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The first few weeks were pleasant ones, minus the sleepless nights that Seth kept Jen and Jim up with his crying. It was hard to adjust to parenthood, but the young couple was doing their best with the help of their friends and family. However, the lack of sleep and relaxation, that they had become accustomed to, was starting to take its toll on them. Jen was beginning to become more zombie like, too exhausted to do much. In fact, she never fully recovered from the day at the hospital. On the other hand, Jim was starting to become a nervous wreck from worry over his family.

All of this became apparent on one morning a few months later, when Silver was visiting. Jen was fast asleep in bed, looking as worn as ever from being up the previous night with Seth. Jim was in the kitchen cleaning up the mess he had made while attempting to make breakfast for his family and guest.


"Jimbo, is everyt'ing alright?" asked Silver, slowly getting up from his seat.

Jim just put his head in his hands, as he leaned over the sink and the pieces of the broken plate lay a strewn all over the ground. "I'm fine…" he muttered through his hands, as the old cyborg made his way through the door frame into the kitchen to see the young man over the sink that was filled with water. His mind was racing with visions and memories of a place far away, but not so long ago. And everything he could see was pulling him out of his time and place to the point that the clumping of Silver's mechanical leg soon was not apparent. Slowly his hands began to slide down his face, as it splashed into the water and another world.

Swimming around in the water, Jim looked around, trying to piece together where he was and what was going on. So much was going on that it never occurred to him that he was not having any difficulty breathing in this vast oceanic area. There were shades of colors coming into his vision through the watery swirl around him, but none were cheery.

His head then sharply turned when he felt a scaly brush against his arm and looked for the owner of whatever it was that had touched him. Those piercing blue eyes darted in every direction yet they came up empty handed. This sense of in-security made Jim even more un-easy than he had been, and he tried to swim faster through the currents. It was not until a familiar sight caught his eye did he stop. "Jen…"

The sight of his wife, standing before him, made him forget all of his worries and for a split second focus on only the positive. He then attempted to swim towards her, but try as he might, he could not get any closer. In fact, the harder he tried, the further away she got, until he saw her reach out her hand before slowly pulling it back in as she fell out of existence. For one moment, he froze before screaming and trying to swim to where she disappeared to. All he could do was swim and call out her name.


That sound stopped him once more and then his eyes looked everywhere for the owner of the voice. "Seth…" he uttered, and frantically started swimming in every direction, trying to find his son. For a split moment, he thought he saw a young man walking away from him, and stopped to call out, "Seth!" but the image quickly vanished.

A moment later, he felt himself begin to spin, very slowly at first, but as he began to struggle, it became faster and faster. All he could hear was voices of his past, forewarning him of what he had gotten himself into. Warnings that he should have heeded and warnings that he had not yet heard. It was all too much for him to bear, and he let out an agonizing scream, as he felt a hand grab a hold of his shoulder and yank him back.

Jim spat up water, as he coughed trying to get what he could out of him before he could choke. "Are you alright, lad?" was all he could hear, as his eyes were still blurry and his senses were still lost in the reverie. The spinning had messed with his head, and the drastic change in environment was all too much to handle at one time. In fact, it was so much that as he gasped for air, he fell back, and Silver caught him in his arms and then brought him to one of the chairs, so he could have a seat.

"Just breathe, lad," Silver calmly spoke, as he tried to keep the young man sitting upright in his seat.

"Where… where am I?" Jim finally spoke up with much trouble.

"Yer at yer home, Jimbo."

Jim's eyes finally opened as he looked around, still not sure if he was home or not. "Where's Seth? Where's Jen?"

"Shh… they're sleepin upstairs, which is what you should be doin' afore you hurt yerself," and Silver tried to slip his mechanical arm around Jim's shoulders to help him up, but the captain shrugged him off and stumbled for the window sill. "Jimbo?"

"Something's… something's not right…" Jim spoke, as he clutched the wooden ledge.

"Lad, you need to tell me what's going on here," spoke up Silver, as he made his way over to his friend.

"I… I… was lost… in a place I think I was before…"

Silver stood up straight with worry. "Where was this place?"

Jim kept gasping and stumbling over his words, not sure if even he was sure of what was going on. "I… I don't know… It was a place of healing…. But now… it's a nightmare…"

"Was this where you landed after your brawl with that friend of yours?" Silver asked and Jim nodded some. "Tell me more, lad…"

"It was mostly water…. And there was a girl… who saved me… She healed my wounds and… and… breathed… life into me… But now… I'm seeing her…. more than Jen in my dreams…" he tried to get out.

A worried look came over Silver's face as Jim tried to explain what was happening, and he looked some of the visible old wounds on the lad's body that were not covered by clothing. "Vitae Aquae …"

"What…?" the young captain said, looking up.

"Vitae Aquae is a water planet in the Coral Galaxy, and it is said to have special powers that can give a spacer all they desire…. But there is a cost that must be paid in the end."

A look of fear struck Jim in his eyes. "What… what's that?"

"It is said to be like the song of a siren… always calling them home and giving no rest to the weary. However, as a siren is… it will destroy them."

Panic spread across Jim's face, not wanting to die. He had worked too hard to lose what he loved, and no spell could tear it all away from him. "No.. No! I can't let it win!"

"You won't, lad. We'll help you to make sure of it."

Jim then looked back and up at the stairs that he could see through the wooden door frame. Up those stairs and down the hall was his entire world, peacefully sleeping without the slightest inkling that something could be wrong. He then made a promise to himself that no matter what would happen, he would be there to see to it that his son would grow up and became an outstanding citizen in society and that his wife would be proud of the both of them. After a few moments of thinking it over, Jim turned his attention back towards the outside world.

"Silver… I need you to promise me something…" he then barely got out, and the cyborg looked up at him. "Say you'll promise me something."

"Aye, lad, I'll promise ye somethin'."

The captain looked out hard at the universe that lay outside his window. "Don't let me go on another mission again."

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Will Silver keep his promise? What will happen to the Hawkins family? Stay tuned to find out.

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