Welcome to the final installment in my Treasure Planet series. It has been over eight years since I started this series, and I have grown very close to these characters and their personal endeavors. I'm very grateful to all of my readers and I thank you for not only your wonderful and helpful reviews, but your loyalty in following Jim and Jen's adventures.

As I have grown, so has my writing, and I do want to point out, this will the most dramatic and heavy piece of the series, but I hope it still brings the same enjoyment as the other. So, thank you once again, and I know present the conclusion to Jim and Jen's adventures in "Overcoming Yourself".

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"Congratulations" was the last thing Jim Hawkins and his new wife Jen Hawkins heard as they escaped the festivities following their wedding. There was laughter and giggling amongst themselves as they raced upstairs, away from their guests, and hid in Jen's bedroom. Jim then locked the door, as Jen put her arms around him, still in a fit of giggles. It was apparent that amongst their celebrating, they had a few drinks as their demeanor was as bright and giddy as when they had sailed home from Golden Sun all that time before. The heart breaking trials they had faced since they had docked that trip could not be read on either of their persons, as all that came across was excitement and content.

Jen then leaned in for a kiss from the handsome captain, and then moved her lips to his ear and whispered, "I'll be right back." She then slowly walked, because of her dress, into another room and closed the door.

The young man stood there with a grin on his face for a moment before taking off the jacket of his uniform and placing it over the chair beside him. It had finally hit him. He was married to the girl of his dreams, and nothing and no one would ever be able to separate them. They had battled pirates, former friends and family, and even the natural obstacles to make it that far. If none of that had stopped them than nothing would. Their love was strong enough to overcome most anything it seemed, and that put his mind at ease.

He then leaned over and nonchalantly pulled out a bottle of Nerium Oleanderwine with two glasses. Next, he poured the sparkling pinkish purple liquid into each glass and set them down, awaiting his wife's return.

"Waiting for something?"

Jim turned his head to see Jen standing in the doorway, covered by a sheer robe. The grin widened on his face, as he watched her. "I believe I was waiting on my wife," he said, playfully.

"Well, it's a good thing she's here," Jen said, as she walked over towards him, and he pulled her into a kiss. She then whispered, "I'm so happy to be your wife."

"I'm happy you're not Taran's wife," he spoke, as he kissed her cheek.

"And if I had been, I would have left him in a flash of light for you," she responded with a smile.

Jim then kissed her other cheek, and turned for the two glasses. "A toast then!" he spoke up, as he handed one of the glasses to Jen. "To us!" and he held the glass up.

"To love," she sweetly said, as she held her glass up.

He just smiled then added, "To love", and they both drank from their glasses.

A few moments later, a strained breath escaped Jen's mouth, as she dropped her glass, and it shattered all over the floor. She moved her hand to her neck, gasping for breath, and straining to keep her eyes focused on anything. It was not long before all feeling in her legs gave out, and she fell to the floor, semi-conscience.

Seeing this brought fear to the captain's eyes, as he quickly set his glass down and kneeled down next to his wife. "Jen!" he called, as he took her in his arms. His breathing strained, as he fought to keep screaming out to her, not having a voice anymore from the shock. It was only when he saw her eyes lose focus and start to close that he struggled to cry out to her again.

Jim's eyes flashed open, and they darted about the room, trying to get his bearings straight on what was going on. He was in a bed in his new home and just awoken from a nightmare. In fact, it was a nightmare that he had had on several occasions since their wedding six months ago, and each time it occurred, it felt more and more real. Then, as he always did after awakening from the terrifying reverie, he turned his head to see Jen sleeping by his side with her arms wrapped around his chest. It was only at this pleasant sight that he finally calmed himself down and reminded himself that it was just a dream.

His head then flopped back onto the pillow, as he starred up at the ceiling, thinking about everything that had happened to them. Had they really over come so many obstacles to get where they were? Yes, they had, and with Jen's inheritance money, there was no need for either of them to have to worry about taking a job ever again. The only problem standing in their way was how the sailing called to Jim, almost beckoning him to come out for more adventures.

A gentle kiss on his cheek then broke him from his thoughts.

"Is everything alright?"

He turned his head to look at Jen, who moved her hand to his cheek, very worried about him. All he could do was look at her, and it was as if she could read his mind. Everything was not alright.

"It was that dream again, wasn't it?"

"Yeah… Yeah, it was," Jim started, the fear almost coming back to him. "It's getting more and more real."

She then moved closer to him, trying to keep him in a comforting embrace. "Why don't you tell me about the dream? Maybe it will help it go away."

Jim wanted to tell her. He wanted to tell her everything. But, how do you explain being the reason for your wife's death? And not only once, but many times. The dream always made him feel guilty, and even though he knew Jen would understand, he just could not bring himself to admit he even thought about her gone. So, all he could do was shake his head at her, and keep quiet.

"Well, when you want to talk, I'll be right here," she said and kissed him. "I just wish you didn't have to leave so soon."

"I got hired to captain a merchant cargo. It's not a dangerous mission," he said, trying to relax her mind.

"I know, but it has been nice having you home," she responded with a smile.

He looked over at her, knowing she was right about being by her side. In fact, aside from the time he was trying to get back home from the state Taran left him in, he had not left her side since she came home from the hospital all that time ago. A thought then struck him. "Why don't you come with me? It will be just like old times."

A sad smile came to her face, afraid to answer him. "You know I want to go with you, but I think I better stay home this time."

The answer caught Jim off guard, expecting her to say yes. She had always joined him on any mission or even something as simple as solar surfing, which he taught her on their second date and has become a fun past time for them. "Why?"

"I… I just think I need to spend some time with your mom. It will be a chance for both of us to really get to know one another."

She was lying, and he knew it. Jen and Sarah were already very close, and it would be hard for them to get any closer than the mother- daughter bond that they had formed. In fact, aside from him and his mom, the only other one she was as close to was Silver, who had kept the young couple under his watchful eye. However, she had to have had a good reason to lie to him, so he did not press the matter further. It was obvious she did not want to go on this trip.

"We at least have our dinner tonight," she said sweetly, trying to lift his spirits after the answer she gave him.

"Yeah, we at least have that," he said, as he wrapped his arms around her, starting to drift back into his mind with not only the dream, but her refusal to be with him.

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And we're getting off to a series of un-answered questions. Why is Jen refusing to go sailing with Jim? Why is Jim having this terrible reoccurring nightmare? All of these questions and more will be answered. So stay tuned.