Becker was happier at this moment than he has been in a long time. He sat there in the pub with a smile on his face watching his friends and colleagues laughing and drinking, Matt, Connor, Abby, Emily... Jess. His eyes fixed on Jess as he was awe-struck from her beauty, her eyes, her smile, her hair. He watched her take a sip of orange juice and couldn't help but smile a little more, hear everybody was getting drunk, and little Jess had a kids orange juice. Typical.

"Yoohoo! Earth to Becker!" Connor called while clicking his fingers infront of Becker's eyes. Realising what they had caught him doing made him blush, Abby couldn't hide her smirk.

"Oh, sorry! Out of it for a moment!" Becker said trying to shake it off like nothing happened.

Abby couldn't miss the opputunity to corner him, "oh yeah? What were you thinking?" She glanced to Jess just as Jess glanced at her, they both smiled, Jess blushing slightly.

Becker just sat there wide eyed, looking at Matt for help. He trusted Matt with anything, and his feelings towards Jessica were one thing Matt knew about.

"Come off it, Abby. Next round?" Matt said, trying to change the subject.

"I'd love to stay but i gotta go. I'm shattered!" Jess said checking the time. Everyone suddenly felt the tiredness kicking in.

"Yeah, it is getting late. Come on" Matt said to the group. They all picked up their belongings and headed towards the door. Matt and Emily walked out into the rain hand in hand, as did Connor and Abby. Both couples whispering and giggling, Becker couldn't help but roll his eyes towards Jess. Lovey dovey couples got on his nerves.

"Want me to walk you to your car?" Becker asked Jess, hoping she would say yes. All the little moments he got with her made him feel that little buit more happy and hopeful inside.

"Sure! As long as it's no trouble?"

"No no, it's fine! I'm heading that way anyway, and I don't think the others will be bothered- as bad as that sounds"

Jess giggles at that last comment, and he smiled. He loved making her laugh.

"Here take my jacket, you look freezing" He said draping it over her shoulders.

"It's just rain Becker. I'm sure I won't freeze to death from here to the car. She said rolling her eyes. Even if she did think it was ridiculously sweet of him.

"Yes but still, keep it. Please?"

"OK OK, you win I'll wear it. Your so protective"

Becker had to raise his eye brow at this. "And that's a bad thing?"

Jess's eyes widened. "No no! Of coarse not! Thankyou" She said smiling. They had reached her car now, and as much as Becker didn't want her to , she had to leave.

"Well, see you tomorrow then!" He said, he had to squint through the rain. Water was dripping from his hair, and his clothes clung to his body.

Jess noticed that aswell, and couldn't help but become mesmerised by the shape of his muscular body.

"Jess?" She realised she had been staring, blood rushed to her cheeks and she looked down.

"Huh? Oh yes, see you tomorrow" She replied. Becker watched her get in the car and drive away. He looked down and sighed.

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