Mezuki and Kasumi entered a short hallway. At the ending of the hallway was a rusted metal door. There was a sign that informed anyone who would enter the room. The sign read, Head Nurse Iza Kidasoro. Kasumi knocked three times before opening the door.

The inside of the room, as it always has, was the only appealing section of the hospital. The walls were bright white that seem to glitter wherever sunlight hit it. There was a large bookshelf to the right hand wall that had hundreds of books that contained various methods to curing all sorts of illnesses and injuries. The floor was completely covered by a tan colored rug that had not one spec of dirt or dust on it, thought it was rarely every cleaned. There was a similar couch in the center of the room like in the main lobby of the hospital except that this couch was a tan colored sofa to match the rug.

In the far end of the room was a large mahogany desk that bared several books and papers; most likely of some importance. Behind that desk was another bookshelf loaded with books and scrolls.

Sitting had the desk was, no matter what eye someone held at first glance, a fragile old woman who looked like she was going to just fall over and die at any moment. Mezuki knew otherwise. In fact, this old woman was the most skilled medical expert he has ever seen. Possibly even a skilled combatant due to the fact that she originated from the hidden mist.

Kasumi bowed her head. "Good evening lady Iza. I have Mezuki here on his request." She tried to get Mezuki to bow his head also by given him eye signs, but failed in the attempt.

Iza looked up at Mezuki, waiting for him to bow his head. After a minute, she gave up on waiting and began speaking. "Ah…Mezuki is it. I thank you for bringing this hospital a great set of legs. The patient has been waiting a month now for it. Only time will tell for us to see if the patient's body will accept its new limb."

Mezuki smiled at his success of the task given to him a month ago. He was more eager to do the missions that the hospital gives him than the ones Orochimaru assigns to him. The reason why is because the missions Orochimaru, his adopted father, gives him can sometimes become too violent without a just cause to it in the end. The tasks that the hospital needs done are all to help the ones in dire need that becomes injured in the forest that surrounded the building.

"You're welcome lady Iza. Is there anything the hospital needs for the next time I come?" Mezuki asked; ready to get anything the hospital needs from Otogakure. His home village is one of the main sources of supplies that Mezuki uses to give Iza what she needs, or to stock up one specific material.

Iza Kidasoro thought hard about it, and finally came to the conclusion. "Actually, at the moment, we are not short of anything. But if you want, you can come with painkillers and needles. Also, random supplies are good also."

'Painkillers, needles, and other random supplies…got it'. He took a mental note, and nodded his head in acceptance of his new mission. "I understand the request." He looked over at Kasumi who still had her head bowed. "I am leaving soon. I will see you in a month lady Iza." Mezuki turned and walked away, still not bowing his head. Kasumi stood up straight and followed her friend.

"I told you a million times to always bow your head to lady Iza. It is a sign of respect!" Kasumi scolded. "Now she probably feels disrespected by you"

Mezuki looked at his friend and smiled. "Why do I need to bow in order to show respect? Is it a rule or something? I don't think so."

"You're so difficult sometimes Mezuki…" Kasumi began.

In front of them was a person that Mezuki quickly recognized. The person stood leaning against the wall, as if waiting for someone to pass by.

Mezuki tried walking by without saying a word, but he knew that the person would begin talking first.

And then, the person spoke. "Hey Kasumi, I guess the rumors were true, the punk actually returned."

His name was Domaru Utakada. Like most of the underage members of the hospital, Domaru was as orphan. His family came from the land of iron. His father committed a crime against the leaders of the land of iron. As a result, the leader sent out a bounty on all members of the Utakada family. In an act to try to save the family, Domaru's father tried to flee with Domaru, Domaru's mother, and his little sister.

When Domaru's family was at the border, they were ambushed by the samurai. Domaru's father was a high ranked samurai, but even that was not enough to stop the wave of samurai that chased them. His mother and father died, but Domaru and his little sister got away by the distraction their father had given the soldiers.

Domaru was homeless for seven months with his little sister. On a mountain trail in the land of lightning, a band of thieves ambushed the two children. Once again, Domaru made an escape by accidently slipping down the side of the mountain when the sidings collapsed, leaving his little sister with the thieves and losing the little they owned. When Domaru woke up from the fall, he was in a wagon driven by Iza Kidasoro. Since then, Domaru has been with Iza and has been a student of hers. This was three years ago.

Mezuki, on the other hand, had disliked Domaru since the first day he met him a year and a half ago. He did not know why, he just did. The same thing goes for Domaru. The two just never got along.

Kasumi saw a change in Mezuki's face expression; of which was a more tense position than when he saw Darui outside of the building.

"Hello Domaru how are you? Why are you just standing there as if there is nothing else to do in the hospital?" Kasumi knows the true reason why, but didn't want to mention it in front of Mezuki so the situation would not get any more awkward.

Domaru smirked, "I'm doing okay; just standing over here because I heard that you were up on the second floor. I wanted to say good morning to you before I get back on my shift. If you need anything, just ask. I am and will always be here for you no matter what."

Mezuki tensed even more. Domaru knew that this will get to him.

Kasumi smiled at the sweet comment but at the same time worried about what might happen if she does not separate the two. "Well thanks Domaru for that." She thought for a moment, and then found a proper excuse for leaving the conversation. "I'll talk to you later because I need to help the children with their studies. Bye Domaru." She placed her palm on Mezuki's back to push him forward. Mezuki did what she wanted. They walked down the stairs.

Mezuki turned back to look at his enemy. When he finished turning his head, Domaru was smirking at him as if he just defeated Mezuki. Mezuki tried to ignore this at just looked away.

When the two were out of sight from Domaru, Kasumi had let go of Mezuki's face and tried to continue calm him down. "Mezuki, why do you always need to act like that when you and Domaru are near each other? He did nothing wrong to you in the hall way."

Mezuki just shrugged and replied, "Whatever, I don't even want to talk about."

Kasumi decided to leave it alone for the moment. Mezuki was leaving in the morning and she did not want the siuation to be prolonged.

They were once again in the lobby. A nurse came in with an injured person The patient was young, either a late teen or a young adult. He had a long gash on his leg a it appeared he had lost alot of blood due to his pale skin.

"Excuse me." The nurse said has she hurriedly ran by the two with the injured on her shoulder.

Mezuki looked at the injured, "Wow, i wonder how that happened. People shouldn't be walking in the forest of this country without knowing how to defend themselves."

"I know, and konohagakure doesn't do much to help out the people in the forests. It is up to us to go searching out for them." Kasumi agreed, too looking at the injury on the man's leg.

They walked outside. The hospital looked crappier now with the sunlight shining on it. More rust and mold showed. Children were playing outside and recovering patients sat on the benches either watching the children play, talking with eachother, or sleeping. This was the common mood of the hospital. Crazy on the inside, calm on the outside. Mezuki never actually played at the hospital; most likely because whenever he came, he had to leave with little time to spare. That time is spend on eating, resting, and gathering the next lists of stok the building needs to manage.

A child came running to Kasumi with tears in his eyes.

"What's wrong Proyito?" She asked in the most soothing voice she could have made. Proyito pulled his right sleeve to reveal a splinter that he had got from playing in the forest. Kasumi, with one glance at the penetration knew exactly what to do. "Okay Proyito, im going to need you to be very still. Can you do that for me?

Proyito shooked his teary head up and down, "Yes Miss Kasumi. Please save me, i don't want to die."

Mezuki smiled at this comment. It reminded him of his first 'Major' wound.

Time Rewind-Mezuki Age Six

Location- Unnamed Mountain in Land of Rice Paddies

"Mezuki, gather the remaining tags at the peak of the mountain!" A voice commanded. It was Kyaputen. Mezuki, currently occupied with his two opponents, looked up at the mountain and located the eight explosive tags. If they were to detonate, it will create a landslide big enough to destroy the whole camp. Mezuki thought about the best strategy to get to peak of thee mountain without having to kill his much older opponents.

He quickly ducked to the incoming kunai. A fire ball came charging at Mezuki from a third coming from behind. The shinobi spoke with a degrading voice. "So Otogakure is so weak they send children to defend a camp"

Mezuki was now surrounded by three jounin level shinobi from Kirigakure. He didn't know what to do without killing them.

"Doton: Earth Shackles!" One of the shinobi, which had one eye covered by wrapping, casted the technique. At first it appeared that nothing happened, until he felt huge pressure on his legs. He looked at his feet and saw that they were completely covered in rock. Mezuki was immobilized. The three shinobi began to run towards the kid with kunais in their hands. Mezuki frozed at his imminent death.

Mezuki blinked. Once he did that, the three shinobi that was running towards him was lying on the ground dead.What? Did i... But i didn't mean... Blood covered the ground surrounding the dead bodies.

"Is that what Lord Orochimaru has been teaching you?" It was Kimimaro Kaguya, one of Mezuki's rivals and friends. With a quick swing of a bone blade, the sediment that wrapped Mezuki was shattered.

Mezuki smiled, "thank you Kimimaro, but i am still going to beat you one day"

Kimimaro smiled as well, "Go finish your assignment. quickly before its too late." Mezuki nodded his head as he ran up the mountain. He looked back and saw that Kimimaro going against seven other shinobi.

Kimimaro was the only sound ninja that Mezuki believed too have enough talent to be considered his rival, and was dedicated in surpassing.

Mezuki made it to the top of the mountain and saw the tags that Kyaputen ordered him to disable. He reached for them, but was stopped by a kunai that landed in front of his hand. He looked back and saw a shinobi, short blonde hair, darker skin, and had two blades attached to his back.

"Kid, this is no place for you. Leave and I will make sure that you live. I could even take you back to the Kiri and giv you a real home if you want." The man walked closer. "My name is Q, and i will be happy to give you a home."

Mezuki truly thought about going with the man, but then he remembered that if he left, Orochimaru will no longer have any use for Suruya, and then probably kill her or do one of his experiments on her.

"I can't go with you, please leave and let me do what I have to do."

"I am afraid i can not do that. If you do not allow those tags to go off, then i will fail my mission. That means i will have no choice but to kill you so i complete my mission."

Mezuki did not respond, but simply took out a kunai.

Q drew one of his swords. "Sorry kid, but you leave me no choice." In a blink of an eye, Q was above Mezuki prepared to slice Mezuki. Mezuki rolled to his left, dodging then threw the kunai at Q. Q dodged the dull attack and began ninja-like running to Mezuki. He swung, and the boy ducked. Q swung rapidly, but the boy always found a way to dodge Q's sword.

"Not bad..." Q threw his sword to Mezuki. The boy jumped. "Raiton: Lightning Dragon jutsu!" Mezuki's eyes widened at the length of the lightning natured technique.

Mezuki performed hand signs, "Meiton: Kanpekina shīrudo! (Perfect Shield)" Dark Chakra surrounded Mezuki as the dragon clashed on it." As the shield disinigraded, Q was gone from his previous location.

`Where is he?` A large pain exploded on Mezuki's left leg as he dropped. He screamed.

Q's blade pierced Mezuki. He pulled out the sword. "Too late for any regrets." Q raised his blade in an exectuion-like style.

Mezuki tossed a kunai at the sword, knocking it out of Q's hand, giving himself time to get some distance. He jumped a few meters back. As he landed, the pain in his leg grew worse and he kneeled down. `Lord Orochimaru will be upset if I fail the mission. But I cannot kill someone...I just can't.`

Q retrieved his sword and turned to the injured boy. "You stalled your death for long enough kid. Otogakure will crumble." Q performed hand signs and gribbed his blade, causing his sword to gain more reach and to become sharper.

In front of Mezuki stood a familiar figure. He had pale skin and long black hair. It was Orochimaru himself.

Orochimaru completely ignored the enemy shinobi and looked at Mezuki. He seemed upset. "Mezuki, I see that you had perfected that shield of yours. I'm quite disappointed at the fact that you needed assistance twice today." He checked Mezuki's wound. "You are not seriously injured. I will have an escort for you to head back to the village. Go see Suruya and tell her that I said to heal you immediatly for your next mission."

Two sound ninja appeared behind Mezuki. "We are ready for our departure sir." These were the two guards that are escorting Mezuki to Otogakure.

Q began to scream. Orochimaru had instantly, without even Mezuki noticing it, surrounded Q with snakes that each were taking bites of him. Q died soon after.

Back to the present

Mezuki and Kasumi was walking in the forest, watching the children play. Even though they were young also, they were leaders and had no time for fun and games.

"Mezuki, before I forget, a letter came for you last night while you were asleep." Kasumi stated as she picked out a closed small scroll out of her pocket with Mezuki's name on it.

Mezuki normally got mail at the hospital. Whenever he helped someone on one of his missions, he asked if they can give whatever they can at the hospital's location. However, he limited the number of people to tell the hospital's location to for the safety of the building.

However, this mail looked different from the others. Usually, people would mail money, clothing, materials, and things in that nature. Sometimes, Mezuki would get a thank you card. This scroll looked different. Mezuki took it and placed it in his book bag. "I will read it later."

"Nurse Kasumi, is that you?" A woman's voice called out. Mezuki turned to look who it was. She wore no ninja headband, meaning she belonged to no village. She had long blonde hair and had a green gem on her forehead.

"Oh, hey Lady Tsunade." Kaumi turned to Mezuki. "Mezuki, this is the nurse that I told you about. She is amazing."

Tsunade didn't even acknowledge Kasumi's complement. "I am leaving soon. My work here is done."

"Yes Lady Tsunade." Kasumi gave Tsunade a hand shake, "Thank you for helping us last night. Sorry we couldn't pay you."

Tsunade stopped and stared at Mezuki. She felt like she had a connection with this boy, but she doesn't know what that connection was. "That is okay Kasumi. I owed lady Iza money, so I came to pay off my debt by helping her with the surgery."

Mezuki became uncomfortable at this stranger's stare, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Kasumi quickly responded, "Mezuki, don't be so rude."

Tsunade gave a quick laugh of disapproval, "And what village are you from? I know that you don't live here at the hospital, and I saw your fight last night. You are highly trained."

Mezuki gave the usual answer, "I travel from place to place learning all that I can. I do not belong to any village."

Tsunade became upset, "Don't give me that bullshit! No wandering shinobi is that trained. And this aura that I am getting from you, we have met before, but I do not know where. So just tell me the village, or I will have to hurt you, then heal you, then hurt you some more until you tell me what I would like to know."

Kasumi stayed out of the argument.

"Lady, don't do this to yourself please." Mezuki begged, not wanting to fight again in front of kids.

She walked up to Mezuki. "Don't make be hit you with my finger." The doctor threatened.

"What is a finger of an old woman going to do? Mezuki challenged.

Tsunade cocked he middle finger back and placed it in front of the boy's forhead... then released. The force of this lady's finger was so immensed that it sent Mezuki soaring into the forest, crashing through bushes and trees for several yards.

"Mezuki!" Kasumi, who had shown great respect for Tsunade, was now frightened at her power.