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Love Doesn't Exist

Chapter One

"The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well."

However, Harry didn't know that Voldemort was stirring yet again. Harry was no longer a Horcrux; he had lost the connection between Voldemort and himself. He had no way of knowing that on that fateful night nineteen years ago, Harry didn't destroy Voldemort, that the Dark Lord's killing of Snape created one last Horcrux.

Voldemort realized Harry would destroy all of his Horcruxes…he had practically allowed him to. He knew that if he wanted to live forever, he would have to create another Horcrux, conceal it without anyone's knowledge, and allow Harry Potter to "defeat" him. Then, he simply had to bide his time until he could return to power again, and this time he would not fail.

However, something went horribly awry as he watched Nagini bite into Severus Snape's pale flesh. His soul was severely unstable. The same instability that caused Voldemort's unknown Horcrux in Harry, caused his final Horcrux to incorrectly bind with the object he desired. His intention to store a part of his soul into the Elder Wand failed. An inexplicable event occurred. Voldemort had no way of knowing that his soul had latched onto another human being – a four-year-old girl by the name of Felicity Tylers, who was presently being dared to enter the Shrieking Shack by her older brother.

Jack Tylers and his younger sister had snuck off into the woods outside their house in Hogsmeade Village. Their mother and father had told them to stay inside – to not leave the confines of their home. Of course, the siblings were too young to understand a war was ensuing around them and that their parents had left for the battle. They had no idea they and their parents were in danger, had no idea that one of their parents wouldn't be coming home, had no idea that they would never see their mother again except for the dark wood of her coffin.

Jack, seven, was running the forest with his sister tailing behind him, trying her best to keep up with him. Her blond curls were tangled with twigs and leaves from the forest around her. She was increasingly falling behind her brother. "Jackie! Wait for me!" She called out to him, desperation apparent in her voice.

"No, Lissy, you have to catch me first!" Jack was laughing wildly as he sped up, forcing Felicity to do the same.

Suddenly, Jack slowed down and Felicity caught up quickly. Her eyes widened as she realized where they were standing. Right in front of the Shrieking Shack, the most haunted place in Britain. Felicity gave a little gasp before her brother started towards the decrepit house. "NO! Jackie! Mama and Papa told us never to go near here! We should leave!"

"Well, Mama and Papa also told us to stay inside our house and we didn't listen to them then. What could happen, Lissy?" Felicity gave no answer, but crossed her arms and stuck out her bottom lip, pouting. "Come on, I dare you to go in with me." Felicity didn't move. "You're such a little baby. You can't even handle a house! How will you ever get into Hogwarts?" That did it. It was Felicity's dream to go to Hogwarts, and she absolutely hated being told she was a baby. She would prove herself an excellent witch. She would prove her brother wrong.

Felicity uncrossed her arms and began walking towards the shack, her brother following her. As she inched towards it, she had the worse feeling that something bad was going to happen, but she trudged on anyway. She walked closer and closer until she and her brother were near a window on the first floor. Felicity furrowed her brow; she had heard something inside the house. She was starting to feel scared. What if the house really was haunted?

What she heard in the house was not English. No, it was some language Felicity had never heard before. But her father and mother had often spoken things Felicity didn't understand. She recognized the language to be some sort of spell. There was a scream, a low, throaty scream, and then nothing. No noise at all. Felicity looked to her brother. He was wearing a very scared expression, similar to Felicity's own.

Suddenly, a blue light orb flew from the window. It was strange, and quite unlike anything Felicity had seen before. The orb stopped in front of the siblings. It grew and abruptly flashed a bright light, which both Felicity and Jack had to close their eyes for. Felicity then felt something cold wash over her body and seep into her heart. She felt different, as if she was no longer the same Felicity Tylers. The light seemed to go away and Felicity opened her eyes once more.

Someone was at the window. A man with blood red eyes and slits for nostrils glowered at the two children. Felicity suddenly felt more afraid than she ever had before. Her little heart thumped in her chest like a hummingbird's. She had an ice-cold feeling all over her body. The man in the window looked Jack over, then Felicity. As he was staring at her, his red eyes caught her warm amber ones. She felt herself falling away into a black abyss…

Then, there was nothing. Absolutely nothing.

She woke up a day later. She didn't understand what happened. She guessed she had fainted; the man's eyes held so many emotions Felicity couldn't handle it. Felicity and her brother agreed never to talk about that night. They went on with their lives, pretending it never happened.

When their father came home, without their mother, he explained the war to them. Explained how Voldemort was defeated by a boy named Harry Potter, explained his duty to fight alongside Harry Potter, explained how their mother would never return to them. Felicity didn't grasp any of it, but her father and brother were sad so she decided she would be too.

Life went on. By the time Felicity had entered Hogwarts, she'd almost forgotten about the man with the red eyes that scared her so.

Felicity spent her years at Hogwarts studying. She never stopped studying. She passed all of her O.W.L. and N.E.W.T. examinations with flying colors. She went on to become an Auror; she even worked alongside her idol, Harry Potter. She was driven, determined to prove herself. Felicity wanted to make a name for herself in the world. Her life was perfect, in her opinion. She was on the road to success and no one could stop her.

But she was a fool to think her good fortune would last forever. Felicity soon felt the eyes from that night outside the Shrieking Shack haunting her every move. They were constantly in the back of her mind, making her feel emotions she had forgotten long ago. Felicity knew something was wrong with her. She was scared. She feared the red-eyed man would come back soon. She was right.

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