Appearance could be deceiving (Zack Fair) bio

name: Sara
looks: black hair that reach the floor and matching black eyes middle tan skinned, 5'4 inches tall her weapons are 7 swords:2 sais attack and defence, two twin busters attack, two cresent swords defence and one thing katana used if nessesary

personality: she is funny always looks at the bright side of everything loving and caring to people they deserve but when she holds her sword hell broke loose completely different personality ruthless, hard to fight against yet have majestic skills her closest friends are Marina who will enter SOLDIER with her and Hanan a friend from Wutai,, she never cried or broke down, that is for now.

name: Marina
looks: liight blond hair thar reached her mid back, dark blue eyes, 5'3 and also midium taned skinned, her weapons are twin sais.

personality: kind hearted, also a strong fighter as she is a strong willed person almost like Sara but not as the same level at skill she is much more a healer than a fighter kind to her friends an enemy to ones who betray her.

past: well both met since they were 10 Sara made a gang at age 7 but likely it didn't survive as much since they fight in Wutai as they are born in most people call them twins since they both go together rarely seen separated, they decided to enter SOLDIER to follow their dreams to be a HERO so it was a long road since they are girls but they never gave up, but the different is Marina isn't much interested in fighting but more into healing people

Companions or spirit guide :

Sara: has a black fured wolf with scarlett coloured lines in the neck that resembeled a collar the tips of his ears and tales are red, and have red crimson eyes, she named him thil meaning shadow.

Marina: has a whitish blue feathured falcon with yellow eyes and has a blue like colour on his neck also resembeled a collar her name is Malak meaning Angel.

thats for now hope you like the first part