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"Well I..."

Shaggy didn't know why he wanted to come here. He continued to scratch his head while he attempted to find a reason.

"I guess I, like, wanted to see you..."

Yeah, that should work. He looked over to Velma, who seemed to be trying very hard not to cry. He really hoped it wasn't what he said. He didn't want her to cry because of him, or for any reason.

"Velma, I'm, like, sorry. Don't cry, I'll just, like, go now."

Shaggy turned his back to her and started to walk back to the window.

Shit. Why did I say that?

As he reached the window, he felt two arms wrap around him. He was so startled, that it managed to knock the wind out of him.


He turned his head to look at his 'attacker'.

Velma Held on for dear life. She did NOT want him to go. At all.

"Shaggy... Please don't go. I'm not mad at you, I just... Well I was surprised is all."

He didn't know how to react. Tears were streaming down her face as she pulled away.

"Why are you, like, crying?"

She wiped the tears away and sniffled as she looked up at the tall, lanky man standing before her.

"You came to see me. I thought I'd never see any of you guys again."

Now it was his turn to be shocked. He looked down at the short nerdy girl he knew so well, and finally got it.

"I know what you mean. I thought I'd, like, never see you guys either."

Velma smiled widely, her cheeks making her glasses fall slightly.

Shaggy looked up awkwardly and put a hand behind his head.

"Do you wanna come back to my place and, like, finish that movie with Scoob?"

He smiled sheepishly and Velma grinned.

"Yes! I'll get some popcorn and we can leave right now!"

• • • • • • •

"Yeah! I remember that! Wow, I can't believe we did so much while we were just in high school!"

"I, like, know! It's crazy!"

Velma and Shaggy walked in the door with arms full of food. They were reminiscing about their adventured with The Gang.

"Hey Scoob! Like, Where are you, buddy? I brought someone with me!"

They listened in silence. Scooby didn't answer.

"Scoob? Scooby it's me, Velma! Shaggy, where is he? I thought he was watching a movie?"

"Like, I don't know! Scooby-Doo! Where are you?"

Shaggy ran through the house to find his pal. Velma took a more scenic route through the living room.

"Shaggy!" she screeched.

What she had entered was a living room, but it sure didn't look like one. The couch was toppled over and ripped, while the television had a giant crack in the screen. All the furniture was thrown out of place and Food was everywhere.

Shaggy ran in, "Like, what is it Vel-"

She knew he had just seen it. She also knew what he didn't see: Scooby Doo.

"There was a scuffle. I think someone took him, Shaggy."

Shaggy looked around in disbelief. Velma didn't blame him.

"Shaggy," she said calmly, "We need to find him. I think we should do what we normally do when there's a mystery."

He looked at her, a tear he was fighting dripped down his face. He nodded.

She looked up and nodded back at him. "We need to look for clues, and find our Scooby.

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