I thought it would be an interesting crossover, I have rather impressed with Ouran host club and I really like bleach, so I thought why not, besides I noticed so many similarities between Kyoya and Uryu it was scary and I was wondering how Uryu would fit in here. I do not own anything by the way, except the idea to combine these two wonderful shows.

Uryu Ishida retrieved his mail. He was a young handsome teen with raven black hair and royal blue eyes behind rimless rectangular glasses. He flipped through it quickly coming across mostly bills and advertisements, then he stopped at a particularly interesting envelope. It was addressed to him from a school called Ouran academy. The envelope was a cream color with gold lettering and a fancy border. Deciding he would look at it in his apartment, he turned and headed in. When he opened his door though, he saw he wasn't alone. There was five intruders in his home. One was going through his book shelf. That was a small teen with black short hair and violet eyes that read over each title as she pulled them down, then through them onto the floor. The second was a teen age boy who was tall with tan skin and brown hair that was picking up the books and putting them back on the shelves that she was done with. Third was a teenage boy with orange hair and brown eyes that was going through all the pictures in his living room along with a teenage girl who had long burnt orange hair and brown eyes with two silver hair pins in her hair. Lastly was a teen with long crimson hair that was going through all of Uryu's stuff that was left, leaving a mess in his wake. It was Rukia Kuchiki, Chad, Ichigo Kurosaki, Orihime Inoue, and Renji Abarai. Uryu stood there for a minute completely stunned. Then he slammed the door, having all five look over at him. "Hey Uryu, what's up?" asked Ichigo. Uryu glared at them.

"Why are you here and for that matter how did you find where I lived?" asked Uryu in an annoyed voice.

"Kisuke told us where you lived and sent us here. He said we were annoying him." Ichigo said.

"Imagine that." Uryu groaned. He dropped his unopened mail on the coffee table, he would have to worry about it later. "Do you want something to drink?" he asked. They all nodded, and he left for the kitchen. Renji grabbed Uryu's mail and saw the letter from Ouran academy.

"Hey, Ichigo." He called holding the letter up. Ichigo ran over and grabbed the letter. He tore it open and read through it. "What does it say?" asked Renji as the other three crowed around, curiosity being so overwhelming.

"It says' 'Only those with excellent social standing and those from filthy rich families are lucky enough to spend their time here at the elite private school, Ouran academy. We are extremely delighted to inform you that you have been accepted to Ouran academy as a student. We as the school board are quite excited to have such a promising new student and therefore has given a full scholarship to you. We cannot wait to see you this year. Enclosed in this letter is your new schedule. Open house will be one day before the new semester, please come to pick up your new school supplies.' What the hell is this all about?" Ichigo growled, trying to keep his voice down so Uryu couldn't here them.

"Does that mean Uryu wanted to leave?" Orihime asked.

"I don't know." Ichigo said. Then the door opened. A man entered who looked a lot like Uryu only he had white hair and brown eyes with oval glasses. "Who are you?" Ichigo asked.

"That is none of your business, now where is Uryu?" he asked.

"We will not tell you until you tell us who you are and why you're here." Rukia said.

"That is none of your business." said the man.

"It couldn't have anything to do with this Ouran academy could it?" Renji asked holding up the letter. The man scowled.

"Yes, very well. I am Ryuken Ishida, I am Uryu's father. I came to tell him that he's going to attend Ouran academy." said Ryuken.

"What if he doesn't want to go?" asked Orihime.

"He doesn't. He's already told me he didn't want to go, but he doesn't have a choice. I have two reasons as to why I'm sending him." said Ryuken.

"Why are you sending him?" Renji asked.

"Two reasons. One, it will be good for Uryu to go there so he can learn how to take over my business, and two is to get him away from people like you." Ryuken said.

"That's probably why he won't want to go." said Ichigo. Just then Uryu came in with drinks and food when he saw Ryuken. He froze, but put the tray down and left.

"Uryu." called Chad. Uryu turned around. "What's going on?" he asked.

"I don't know, why are you here Ryuken?" he asked.

"We need to talk Uryu. You are going to Ouran academy for school from now on." Ryuken said.

"No thanks." Uryu said without a pause.

"I don't care whether you want to go or not, it's not up to you." Ryuken said.

"Uryu should be able to make his own decisions." said Orihime.

"Yah, just because he's your son doesn't give you a right to control him." shouted Renji. Everyone stood in complete silence.

"What if I don't go?" Uryu asked. Ryuken put a hand to his head.

"I'm letting you attend Karakura high school anymore. You can choose to go to Ouran academy or return home." Ryuken said.

"Fine, I'll go for one year, after that, I'm coming back." Uryu said.

"Uryu!" shouted the others.

"Very well, I will settle with that for now." Ryuken said.

-three days later-

Uryu came into the academy in his new uniform. He felt really out of place and nervous. This was going to very hard. New school and new people and so far away from Karakura, so even if he wanted to visit anyone, he wouldn't be able to. Ryuken sure was cleaver. Yesterday's meeting went alright, and now school is starting.

Uryu walked into his first class. "Would you please introduce yourself?" the teacher asked.

"I'm Uryu Ishida." Uryu said.

"He looks a lot like Kyoya." one kid whispered. Uryu sat in the back.

After class, he went out to find a quiet place, but everyone was crowed everywhere. He made his way around to find an abandoned music room. It was music room three. He opened the door and rose petals came out.

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