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Erasa was speechless. She held her hot pink iPhone in her perfectly manicured hands.

Mrs. B walked up behind her. "Erasa I said five seconds, go away, the bell just rang."

Erasa handed her phone to the choir teacher. "Don't worry Mrs. B, Gohan is in my next class and I'm sure he's just dying to see me."

Erasa marched toward the chair she had left her binder on. The blonde picked up her stuff and headed over to Goten who was attempting to play the piano.

"Hey Goten, you ready?"

"Yeah, but before we go, listen to what I can do!" Goten said excitedly.

Erasa stood there for about a minute listening to the worst piano playing she has ever heard in her life. Being the kind person that she is, she didn't have the heart to tell him the song sucked. So she decided to fake it. "Oh my goodness Goten that was soo good! When did you ever learn to play like that?"

The young demi saiyan shrugged, flattered. "I don't know."

"Okay kiddo, lets head to my next class before I'm late. Then you can see your brother for the last time before I murder him."


"Oh you'll find out what I mean when we get there." Erasa grabbed Goten's hand and started towards her next class period.

~~With Gohan~~

Gohan has just arrived to his Art class when he heard the clicking of Erasa's heels enter the class room with Goten not far behind.

Erasa sat in her assigned seat next to Gohan and glared at him. Gohan, noticing the well practiced glare, figured he did something wrong. "What did I do?"

The blonde sighed at his cluelessness. "Well, if you Must know, YOU Texted Me In Freaking Class And Mrs. B Took My Cell Phone! Now I Am Royally Pissed At You!" Erasa semi, yelled at Gohan, beyond furious.

She took a quick glance at Goten to see if he noticed the curse word she had just said. To her luck, he didn't.

"Erasa I'm sorry but you texted me first."

"Don't Try And Put This All On Me! I Am The Victim In This Current Situation!" Goten watched as his brother got yelled at by Erasa.

Little time went by when the bell to start class finally rang. Gohan turned to face the front of the room. "Erasa I'm sorry, but you DID text me first. It was only natural that I would text back." The demi-saiyan whispered to his blonde friend next to him.

"Whatever, you are going to pay. And that's a promise." She fiercely whispered back.

Goten had already pulled a chair up next to Erasa. It seemed like she was winning the mini debate so he decided to sit next to her.

The teacher stood in the front of the room, telling the class what the next assignment is. "You and the person sitting next you will make a shared collage of what you enjoy. This project will be due by the end of next week. I suggest you get started. Right now, you have about 10 minutes left in class. Use it wisely."

The teacher then dismissed the students to begin their task in class.

"Okay Erasa, lets get started."

"I'm not talking to you." Erasa turned away from Gohan giving him the silent treatment.

"Erasa, I know you're mad but I want to get a good grade. Please."

She took a fleeting look at Gohan before sighing. "Fine, whatever."

"Good. So…what do you enjoy?"

"Well I Enjoyed My Cell Phone!" Gohan sweat dropped at her harsh statement.

"This is gonna be difficult…"

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