Dalia is 3 years old now.

she sometimes gets confused. some questions she answeres by experience.

one day we were sitting on an airplane. we were taking Dalia to disney land. We were Really there for jazz and tuckers wedding. we were sitting on the plane and looking at pictured.

"dalia, why so you think there are bushes in the world?" i asked.

"Soo we could make pee pee in them!" Dalia says. Danny and i laughed.

When we got to disney land she saw mickey mouse, he was dressed in somthing green. it was somekind of theme in disney land. Dalia Runs up to him and pees on his does. he asked what she was doing and moved his foot. she ran back to use screaming "Evil Plant! mommy! eat it quick!"

No, my Dalia was like her father. vegetables are not her thing. mickey came running up to us yelling and Danny kept apologizing. he picked up dalia. who leaned against him. holding his cheek with one hand. she reached for my and i look her. she fell asleep right away. Danny put her arm around my waist.

2 mounths laster

i was puking in a toilet. going for round two of child birth. Danny was holding my hair back and iDalia was patting my head. finally i stop and i go brush my teeth.

we come back and Dalia a fake thoughing up in the toilet. we ask her whats sges doing. " i'm being like mommy. Daddy can you hold my hair. mommy my nice on my head." we laughed.

7 mounths later.

Baby James was born.

December 15th.

James was more wild then Dalia.

both in sane.

Dalias first day of school she meets a boy name Leo. they be come best friends. in separable.

James... welll we had a repeate of the peeing on mickey mouse incedent.. just worse...

in first grade he peed on his teacher. Leo had taught him how to use a marker and we had to paint the walls acouple times. we lived...

we had another boy.

Matt- may 14th

then a last girl

Rikki- august secound.

i love mine and dannys kids. i look back and wounder... what if we never were accendently married. danny walks in and kisses me


i no bad ending but i couldnt think of anything esle...awk word... REVIEW