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Chapter 1

He paused as the terrified screams echoed out of the dark alley. Grimacing, as he realized exactly what had been going on back there, he jumped out of the vampires way. Noticing it's appearance as it wiped blood off it's mouth, so he would recognize it as a vamp later, just in case.

The pale boy started forward again, only to be halted once more. This time by an average height brunette. She rushed to the vamp, who had his human face again, and threw her arms around his neck, babbling, mostly muffled to incoherence, about how thankful she was, how she's do anything to repay him, and, oddly, how he'd saved her life.

Draco Malfoy was very intruiged by this last part. He slid into the shadows to be less conspicuous. He studied the blonde man, striking blue eyes, sharp cheekbones, a little on the short side. The man rolled those blue eyes and shrugged the girl off. She went on babbling, now asking questions so fast the vamp couldn't answer. Well, couldn't if he'd been listening, that is. The vamp was too busy pulling out a cigarette and looking for a lighter. "Oh, bloody hell." He muttered, not finding one.

The girl, seeing an oppourtunity to make him listen, pulled out a lighter. He reaches for it, but she pulls it back. "Answer my question and you can have it." She says.

"Bloody hell." He repeats. "Right then, I'm listening. Go on."

"Okay! What was that, who are you and what are you?"

"Troll, Spike, vampire." He drawled. "Now give me the damn lighter."

She handed it over and immediately started talking again. "Is your mouth okay? He hit you pretty hard. Can I help do anything? Hey, which way are you going?"

"I'm fine. Now stop your yammering and bugger off!" His angry tone didn't even phase her, and she followed as he tried to walk away.

"I'm going this way too." She said happily.

Spike rolled his eyes and said "Well, then, I'm going the other way." He turned and went off, leaving the confused girl behind. "Irritating little sot." Draco heard him mutter as he passed by the doorway. "Bloody sodding chip. Stupid Scoobies. Slayer." At this last part, he seemed to slow down and the angry look left his face.

Draco watched Spike go into the grocery store before coming out of the shadows. The vamp might be angry that he'd been following. And if what he'd been told about this 'William the Bloody' was true, then he did not want the vamp to be angry.


As he sat in the bar, Draco wondered the best way to talk to this 'Spike'. To convince him to help. He'd already ruled out kidnap, hostage, and threats, and was considering free blood when Spike walked in and sat down next to Draco. "Allright, wanker. You got my attention. Why the hell you been following me?"

Draco was stunned speechless. For about fifteen seconds. "I have an offer for you. One I know you can't refuse."

"Oh yeah? Do tell. If I like it, I may not rip your throat out." Spike groled, low and feral, and went half game face for emphasis. Draco didn't seem phased in the least, and Spike was impressed. /Now here's a human I might like./ He thought to himself.

"How'd you like to get your slayer back? Or better yet, have her never have gone in the first place?" Spike turned fully towards Draco, entranced.

"Keep talking."

Two hours later, Spike sat in his crypt, wading through his memories of the conversation with the pale boy who had been trailing him. The boy, Draco Malfoy was his name, had told him that there was a way to bring back Buffy. If. And apparently it was a big if, because this Malfoy boy wouldn't tell him what he had to do yet.

**~Corny flashback fade-out~**

"How'd you like to get your slayer back? Or better yet, have her never have gone in the first place?"

"Keep talking."

"Here's the deal. You help us, we help you. It's simple enough."

"Help you do what?"

"Meet us here at one tomorrow night." Draco handed Spike a folded piece of paper.

"Bloody hell boy! Tell me now."

"That's not part of the deal. If you show tomorrow, you'd better be prepared to help us. If you're not there, you can forget about her." The stranger was obviously referring to Buffy.

"I'll be there."

"Don't be rash. Think it over." The pale boy got off the stool and headed towards the door.

"Hey, boy! Who are you?"

"Draco. Draco Malfoy." He went to the door and turned. "Oh, and William? Don't be late." With that, the boy disappeared so quickly Spike wondered if me might've imagined it all.

**~corny flashback fade-in~**

Spike pulled the crumpled piece of paper from his duster pocket. It was strange, yet familiar to him. It was a yellowed-white sort of color and thicker than normal. It reminded him of back before he was turned, of writing poetry, and of Cecily. He unfolded it and looked at the address.

782 North Side

It was written in a dark, emeral green ink. As Spike looked at it, a swirl of ink appeared at the bottom of the note. He gaped at it as the swirl formed itself into letters.

Be on time and be

The words and address swirled all together and formed a green snake. The snake then turned into a red lion, before disappearing altogether. Spike blinked and rubbed his eyes. How the hell did that happen? Was the pale boy some sort of demon? No, he didn't give off any 'dark' vibes, so Spike really didn't think so. Warlock maybe? They were mostly human. Spike decided to just be ready for anything to happen when he went the next night.

Draco sat in the stacks of the old crumbling library at the council headqarters. He had to find out all he could about this 'slayer' that William the Bloody was talking about. He had been able to convince William to help by bullshitting through the conversation using the bits he had heard William say to himself outside the alley earlier.

If William found out he didn't even know anything about this slayer, his whole mission was fucked. Damn mission. Stupid Order. Bloody stupid war. As he grabbed another book, he heard someone come into the room. /Oh, hell./ He grabbed his invisibility cloak and pushed the books he was reading under the shelves. Backing into a corner, he heard the intruders speak. "I know I heard someone in here. I'm not making it up."

"You hear someone in one of the rooms at least twice a day Alan. I think you just need your hearing checked." Came a woman's voice. "Come on, let's go back up. I have to be in the meeting today to discuss the whole slayer thing."

"But I really heard something!" The man whined. "I heard a kind of a pop and then the books were shuffled. And someone keeps muttering stuff."

"Well, you stay here then. I'm going back up." Draco heard the great wooden doors creak open again.

"Hey! Hey, Miriam, wait for..." The man was cut off as the doors slammed shut behind him. /Stupid muggles./ Draco thought. He tried to get back to what he was doing, but his line of thought was shot. He kept thinking about the day he found out about the Order. And the dumb war...

(~~* Corny flashback fade-out*~~)

Draco sat in Potions, flicking puffer fish eyes at Ron and Harry while Hermione kept trying to get them to calm down. Snape had just finished copying ingredients onto his chalkboard when Proffessor Flitwick came running in. "Professor Snape, " he squeaked, "Emergency staff meeting."

Snape went rushing out, yelling to them to not start the potions or there would be severe consequences.

About fifteen minutes later, Mcgonagall's voice was heard throughout the castle. "All students report to your common room immediately. The entrances will be sealed shut in fifteen minutes and you had all better be where you are supposed to be...or else." She cut off, ominously. The students in the class,
Slytherins and Gryfindors alike, looked at each other, wide-eyed. /They weren't this freaked when the chamber of secrets was opened or when Black broke in. What the hell is going on out there?/

As they all picked up their things to go, Draco heard snatches of conversation from Potter and his friends. "Do you think it's him?"

"Oh, Harry! It can't be. There would be reports, wouldn't there?" Came Hermione's scared voice.

"D'ya think it's time? Mum and Dad wouldn't have kept this from us and I'm sure the Ministry would know............" The rest of Ron's comment was cut off as Millicent Bullstrode passed by him on her way to the door.

"......but if it is, I'm gonna go. And that's it. No arguments." Harry picked up his bag and strode out, followed after a few seconds by the other two. /What the hell? Do they know something I don't? I think I'll follow them. Our common rooms can't be that far apart, can they?/ Draco stood up, sweeping his remaining ingredients into his bag without looking. He slipped out behind them, unnoticed.

It was almost too easy to follow them in the crowded halls. They never even looked back once, just strode right up to their common rooms. Draco stopped at the corneer just around from where he could see the portrait of an exceedingly large woman in a gaudy pink dress. He was stumped as to how to get the rest of his information when the portrait opened again and the 'dream team' as the Slytherins reffered to them as, slid back out. They looked around, waited till the last of the Gryffindors were ushered inside, prentending to be counting heads, then when the corridor was finally empty, Potter pulled something out from his robe pockets. At first Draco couldn't quite place what it was, put as Potter let it unfold, Draco sucked in his breath. It was an invisibility cloak. He had seen his father use one, once before. He took a moment to wonder how the hell Potter had gotten one, before realizing that if they put it on, his evil little sub-plot was screwed. He scowled, then tried to remember the incatation for the Invisible Aura Tracking charm that he had read about in one of his father's books. It had said it was a sure way to track someone, when preformed correctly. It would cause the aura around whomever the incanter wished to glow a bright, visible-to-the-caster-only, yellow.

He watched as the three disappeared, except for the backs of their feet, which told Draco that they were still there. Which was good, because you had to be looking at the person for the spell to work. His wracked mind finally found the words he was looking for, and he set about deciding which set of feet to use. The ones on the right were girls shoes, so he knew that one had to be the mudblood. The ones on the left were standard black boys shoes, the kind that most wore around during the school day, and the ones in the middle were scruffy white tennis shoes. He logically assumed that the Weasel would be in the middle, being the tallest, and pointed his wand towards the left. Very quietly, so they wouldn't hear, Draco began the incantation. "Aurorous Amarillos Opticus Yos."

A brilliant flash of yellowish-orange light shot out of his wand and swirled down the hallway. Draco watched as it swept into all the little corners before setting after Potter. They had begun walking, but obviously noticed that their feet were showing, so they stopped to fix it. Just as his last way to see them disappeared, the light his. Potter apparently stumbled, because Draco heard a muffled thumping, then one of the black shoes came into view again. He heard Hermione whisper to him, asking if he was allright. He frowned, thinking his spell had gone bust, when he saw a faint glow. It was roughly in the shape of a person, bracing themselves against a wall. It began to glow bighter, and spread out further. Then is suddenly flashed so bright that Draco flinched. He just had time to hope it wouldn't stay like this, when it went away. He jerked his head back towards where Potter was and was a little surprised that he could still see Potters outline perfectly.

He checked to see if the glow was reflected on the walls, floors, pictures, everywhere before coming out from his spot around the corner. The dream team moved on after waiting just a few seconds for Harry to stand back up. Draco watched as he shook himself, then nodded that he was allright. As he followed them, Draco noticed how pretty the light actually was, not, of course, that you could have ever gotten him to admit this to anyone. It was bright, almost blinding yellow at the inside, right around Potter's body. As it moved out, the color deepened into orange, then reddish orange on the furthest edge. It was pulsing with energy, and little shots of each color veined through out the other parts. It reminded him of a picture he once saw, where the artist had poured small amounts of paints onto a canvas, then used a stick to swirl them together, but not enough to actually mix them.

The edges of the aura wer constantly moving, bursting out, then receding, then moving out all over again. He continued to stare at it until his eyes hurt, then tore himself away from it to see where they were. Judging by the wall hangings, and what he could see out the windows, they were in the third floor corridor. He realized that they were heading right towards the part of the castle that had been forbidden to them in his first year. He also realized that he himself was in plain view and mentally kicked himself for overlooking such an important thing. "Visionus Obscurus." He muttered, pointing his wand at himself. That would make him invisible to the full-on gaze on the human eye, but animals, and looking out of the corner of one's eye would he still be visible. He also cast shadows, but that was all he could do with out going back to his dorms and getting his new present from his mother. It was a ring that made the wearer invisible completely, just like an invisibility cloak, but it was pretty bad news. See, when you wore it, you were visible to all sorts of dark creatures that live just outside of our dimension. An invisibility cloak was much better, but was also much more expensive. At least he assumed it was, because he didn't know where his mother had gotten it. He had seen the envelope that it had come in, delivered by a large eagle owl, not unlike his own. It simply said 'Narcissa' on the front, with a short note that said 'Here it is. -G.'. He had asked, naturally, but she pursed her lips and pretended that she hadn't heard him at all.

Draco shut the book on his lap and stood up. He could dwell on this later. There were more important issues at hand. The first being the angry vamire he would have in about five hours unless he figured out real quick all about this slayer, where she was, and how he could get her back.


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