Hi ppl, another fic here! Nothing really to say other than it is set in the future, and the fifth Hokage has unfortunately died, so has Sasuke and Naruto is ANBU.

I don't own Naruto! Though it would be niceā€¦..

The entire leaf shinobi force gathered on to of the Hokage building, dressed in black funeral robes, looking solemn. The funeral of Tsunade, fifth Hokage. Kakashi had excused himself from the customary celebrations of all the things the Hokage has done for the village.

Naruto didn't particularly want to be here either, so he slipped off with ease. He walked down to training ground 43, where team 7 had officially become genin. He walked around the familiar area, retracing the steps his twelve year old self had made. He stood by the posts in the centre, thinking about how much had changed.

Sakura was a jonin now, he himself had joined the ANBU after the war. Sasuke was dead. He sighed and turned around, to see his old sensei Kakashi standing at the KIA monument. His head was bowed and his body slumped, as though the rain was pushing him down.

Naruto sensed Kakashi wouldn't want to be interrupted, so he hopped up into a nearby tree, content to watch. To his dismay, the scarecrow sat down on the ground, and took out his icha icha book.

Naruto was disgusted! How could he read his stupid book on a day like today! Kakashi began reading out loud every now and then, and this was the last straw. Naruto lept down, snatching the book away.

"You disgust me Kakashi! How can you read this shit on a day like today?" Naruto yelled with all his might, and Kakashi simply pulled his ex student down to sit next to him.

"Naruto, do you know why I read these books?" he calmly asked, holding the book in this hand. The yellow haired ninja shook his head.

"I don't particularly enjoy the Icha Icha series Naruto. I read them as a reminder of what I have done wrong, how narrow minded and stupid I was when I was younger." This confused Naruto, how could smut remind you of this? "They remind me of all these things, but mostly of my best friend, Obito Uchiha. He used to read these books, years ago. And on his birthday, every year I read a little bit to him. today is his birthday."

Naruto nodded his understanding, and allowed Kakashi to take his book back, before getting up and continuing on his way.

As he was walking out of ear shot, Naruto turned back, "Kakashi sensei, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything that has happened."

Kakashi nodded, and Naruto, now satisfied, walked away."