Authors Note: To let you guys know now this whole story is really a Flashback. But that makes it fun!

Goten and Trunks were flying from Trunks's house. Then they walked through the front door. "I'm home!"


Goten was stuck then he had an answer. "Mommy I wasn't by myself, I had Trunks!"

"That makes it worse!" ChiChi was beginning to yell. "Don't you remember what happened last time?"


"Goten are sure you wanna go home?" Bulma's voice sounded sympathetic.

"Yea I'm sure."

Bulma was thinking put just couldn't put her finger on something. "Goten why are you leaving anyway?"

"Oh Vegeta told me and Trunks a bed time story and now I'm really scared. And usually I would sleep with Gohan or my mom and dad but they're not here. And I wouldn't want to sleep with you and Vegeta."

Bulma's eyes were opened wide. "Oh, ok honey, I'll just have a little talk with Vegeta after you leave. Do you need me to take you?"

"Ummm…no." Goten always left with someone but he wanted to leave by himself this time.

"Goten are you sure its late I think I will-"

"Nooo! I can do it!" Goten didn't mean to yell at her.

"Ok just call to tell us you made it back safely. Please."

Goten was suddenly happy again. "Ok! Bye Bulma!" Goten took off and started to head toward his house.

Bulma was waving good bye to Goten then lost sight of him. "Oh, I hope he's going to be ok. ChiChi would have my head if something happened to him."

Vegeta walked in the room. "So the brat got scared and left, go figure."

Bulma turned toward Vegeta. "Why Vegeta, why do you choose to scare a little boy so much he wants to go home, what did you even say?"

"I just told him a bit of history." Vegeta smirked. "I told him how Cell was defeated by Gohan and that Cell swore to kill his little brother when he comes back to life from hell, which we plan to be in one hour."


"Exactly. He has no brain; must have inherited that from Kakkarot."

Goten continued flying but then he stopped. "Ummm…uh…which way was it? Uh oh. Wait there is Gohan's school! THERE'S VIDEL, and that other girl."

Videl and Erasa were walking out of Orange Star High School. "Erasa tell me again why the hell did I decide to watch cheerleading try-outs."

"You promised you would watch me but I was last." Erasa felt bad.

Videl sighed. "I was being sarcastic, but thanks for the 411."

Goten landed and began running toward Videl. "VIDEL!"

"What was that?" Erasa turned around.

Videl shrugged. "Wait, I know that voice."

Goten ran up to Videl and squeezed her leg. "VIDEL HELP ME!"

Erasa was surprised that there was a kid on Videl's leg. "Videl what's up with the little boy on your leg?"

Videl pulled Goten off of her leg and suddenly felt the circulation continue. "Erasa, this is Gohan's little brother."

"GOHAN HAS A LITTLE BROTHER! AND HE DIDN'T TELL ME!"Erasa bent down in front of Goten. "Hey cutie, how old are you and what's your name?"

"My name's Goten and I'm seven, your pretty." Goten started to blush.

Erasa's heart was beating so hard it felt like it was going to come out of her chest. "He is ADORABLE!"

Videl rolled her eyes. "Goten what do you need help with? Is Gohan or your parents with you?"

Goten had tears in his eyes. "I'M LOST! I left Trunks's house because Vegeta told me a scary story so I wanted to go home so I left and now I'm lost and scared."

"Goten you know your mom will never let you leave alone and at night. It's 10:00 p.m., I would take you home but it takes like 3 hours from here when I fly." Videl knew she was going to regret her next decision. "How about… you stay with me and I'll bring you home tomorrow."

Goten's eyes lit up. "Really! Thanks Videl."

Erasa looked at Videl. "Videl are you forgetting something?

Videl put her hand to her chin. "Ummm… I don't think so?"

Erasa looked at Goten and then at Videl again. "School. Tomorrow is Wednesday a.k.a test day. I really doubt you would have time to go to Gohan's house and then back before school."

"Oh my go…" Videl looked at Goten and remembered he is only seven. "sh…Oh my gosh, Erasa your right. Oh I have an idea we can give him to Gohan tomorrow."

"Then what Videl, Gohan can't miss school either, we have a Science test, a Math test, History test, English test, and an ACL test tomorrow." Erasa tried to think of a solution.

Goten wanted to help. "Videl, can I go to school with you? I promise I'll be good."

Videl started walking home. "Goten that's actually not a bad idea. But that can be our plan 'B' if my plan fails."

Erasa began walking behind Videl. "And what is your plan?"

"To call Capsule Corp. to see if Vegeta, Goten's friend's dad, can take Goten home." Goten started to walk off in a different direction, then Videl grabbed his hand. "It would be a lot faster if he can take Goten home, if he can't then we will do plan 'B'."

Goten kept holding on to Videl's hand. "Ok Videl."

Videl put her other hand in her pocket, her cell phone wasn't there. "Hey Erasa, I think I left my cell phone at my house can I borrow yours?"

"Sure." Erasa took out her phone and gave it to Videl.

"Ok lets see if I remember the number. 5…8…..3…0 and enter. Come on Bulma and even Vegeta pick up."

*Phone Conversation*

"Hello this is the Briefs residence, this is Bulma speaking."

"Hey Bulma its Videl"

"Videl hey what's up? You do know it's a little late, but what can I do for you?"

"Ummm, well I have Goten with me and I'm a couple of blocks away from my high school. He said he left your house and he got lost. My friend and I found him and we were wondering if Vegeta can take him home. Is Vegeta there?"

"Yeah he's right next to me. But he's a sleep; I'll get him up, hold on one second."


*Paused Phone Conversation*

Bulma started to shake Vegeta. "Vegeta honey wake up. Vegeta. Vegeta I'm not gonna fight with you. I'm already tired from…wait I wonder if Videl can still hear me? Vegeta get your lazy excuse for an ass out of this bed or you won't get anything from me again."

Vegeta turned toward Bulma. "What do you want woman!"

"Go meet Videl to take Goten home."



"You won't get anything from me again if I get up."

*Continued Phone Conversation*

Bulma put the phone back to her ear. "Ummm, Videl I'm sorry he can't."

Videl sighed. "Why not."

Bulma paused. "Lets just say I want something and he won't give it to me if he gets up."

"EWWWW! That's disgusting! Especially for people over 40."


"Oh what did you think I said because there is static in the phones and you might not be hearing what I am actually saying."

"Nice save."

Vegeta nudged Bulma. "Get off the phone so I can deliver."

Bulma began talking to Videl again. "Ummm, Videl I got to go."

"Bulma you are disgusting and with an 8 year old boy in the house."

"Hahaha sooo funny, but I have to go I'll don't want to miss the package."

"Gross. Well have fun. Bye"

*End of Phone Conversation*

Goten was hopping up and down. "So what did she say?"

Videl smiled. "I guess we are doing plan 'B'."