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"Whoa…" was all the President of Seika High could mutter when she stood at Cross Academy's entrance, its ancient building looming before her in its ancient glory. The sun was already setting, dipping the azure sky in hues of orange and purple that seemed to stretch miles and miles. The grandeur of the academy made this demon president feel extremely small and insignificant as she continued to be awed by its beauty. As she stood there rooted to the ground with her mouth hanging wide open, her companion beside her casually stretched his arms and let out a loud yawn, before stuffing his hands into his pockets, not even displaying any signs of being impressed by the magnificence of the building.

"Hey pres, can we go in now?" The spiky blonde asked nonchalantly. He somehow managed to get bubblegum and was blowing it, making it a big pink bubble before bursting it and repeating everything all over again.

Pop. Blow. Pop. Blow. Pop. Blow. Pop.

The irritating popping sounds snapped Misaki out of her reverie and she glared at Usui in response, desperately trying to restrain the demon within her. Usui's firm gaze made her neck grow hot and uncomfortable. She averted her gaze awkwardly and stared at the clock tower instead.

"I believe that one day, Seika High's standard will be the same, if not better than Cross Academy…" she trailed off with fierce determination reflected in her eyes and punched her fist in the air.

"Nothing is unattainable for this president!"

"Yeah yeah whatever…" Usui replied, his tone laced with disinterest and continued to chew on his bubblegum.

I must not let Usui affect me…I must not let Usui affect me…

Misaki chanted in her head crossly as she approached the entrance of Cross Academy with Usui trailing after her.

"Welcome to Cross Academy!" A bubbly voice pierced the air. A petite girl with shoulder length chocolate brown hair greeted Misaki and Usui, a warm smile blossoming across her heart-shaped face as she continued.

"You must be the students from Seika High, am I right? It's nice to meet you. I'm Yuki Cross."

After introducing herself and Usui, she scanned this student from head to toe. Her uniform consisted of mainly black and white, with a blood red ribbon placed below her collar, with matching slacks and sepia-coloured shoes. Whoa. Even the uniform looks sophisticated and high-class. Man, maybe I should start considering giving the Seika High uniform a new makeover…

On the way to the Chairman's office, Yuki took this opportunity to give them a tour round the academy. The Seika High president noticed that all the female students wore intricately designed silver necklaces that complimented their exquisite-looking uniforms. What a rich school this is…their uniforms cost a lot no doubt… Everything in the school looks like it cost a fortune…

Yuki happily rattled on about the academy's history and the unique facilities it had, pointing out various parts of the school that both Usui and Misaki should explore in their free time during this exchange programme.

"These are the dormitories, and oh…we're here, " she mumbled, somewhat pleased of herself and a tinge of sadness lingered in her voice as she realized that her tour guide duty had come to an end.

"Chairman's office" read the wooden signboard outside the room.

"Oh and one more thing, I'm one of the student councilors in Cross Academy. The other one is Zero Kiryuu, but I guess he was too lazy to turn up…" Yuki muttered inaudibly, her cute features distorted into an angry I'm-so-gonna-kick-his-butt face for a split second before excusing herself.

"I'll be waiting outside!"

The duo took a seat in front of the Chairman's magohany desk, and instead of meeting him, all they saw was the back of his chair. The silence in the room became palpable. Misaki's heart started to pound wildly in her chest.

What was going on? Why was the chairman not facing them? How did he look like?

What was he doing…?

She kept her gaze fixed on the back on the chair, and eyed Usui at the corner of her eye to see what he was doing. The outer spaced alien seemed unaffected by the tense silence as usual, and was calmly chewing his chewing gum.

Uh, why did I agree to let him follow me-

At this moment, the chair started to swivel slowly…Misaki was momentarily stunned, as she was totally uncertain of what to expect from this bizarre first meeting with Chairman Cross.

"Welcome to Cross Academy!" Kaien Cross exclaimed heartily, holding onto a tray of freshly baked chocolate cookies and placed the tray onto his desk.

Expressions of shock and disbelief flitted across Misaki's face as her eyes fell on his pink, flowery, lacy, apron. It was something that a homemaker would wear, no doubt, and Misaki was a hundred and twenty percent sure that the homemaker was female.

And most definitely not male. Was Kaien Cross…gay?

"Want some? Try one!" he offered enthusiastically as he pushed the tray nearer to Misaki and Usui. Misaki hesitated for a brief moment, shot a glance at Usui, and grabbed the foreign looking cookie, which didn't exactly look like a cookie.

"Go on, eat it," Kaien urged and leaned closer to see Misaki's reaction. Feeling extremely pressurized, she looked at the weird cookie and gulped involuntarily. It didn't look appetizing at all. What the heck. She pushed all the thoughts to the back of her mind and took a bite out of the thing. The chocolate flavour exploded in her mouth, its sweetness clinging onto her tongue. Yet somehow it tasted way off…

"It tastes great!" Misaki plastered on a smile and hastily stuffed the remaining cookie into her mouth, chewing at inhuman speed and swallowed it. Ugh. I really need to gargle my mouth afterwards…Ick.

She turned to look at Usui, who was rapidly cramming cookies into his mouth like there was no tomorrow. What the hell? Do these two guys come from the same weird alien planet or something…?

"It's a success!" Chairman Cross leapt out of his chair with the grace of a ballerina, punching a gloved fist in the air before giving a little ballerina twirl. Somehow, Misaki could picture a bunch of flowers hovering over him. She arched her brow, still unable to come to terms to the disturbing fact that the Chairman of Cross academy was wearing a pink apron in front of her. A sudden pang of homesickness hit her as the thought of Café Latte filled her mind. She was indeed far away from home. With a weird chairman. With a super weird outer spaced alien. Too absorbed in her homesick thoughts, what Kaien said to her fell on deaf ears until Usui nudged her.

"…I thank you for coming Seika High students. I really appreciate it. It's been…sniff…sniff…"

As if things could not get any worse (or weird), Kaien Cross burst into tears of happiness and joy.

"Alrighty, time for our guests to retreat to their dormitories!" Yuki burst into the room at the right(and extremely awkward)moment, giving Misaki and Usui the cue to leave. She wore an embarrassed look as she mouth the words "sorry" to the pair and opened the door for them to exit. Misaki took a last look at the weeping chairman and thought to herself.

Could this day get any weirder?

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