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Angelo took the remote from Lucius, the wizards took their wands and they were escorted to the main dining room where the rest of the SRP were sitting. Their wands were placed in a bin at the front of the room. Hermione appreciated the irony of the plan here as this was the room they created it in. Once they were in the room Lucius took the gun from Angelo and pointed it at Hermione, "I just want you to know mudblood, I am going to show her why they call me ripper before I kill her" and with that fired twice into Hermione's chest dropping Hermione to the ground. Narcissa ran to her and held her in her limp lover in her arms.

"You fucking bastard"

Lucius smiled for the first time in weeks, "I told you not to run from me, I have wanted to do that since that little bitch walked in the door. Fitting to kill a mudblood with a muggle weapon"

Milt, the homicide happy golden retriever, had kept her wand and was looking at it, "this is a nice wand, about 12 inches, what is this walnut? I wonder what the core is?"

Lucius looked over to the wand and muttered one word.



Chapter 10

Lucius pulled his wand and started moving to the door very quickly. Angelo grabbed him by the arm, "what the hell Malfoy?"

Lucius looked back at Hermione's fallen body, his face now ashen, "that's not her wand, it belonged to Bellatrix. The ministry took it after the battle."

Right then all hell broke out as aurors, Order members and the various volunteers seemed to appear out of nowhere. The SRP pulled their wands out of their various hiding places and a battle broke out throughout the Manor. Hermione jumped up and was immediately challenged by a very stunned Angelo. The boss pulled the trigger and nothing happened, as she approached him he cleared the chamber, hands shaking and tried to fire again. He couldn't get a word out before she hit him with a stunner which knocked him out cold. The muggles were going down quick as all of their guns seemed to be misfiring but the numbers were still on the side of the mob. The muggle enforcers soon figured out that their weapons would not work and started grabbing whatever was handy for makeshift weapons. Hermione ducked to avoid a vase, apparently they were adapting very well. She shot two stunners towards the culprit and moved towards her friend, the golden retriever. She looked for Narcissa and saw her chasing Lucius into the hall. Part of her wanted to go over and help Narcissa but she knew that she needed to let her do this. Lucius was due for an epic ass kicking and Narcissa was about to collect on every injustice and humiliation she had suffered through the marriage.

She looked around and saw the rest of her team engaged with the mobsters. Draco and Severus were side by side fighting of some of the wizards. The colors were flashing between them so fast she couldn't even guess what spells were being thrown. She saw Milt hit Dawlish with a spell strong enough to knock him through a china hutch along the wall. She had a feeling that the china would have been better in the fight than Dawlish and went towards her mark.

The assassin with an accountant's name wasted no time and threw an avada at her. She ducked and tossed a lazy stupify back at Milt to test his shields. She was wondering if it would be rude to ask tax advice mid duel. He easily threw it off and sent an imperious her way she moved aside and let it hit the wall behind her. The went back and forth for about 5 minutes poking at each others defenses when Milt got through with a stinger hitting her in the thigh. She dropped but moved into a roll dodging the green light of the avada he had followed up with. When she got up from the roll she fired back a locomotor mortis. He dodged the curse but it hit the enforcer behind him making Dennis' job much easier. Dennis yelled his thanks and jumped back into the fray, she added him to her now epically long Christmas list. After all it wasn't even a paid internship.

The assassin saw her favoring her right leg and went on the offensive, using sped and strength to push Hermione back. She could feel her shield weakening and he was coming on too strong for her to do anything more than block what was coming in. He sent a blasting curse her way which bounced off her shield but knocked her to the ground. There was no way her shield could resist another curse. He screamed, "sectumsempra" and a purple curse flew at Hermione.

"Sectumrepercussus" the spell hit Milt's and two shots of purple light hit him slicing his throat and chest and killing him instantly. After the war numerous books had come out about the Order and the trio, many of them included the various spells used during the war. Severus decided a counter spell to his now notorious slicing spell was needed and had come up with several. The assassin had just found out the hard way that he really shouldn't have tried to hit her with her mentor's spell. She didn't have time to dwell on the loss of life as she battled her way to the hall taking out another muggle and wizard on her way to the door.

As she got in the hall she pulled a small walkie talkie out of her boot, "tell me Narcissa is ok Andy." Andromeda had agreed to be the eyes and ears for the battle but as she was needed by her grandson Teddy, she was off site watching the feeds and reporting in.

"She is in the conservatory and oooooooh she just got him with a candlestick. I know that look Hermione, when my sister looks like that nothing good is going to happen. As far as I know she has never killed anyone, but if you don't get there soon she is going to start!"

"What's the status of everyone else?" Hermione asked, she wanted to run to Narcissa's side but she needed to do her job first.

"A couple of cuts and bruises, a few hexes that need to be undone but all the casualties are on their side. I would say 20 or 30 are dead, and at least 100 more have been knocked out, bound or locked up. I would say we got more than half of them before they pulled their weapons when the traps came up. They killed Robert Bonano after they had you escorted out of the sitting room. His body is still tied to the chair. There are only a few left and they are being rounded up without much of a problem. Once you're done stopping my sister, stop Minerva! She has been taking house points from any enforcers she recognizes. At this rate Filch might win the house Cup as all the Houses will be in the negative."

Hermione laughed and headed towards the conservatory, on the way she came across Severus fighting off two wizards. She wondered when he had left the dining room and where Draco was. He ducked under a punch from one of them and countered with a knee strike to the man's jaw. He spun the man around using him as a shield to block a hex from the other attacker. He fired a jinx back eliminating the threat. He then shoved the first man away and followed it up with a roundhouse kick sending his attacker flying.

"Casualties?" he called out to her.

"None on our side, but Narcissa is still squaring off with Lucius" she answered as she continued towards her destination. Severus followed her through the library towards the conservatory. Ron, Ginny and Harry were thumping on some very out matched muggle enforcers. One snuck up behind Ron and knocked his wand from his hand. Ron grabbed a very large tome and clocked the wizard with it. He accio'd his wand, looked at the now unconscious soldiers and then looked up at Hermione and Severus who were absolutely offended by his use of Hogwarts a History, "What? You have been telling me I need to pick that book up for years!"

Hermione sighed, smacking her bibliophobic friend on the arm as she passed by. They followed her not knowing where she was going but figuring she might need their help.

As she reached the conservatory. Lucius was on the ground with Narcissa standing over him. She hit him with a crucio and from his state it did not look like the first one he took. He looked battered and bloody and Hermione hoped he was in as much pain as he looked to be in. Narcissa's wand was trained on him and was shaking in her hand. Hermione walked over to stand next to Narcissa, covered her wand hand and slowly pushed it down.

"I know you want to but you can't kill him baby. You have done a lot of things but you have never taken a life, don't start now." She wrapped her arms around Narcissa and could feel her tears as she held her close. "He won't walk away from this, I promise you."

They stood like that for a few minutes. Narcissa finally nodded, dried her tears, smirked and cast a spell to make sure her husband was properly detained until he could be hauled off. Hermione called into Andy and found out that the rest of the enforcers, muggle and wizard alike, had been rounded up.

Draco soon joined them, and after doing a double take at the sight of his father and began to pour himself a drink. Kingsley walked in a second later to congratulate Severus and Hermione on their plan when he saw the Lord of the Manor.

"Do I want to know what that is about? I get the sticking him to the wall but why is he green and more importantly why is he naked?"

Hermione laughed, "don't ask Kings."

He sighed, "let me guess, Weasley twin invention? Alright on to business then, Lucius Malfoy, it is my honor and pleasure to arrest you on behalf of the Ministry."

Lucius was dumbfounded, "you have nothing to charge me with. You won't get me Granger. I saw them take the tape, you have nothing. How are you even alive mudblood, I hit you with that muggle gun?"

Hermione unbuttoned her shirt revealing a bullet proof vest, "modified magically, reinforced with dragon hide, I doubt I will even have a bruise. Lucius you are truly a moron. Did you really think we didn't know that you would betray us? That was the plan from the beginning."

Draco poured her stiff drink and she proceeded to explain what just happened. She felt a little bit like Velma at the end of a Scooby Doo episode, but she wanted to taunt Lucius with the knowledge he had been played.

Severus and Hermione had come to the conclusion that the only way out was to eliminate the mob. Lucius was right, pretending to sell the Malfoys to the mob would never work. They wouldn't even come if that had actually been the plan. Fortunately Lucius was an opportunistic, self serving coward and was pretty much guaranteed to sell them out first chance he got. Hermione and Narcissa's lovey dovey bit on the couch wasn't just for their own amusement, but also to make sure he sent the owl to the Bonanos betraying them.

The remote he was carrying was just the clicker for Severus' television which they slapped some stickers on. Everything was being worked by various members of the Order who were already hidden in the house and by Andy who was remotely logged in to the control room and was outside in a surveillance van "borrowed" from Scotland Yard. About an hour before the meet, Hermione cast a silencing spell on the study while she poured Lucius a drink to calm his nerves. The aurors and Order members apparated in and hid themselves in various magically created blind spots or through invisibility cloaks and disillusionment spells. The house had an intricate serious of traps designed to ward against attacks and when 'Lucius' dropped the wards most of the enforcers apparated straight into various traps. Andy activated the traps as soon as they were in.

As Lucius invited them in they couldn't prosecute without a confession. Hermione 'betraying' Lucius was enough to loosen their tongues a bit but Draco's 'anger' was what sealed the deal and dispersed any remaining suspicions. She knew neither Angelo nor Lucius would be able to resist taunting a mouthy woman. At that point it was game on.

The SRP figured their wands would be taken so they raided the evidence lockers at the Ministry. Because Malfoy Manor was being laid siege to, Angelo had brought many of his Capos with him and the mob had just taken a huge hit. It would be years before they would be able to bounce back from so many losses. Many of them would flip and make deals, especially the muggles who would be stuck at Azkaban just like everyone else. The Muggle Ministry was all too happy to allow the Magical Ministry to deal with it's muggle mobsters as well.

Lucius was going to stand trial for this plot and for the murder of the Bonanos. Draco had agreed to provide his memories of the evening and testify. He had actually volunteered to stand trial but Kingsley already told him that he was not going to be brought up on charges. Overall the plan had come together nicely except for the nearly 10,000 house points deducted by Minerva. Andy hadn't been kidding.

Lucius was furious and trying to fight against the spell, then he made the mistake of tempting Fate when he hissed, "could this day get fucking worse?" Considering all that Hermione had been through with Fate, she could have warned him that the answer to the question would have been a resounding yes.

As if on cue, Lucy and Renee walked in and Renee kissed Severus hello, "That was fun, but I broke a nail taking out some wizard who was young enough to be in nappies. I did what you asked, they're here."

Kingsley looked at her in confusion as did everyone else in the room. Even Hermione didn't know what was going on.

Severus put his hand up to stop what he was sure was going to be a long winded speech on keeping secrets from your team. "Relax Hermione we just worked out a little side deal"

All of a sudden Hermione heard the voice of one of her least favorite people in the world, "Renee, for me not to publish an article about you, your sister or any member of the SRP, this better be damn good". Squawked Rita as she walked into the room.

Severus looked at her and said, " you get the exclusive on the downfall of the Bonano family, first crack at what will be dubbed the Battle of Malfoy Manor and the best photo for the morning addition you could ask for; we get a year off".

She looked up on the wall, saw Lucius Malfoy and said, "Deal! Bozo get him from the right side, I think the lighting is better and is addresses any ahem shortcomings. So who wants to tell me why he is green?"

Kingsley looked at Hermione and pleaded, "You sure you don't want to come back to the Ministry? I will give you a pay raise and promise no strip clubs"

"She might actually like the clubs now". Ron chimed in. He, Harry and Ginny had join Draco at the bar and were helping themselves and mixing drinks for everyone involved. Narcissa shot her a look that said you will explain later.

"Not a chance Kings" she looked at Narcissa and then at her friends enjoying the bar, "I am going to slow down, settle down and embrace my role as Draco's new Mommy"


She looked in the mirror again and fiddled with her hair. The trials had taken over the rest of the year and although Hermione had actually fulfilled almost all of her Christmas list (all except Luna, but she got a drummer so she was happy, moon toads or not) they did not get a proper Christmas. Kingsley, who had been reelected after 'his administration' brought down the mob and successfully prosecuted Lucius Malfoy, decided to make it up to them and throw a bash for this year. She went over to her evening bag, which she had kept extended, and started loading in the gifts. She had gotten Draco a new thing on the market, she figured he would love the Bluetooth headset. She signed the card mom, which had now become a running joke to Draco's dismay. Blaise, Greg and Ron gave him hell about it constantly.

The gadget hound deserved something nice. He had backed his father down when he tried to challenge the divorce, dealt with all of the Malfoy holdings (including donating the Manor to the aurors office as a training facility and had stood with his mom at their wedding just a month before. Ron, Harry and a very pregnant Ginny (now Mrs. Potter) had stood with her at the wedding and Severus had officiated. They had a small wedding and married under the yew at Malfoy Manor. She couldn't believe they had jumped into marriage so quickly, but she was head over heels with the witch and couldn't be happier.

Draco had joined the SRP replacing Luna who went on tour with Lucy and the band. Hermione had received a postcard from them. They were hunting blibbering humdingers while on tour in South America and were quite happy. Ron ended up being Draco's wingman as the two were hopelessly unredeemable when it came to the fairer sex. They were currently working their way through the rest of the Harpies.

Rita had kept her promise and they had a tabloid free year, she had a framed copy of the now famous picture of Lucius in her office.

Andy wasn't too far off, Minerva awarded the house cup to the house elves. It wasn't just the points from the battle that did it, unfortunately somehow knowledge of 'Noct Leprachaunus' had spread to Hogwarts. House elf magic was the easiest counter curse. The elves spent the entire second half of the year scraping kids off walls, changing them back to their proper color and finding them clothes. Dobby accepted the cup on behalf of the elves to a standing ovation from the students. Minerva was still trying to find a way to get revenge on Fred and George.

Narcissa walked in the room pulling Hermione from her thoughts. Hermione felt her breath leave her as her wife approached and it amazed her that after so much darkness she was gifted so much love. The nightmares from the war were gone. They both found comfort and easy sleep in each other's arms. They had cleaned up Black Manor which they now called home. It had taken 8 months to renovate and upgrade security, but now that it was done the place had transformed beautifully. Hermione and Narcissa were now discussing having a family. She didn't know if she was ready for motherhood but figured with Narcissa at her side, she could face anything. As she walked out the door with her wife in hand she gave a silent thanks to Fate for bringing her here.