Life's complicated. Fact. End of. Full Stop. So when you're a 16 year old, saying goodbye to your brother, who is the only person who knows where you're going, you don't think about it, right? Wrong.

I thought so, too. I stared at my mother's car as it disappeared. She'd never forgive herself, when she came home and her daughter had gone missing.

Her husband Roger was off in Greece, on a dive. Ugh…I hated divers. Still do, as a matter of fact.

I looked at Conor. He gazed at me, his eyes welling up with tears. He pulled me against his chest.

"Saph! Do you have to go back?"

"You know I do, Conor…I'll try and get a message to you through Granny Carne if I can. I promise! I love you, Con!" I sighed, pulling myself away.

"Bye." He murmured.

"Bye, Con." Was my muted reply, before I turned and ran out of the door into the night.

I legged it all the way to the cove, and clambered down the rocks agilely, before diving into the water.

All thoughts of Earth left me as I stared at the clear water. I breathed in deeply, the oxygen coursing through my blood. Kicking hard, I plunged into the depths of Ingo, down, down, right to where I knew Faro would be.

He was sat on a rock, staring into space.


"Sapphy!" He exclaimed, excited.

"I'm here now, Faro." I sighed, relieved.

"For good?" He spoke sharply.

"For good." I confirmed. "How are you?"

"I am good, for Elvira has recently sent a message to me from the North. The new Mer are welcoming her, and she has even found love in one of them."

"That's wonderful, Faro." I beamed at him, and a sudden wave of his thoughts washed over me, for they were so powerful that he couldn't contain them.

"My Sapphire." All that I got were two words before his thoughts twanged back to his own mind.

"My Sapphire? What's that supposed to mean?" I queried.

"It means…" He trailed off, into silence, watching me intently, before tracing my lips with his fingertip.

"Faro?" My eyes widened. Heart hammering, I gazed at him. His fingertips lightly rested on my cheek, before he, looking troubled, swam away into the distance.

AN: I know this is quite short; it is simply an introduction to my story. Expect much Sapphire/Faro, as I really think they suit! There will be some darker stuff to do with Ervys. No more hints than that!