He'd never really had an issue trusting people. It was more the other way round. People had issues trusting him. Not that he could blame them. He did rather have a reputation for being a pain in the arse at times. All the time really, but he didn't want to brag. Of course, there were those who did trust him completely. His twin, Ginny, Ron, friends like Oliver and Katie. But in the general populous of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, not many people would trust him. Not that he could blame them for doing so. His reputation was impressive among Hogwart's students. People didn't exactly fear him, but they were cautious of him, especially if he ever offered them anything, even if it was a genuine sweet. But he wasn't fussed if the everyday students of Hogwart's didn't trust him. He only wanted one person to trust him and he knew that if he wanted her to, he would have to change.

"Hey Granger, what you doing?" Brown eyes flashed up from the book in front of her to watch the red haired boy who had dropped into the seat opposite. Unconsciously she pulled her papers towards her, glancing around her to see if his twin was crouching nearby, ready to strike. She knew it was silly to be so cautious around them, they were nice boys, it was just…she knew what they were like with their pranks. The element of surprise was their friend and her enemy.

"I'm studying. You?"

"I was looking for you and hey, I found you!" He grinned. She did not return it. He sighed, leaning forward so she had to look at him. "You don't trust me do you?"

The slightest blush of red on her checks was all he needed to know that he was right. He wanted her to trust him, wanted her to see that he was a nice guy; that his reputation of prankster extraordinaire was only one part of who he was, that really, he was a good man, a nice person, someone she could trust when things got bad for her.

Hermione opened her mouth a few times, trying to form an answer that would sound polite and not the harsh truth she wanted to say.

"I have misgivings about your intensions. Just occasionally, when you're other half is around, or Lee." It sounded worse than she thought it would. "Okay, yes, I don't trust you! I worry that you're going to spike my pumpkin juice; that I'll wake up with pink hair and a beard. I don't trust you anywhere near the first years and I think you have a bad influence on people. Why would I trust you?" George stared at her. Turn her hair pink? Give her a beard? Never had she been the target of one of their pranks, but he guessed he could see why she would be cautious.

"I'm sorry you feel that way. But there are a lot of reasons to trust me. I care about you and I hate the way Ron treats you. You're far too good for him. I know I can be a prankster, but know that I would never prank you. You've had far too much of a bad time for you to become the butt of our pranks." A tiny smile crept into the corners of her mouth as she looked up into his deep chocolate brown eyes. He grinned, patting her hand as he got up to leave. She watched him walk away, wondering there was indeed another side to Mr. George Weasley, one that could be trusted with her heart.