up."

"Yeah, Sam is not a morning person." Tucker added. When tucker woke her up once, she ended with 16 stitches in the hospital. Then again, that was the day they met so Sam didn't really know him to well. He's scared to wake her up, I'm ok though. She won't kill me. I'm a ghost.

Mr. Lancer walked away angry muttering something that sounded suspiciously like-"these two just can't keep there hands off each other". that caused me to blush. Sam stirred a little and mumbled in her sleep. I couldn't really tell what she was saying.

"Class these are the sleeping arrangements. No exchanging room mates and four in a room." Lancer said handing out a list. I looked for my name.

Daniel Fenton, Tucker Foley, Dash Baxter and Kwan shworts, room 212.

"Joy, more hacky sack on head games." I said. I looked for Sam's name.

Valerie Gray, Paulina Sanchez, Star Sattle and Samantha Manson, room 211.

And I felt Bad for me. Everyone Sam hates all in her room. I walked to her room with tucker trailing behind.

You could hear Paulina and Star giggling about something.

"And I was like- no way. And he was like- yes way!" Paulina said.

"NO Way!" Star said. I rolled my eyes and knocked on the door.

Paulina opened it.

"Goth losers here and so is her boy toy."

"I'm not a boy toy." I said. I walked inside and put her on her bed.

"Sam." I said shaking her gently so I could warn her.

"What?" She mumbled.

"Its Danny opens your eyes." She listened, slowly, but still.

"Sam, we are at the hotel. I woke you up to give you a warning about your roommates." I looked at her before I continued.

"Paulina, star and Valerie."

"Joy." She groans.

"Hey, if there killing you, or just want to get out. You got your ghostly assistant after curfew." I said. She smiled.

"That's me so there's no mistakes." I said. She laughed.

"I will. But Danny, do me a favor, if you wake up in the middle of the night, come and make sure they didn't do something to me or my stuff." She said. Knowing that its not beneath Paulina to do such thing I agreed.

"Night Sam, if you need me, I'm room 212." I said. I don't know why but I really wanted to kiss her goodnight but I decided against it.


When Danny left, I didn't go back to sleep. It was Dark; darkness is my thing. I hear the girls talk about dumb things. Out of no were there was a knock on the door.

I looked at the other girls to absorbed in their poor excuse of a conversation to notice. I sighed and went to answer it. only, there was nobody there. Just a note.

Watch your back Sam.

-I'm coming.

I rolled my eyes and crumpled it up. Hilarious. Should I guess Danny or Tucker? I went to sleep shortly after.