What the hell is this? This can't be real…can it?

Alviss was in Dote's, the small village he'd grown up in, but…this place…this place was destroyed, he knew it, he'd seen it. He lost his family because of it. That ARM…this must be what it does, but he'd never heard of this ARM before. He had to get out of here, quick before—


He stopped dead in his tracks and turned around slowly, that voice…there was no way. She was dead. He knew that.

She giggled.


There was no way, no way in hell…his little sister was alive.

The proof was there, right before his eyes and he denied its very existence. The poor village was as it was when he was last there, small wooden huts, a meadow of flowers, a small river. Alviss saw an image of his younger self and sister. He had forgotten how she looked; brown hair, blue eyes, and an endless smile. They were playing in a field of flowers; sunflowers to exact. They were Kazumi's favorite. He made her a crown by weaving the stems of the flowers together. That's when he told her, he was going to join the Cross Guard.

"But Alviss!" she protested.

"c'mon Kazumi-chan, don't you like MAR heaven?"

"Yes, but—"

"So do I. That's why I have to go."

"But what if you get hurt?" she was pouting now.

He smiled. "Don't worry, I wont."

Kazumi frowned, trying to decide whether or not it was going to be okay. Their parents had both died of disease a while ago and the two were on their own and only relied on each other. If Alviss was going to be in the wargames, who was she to stop him?

She pulled a few flowers from the ground and offered them to him. "Just come back soon okay?" she smiled.

His younger self nodded as he watched him run away from he off into the woods. What he did see this time around were the tears in her eyes as she left. Then she ran after him, dropping the crown of flowers on her head. She chased him into the forest before losing him quickly and becoming lost. She ran through some nearby bushes only to run into someone. She fell backwards, expecting to see her big brother but was instead staring in the face of a Chess Piece, Phantom to be exact. Fear stricken she turned tail and ran. Phantom just followed behind smiling. She led them to Dote's, in which was destroyed in arson and attacks and bloodlust. One boy took an interest in Kazumi. While running, he saved her from burning alive at the hands of Halloween. She left with him and disappeared. The image fading from Alviss' mind as he woke up in reality, hearing Bell's cries to wake up.

Struggling to his feet, he stood panting watching as 'Kira' was rising to her feet as well with a struggle.

"Kazumi, why are you doing this?" he asked.

"You know why. You left me alone, I was all by myself. I say you had this coming. I've always hated you for leaving me."

"How was I supposed to know? You told me it was okay!"

"I was eight Alviss, what did you want me to do."

The two were arguing, revealing that the two of them were brother and sister and yet there was some unknown conflict that made things too complicated to even try and comprehend their situation.

Kazumi pulled out her simplest arm—Ring dagger—too weak to defend himself, she'd kill him easy. She charged at him, ignoring her injuries and enjoying the heat of the battle only to have t interrupted not even a yard away from her target. Phantom had decided to show himself.