Once Upon a Time...

a woman sat down in a flat in Leith

and she wrote a s t o r y,

a story of magic,

and friendship,

and love.

Her name was


and the s t o r y ?

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

It was published, printed, bound

and people [read],

and they [believed].



wrote more books,

Harry, Ron and Hermione

grew up

and we

grew up

with them,

and we c o n t i n u e d to believe.


We saved the Philosopher's Stone.

We fought Tom Riddle and killed the Basilisk.

We rescued Sirius Black and learnt to cast a Patronus.

We competed in the Triwizard Tournament,

saw You-Know-Who return.

Then we fought him again,

learnt of the Prophecy;

lost Dumbledore;

destroyed Horcruxes and defeated Voldemort.

We shared every moment with Harry.


And then they made films -

we {loved} it even more;

and even more people

fell in love

with the *m a g i c*.


They made silly musicals

where Seamus is a Cockney,

Herman swears she's a little girl,

guinea-pig rhymes with Winnipeg

(that's in Canada),

and there will a l w a y s be guys like Potter;

and they write songs and stories to keep it alive.


Now the end is here

but it isn't over:

we can keep it alive if we believe.

Harry's story is over,

but there's always his sons

and the Next Generation:


Victoire, Dominique, Louis

Molly, Lucy

Fred, Roxanne

{Lorcan and Lysander}


Rose, Hugo

James, Albus and Lily.


Through them, we can keep it a l i v e;

because Once Upon a Time?

It doesn't ever have to end.

I don't own Harry Potter. JK Rowling has that honour. Thank you for writing something that brilliant.

For all the NGFs: I love you all and I don't know what I'd do without you