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Author's Notes: Kaoru gets a painting as a gift. She falls hopelessly in love with the man in the painting. In order to preserve her sanity, Kaoru decides to find the mysterious man in the painting. The Portrait, Romance/comedy/AU Fanfiction by Gypsy-chan Enjoy!

[Please Note: This story doesn't follow the manga or TV anime. The characters will be OOC for the purpose of this story. Also, the characters in various professional capacities and the events in this story should not be taken literal in anyway. So sit back, relax and let's have some fun. ^_^ Thank you.]


Suddenly, a woman's voice was heard outside the radio station. Kenshin rushed over to the window hoping to see Kaoru. Instead, he gasped and fell to the floor.

Sano stared at the red-headed swirly eyed man on the floor. "Kenshin? Kenshin?"

Then he looked out the window and gasped also. There were over 1,000 young blue-eyed girls all wearing long pony tails, with a blue ribbons. They were chanting, "Kenshin! Kenshin! Kenshin!"


Sano shook Kenshin out of his daze. "Hey buddy, get up! We have to get you out of here!"

Kenshin finally stood up and glanced out the window again. "Oro.... How am I going to get past all those women?"

Sano stared at Kenshin for a moment then grinned wickedly saying, "Take off your shirt, I've got a great idea!"

Kenshin took off his shirt and handed it to Sano. A mischievous grin grew on Sano's face as he looked at Kenshin's bare chest.

"Nice sturdy chest," smirked Sano. "Want to go out for a drink with me later?" (wink, wink)


Sano laughed and whacked Kenshin on the back sending him flying into the wall. "I'm just kidding Kenshin, lighten up."

Kenshin laid against the wall, eyes swirling again.

"Here, take my shirt and put it on," instructed Sano. "You'll find the keys to my car in the pocket. I want you to sneak out the back door and use my car to get out of here."

"What about you," asked Kenshin while putting on Sano's shirt.

"Don't worry about me," answered Sano as he put Kenshin's shirt on. "I know how to handle men hungry women. This is going to be fun. My fantasy has always been to run into a crowd of gorgeous women and have them rip my clothes off. Haven't you ever fantasized about that?"

"No... actually I fantasized about washing laundry by hand with lots and lots of bubbles."

"Kenshin, you really scare me sometimes," said Sano as he buttoned his shirt.

"Never mind that. Just be careful with that designer shirt," warned Kenshin, "it's on loan from one of my clients."

"Relax Kenshin, I know what I'm doing. Now hurry up and get out of here."

"Thanks Sano," smiled Kenshin before exiting through the back door.

Cho had brought up some more CDs to be played. "Hey Sano, what's with all the women outside. You owe them money?"

"Shut up broomhead and just take care of things until I return," replied Sano.

"Don't start with me chickenhead," retorted Cho. "I'm not in the mood today."

Sano ignored Cho and went into the closet to search for a red wig. After finding and securing the red wig on his head, Sano flashed a smile in the mirror and mouthed, "It's show time."

Sano went over to the front door and upon opening it yelled, "Hey ladies, are you ready for the Ken-meister? Come and get me!"

He ran into the crowd of women. They went wild grabbing at his clothes, ripping off pieces to keep as mementos. He smiled with every touch he received saying, "There's plenty of me to go around ladies, heh! heh!"

Suddenly, a limo pulled up. A woman grabbed him into the car.

"Hurry driver, let's get Sir Ken out of here," instructed Megumi. She turned to look at the man whom she had snatched in the car. "You're not Sir Ken," she said while snatching off the red wig.

Sano gazed at the sultry looking woman before him and in a sexy voice said, "I can be whoever you want me to be you foxy thing you."

"Driver, stop the car," demanded Megumi.

Beshimi turned around and said, "Sorry I can't do that. The crowd will seize control of the car."

"So I guess that means we're stuck together," smirked Sano.

Megumi eyed the tall dark handsome man sitting in front of her.

"Hmmm.... he's very handsome. He has that bad boy look. I could go for someone like that. But then again, he does look penniless. It's too bad."

"Where's Kenshin Himura," asked Megumi.

"He's safe," smiled Sano. "But why do you want him when you got me, heh, heh."

"What would I want with someone like you," she sarcastically replied. "It's clear that you have no money and that you're a womanizer. I wouldn't waste my time on the likes of you," she said while folding her arms and turning her head toward the window.

"You think you're so clever, eh fox," smirked Sano. "I can see that you haven't had a taste of a real man in a while. I can fix that for you."

Sano reached over and grabbed Megumi up into his arms. She tried to struggle against him but he overpowered her. Sano pressed his lips into Megumi's lips kissing her passionately.

After breaking the kiss, Megumi slapped him in the face and scowled, "How dare you treat me like a whore! I'm a super model! Driver, stop the car!"

Sano began to feel guilty. "Sorry about that fox."

"Stop calling me that! My name is Megumi Takani."

"Alright, I'm sorry for kissing you Megumi," he replied as the car stopped. Upon getting out of the car he turned to her and said,

"You can hide behind that super model facade all you want. But I know that the real Megumi Takani is hiding deep within herself. She's a lonely woman who hates what she's become on the outside, but has to keep up the charade for the sake of being a super model. I hope one day you'll find a man who will love you for the beautiful woman you truly are deep inside. Take care Megumi," he said as he turned his back and walked away.

The driver started the car and proceeded to drive away. Megumi stared back at Sano. Tears streamed down her face.

"No one has ever said that to me before. How could someone like him know all those things about me?"

"Driver, stop the car," she commanded while drying her tears. "We must go back!"

Sano stopped walking as he heard a car door slam and the heels of a woman running up behind him.

"What's.... your name," panted Megumi.

"Zanza, DJ for Hire. I work at station B-A-D," he stated.

"No, I mean your real name," she asked.

"Sanosuke Sagara."

Megumi scribbled her number on a business card and handed it to Sano. "Call me tomorrow night at this number."

Sano stood with a puzzled look upon his face as he accepted the card from her.

Megumi smiled wickedly as fox ears appeared on her head. "I see you haven't been around a real woman in a while. Maybe I'll show you what it's like to be with one tomorrow night.... rooster head."

She flipped her long black hair over her shoulders and headed toward the waiting limosine. Sano seemed to be mesmerized by her womanly figure and the way her hips seem to sway seductively as she sauntered away. Upon getting into the car, Megumi winked at Sano before rolling the tinted window up. Sano smiled widely as he watched the car drive away. He looked down at her card and saw her number.

"A date with the fox, oh yeah," he grinned while shoving his hands inside his pockets. He whistled a tone all the way back to the radio station.

Kenshin drove back to his trailer. He was totally exhausted and disappointed in not finding Kaoru. He took off Sano's shirt and went into the bathroom. Kenshin smiled as he looked over toward the shower stall. He started thinking about how beautiful and sexy Kaoru looked standing in his shower.

"Oh god, I miss her. If only I could see her one more time."

He went into his bedroom and fell across his bed. Kenshin looked over toward his radio and turned it on. Sano's voice came on the radio. Kenshin smiled listening to his friend's voice.

"Hey you guys, Zanza is back! You're listening to station B-A-D. As we approach the midnight hour, I've got a special song that will put all you lovers into dreamland. And if a certain foxy lady is listening, I'm dedicating this song for you."

Megumi, Kaoru and Kenshin were all listening to Sano's radio station when Selena's song, Dreaming of you started to play.

Late at night when all the world, is sleeping
I stay up and think of you,
and I wish on a star
That somewhere you are,
thinking of me too

'Cause I'm dreaming, of you tonight
'Til tomorrow, I'll be holding you tight
And there's nowhere in the world I'd rather be
Than here in my room dreaming about you and me

Kaoru looked up at Kenshin's portrait as she listened to the song playing. "I hope you don't forget me Kenshin."

Kenshin closed his eyes and if hearing her words answered, "I'll never forget you Kaoru. I promise that I will find you."

Megumi's heart jumped as she listened to Sano's sexy voice on the radio. She smiled at the fact that he dedicated a song just for her. While lying on her bed, she touch her lips and in remembrance of their hot kiss. Megumi smiled wickedly in anticipation of their next meeting.

"I'll show you what's it like to be loved by the real Megumi Takani."

As if hearing her, Sano grinned and answered, "I'll be ready for you my foxy woman."

The next morning, Kenshin woke up and headed for the kitchen to make breakfast. He glanced over and saw Kaoru's clothes still hanging in his kitchen.

"That's right! I washed her clothes the other day. I remembered taking out a piece of paper from the pocket of her blouse."

He looked around for the paper. Kenshin smiled upon seeing it. The little piece of paper was a receipt. It had her address on it. Kenshin jumped into Sano's car and rushed over to Kaoru's apartment. As he entered her apartment building, he looked on the mailbox for her name. After finding the floor she was on, he jumped into the elevator and pushed the button to her floor.

As the elevator door opened, he smelled something awful. The smell became worst as he neared Kaoru's door. He rang the bell but received no answer. He gently turned the knob to her door and to his surprise, it was unlocked. She had forgotten to lock it after picking up her newspaper that was lying against her door. Upon entering her apartment, he was overwhelm by a hideous stench.

"It smells like something died in here," he said while holding his nose. He went over to the couch and found Kaoru sprawled across it. Her face seemed to have a bluish tint to it.

"Oh my god! I'm too late," cried Kenshin. "The poor girl killed herself. No wonder it smells in here."

As he reached down to hold her in his arms, Kaoru eyes flew opened. She grabbed her assumed assailant by the collar and threw him to the floor. While straddled across him she yelled, "How dare you come in here, you... you pervert! Trying to take advantage of a beautiful defenseless girl!" She hollered as she pounded her fists into his face.


Kaoru stopped pounding him when she heard him say Oro. She blinked her eyes upon seeing the mass of fiery red hair lying all over her floor. She suddenly realized that it was Kenshin.

"Oh Kenshin, I'm so glad to see you again," she smiled while hugging him tightly.

Kenshin was grasping for air. He stammered, "It.... It's goo... good to see you too."

Kaoru suddenly released him. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you," she said while helping to sit up.

"I thought that you were...." he stopped short of his sentence and kept staring at her face.

"You thought that I was what?" she asked while cocking her head sideways.

He touched her face and noticed that some blue stuff was on his fingers.

Kaoru looked at his fingers and blushed in embarrassment. "Oh that's blue night cream that I use on my face."

She quickly grabbed some tissues and wiped the night cream off her face. "See, its all gone!"

Kenshin smiled. Then he couldn't help but cover his nose again. "What's that awful smell?"

Kaoru tilted her head back and took in a whiff of the odor that filled the room.

"Oh... that's just breakfast," she cheerfully replied. "You want some?"

Kenshin's eyes widened in surprise at her response. He then chuckled and said, "Why don't I finish making breakfast while you get dressed."

Kaoru looked down and saw that she was still in her lacy night gown. She blushed furiously and said, "Okay."

Kenshin went into the kitchen and opened the window to let fresh air in. He quickly discarded the "breakfast" that Kaoru was trying to make. After getting dressed, she sat down to Kenshin's breakfast.

"So do you like it," he nervously asked.

Kaoru frowned and replied, "I don't like it when men cook better than me, but I can get use to your cooking."

Kenshin smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. "Would you like to go with me to the park today?"

"I would love to," smiled Kaoru. "I better bring my umbrella in case it rains," she said while heading to her bedroom.

"Hmm.... where is my umbrella," she said while rummaging in her bedroom closet. "I wonder if Misao borrowed it."

Kenshin stood inside her bedroom doorway and said, "I see it, it's over by the night stand. I'll get it for you."

As he entered the bedroom and grabbed the umbrella, he turned and noticed his portrait hanging on Kaoru's wall.

Kaoru suddenly remembered the portrait. She flushed as she saw Kenshin looking at his portrait.

"I... I can explain how I got your portrait. It was a gift from my friend Misao. You remember Misao. She was the girl I was with when I fell off the mailbox......"

Kenshin smiled as he listened to her rambling on and on about how she came in possession of his portrait. Actually, he was rather flattered that she had it in her bedroom. Kenshin noticed the lipstick on the picture. He smiled inwardly thinking how cute it was that she had planted several kisses on the face of his picture. He turned his full attention back to her as she continued her story.

"....so anyway to cheer me up Misao bought me a painting. Like I said earlier. She bought it from an artist by the name of...."

"Tsunan Tsukioka," finished Kenshin while smiling fondly at his portrait. "I remember sitting on that very bench reading a book. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom that day. It was my favorite spot to read. Mr. Tsukioka changed my life with that picture. But, I'm a little tired of this life style. All the wandering around from city to city on various modelling tours. I want to live a simpler life but I'm sure Shishou won't let me."

"Whose Shishou?"

"Hiko Seijuro, my director and thirteenth master of Hiten Mitsurugi School of Modeling. He took me in when I had no where else to go," replied Kenshin. "He taught me everything I needed to know in the modeling industry. I'll always be grateful to him but I really want my own life back. The problem is, I don't have a home..."

"You can stay here with me," offered Kaoru. "It's not much, but you can have whatever I have."

"But you don't know much about me," said Kenshin.

"Your business is your own," she replied, "you can stay here, with no questions asked."

Kenshin smiled at her and pulled her into a warm embrace saying, "I noticed some lipstick marks on my portrait. It seems so unfair that my portrait is getting all your kisses and not me."

Kaoru blushed furiously trying to hide her face by lowering her head. Kenshin smiled and lifted her chin toward his tilting it ever so slightly while pressing his lips into hers. As they deepen their kiss, Kaoru sighed inwardly, "Kenshin, I finally have you in my arms."

TWO YEARS LATER, Kaoru was rushing through her new home that Kenshin bought for them.

"Hurry Kenshin, Mr. Tsukioka is waiting," she said while rushing back to the living room. "Sorry Mr. Tsukioka, Kenshin will be down in a minute."

"Don't worry Mrs. Himura, I have plenty of time," Tsunan said while setting up his camera. "I don't have to be by Misao and Aoshi Shinomori's house until later this afternoon."

Kenshin finally entered the room carrying a gurgling baby. Kaoru smiled as Kenshin handed baby Kenji to her. Kenji started cooing at his mother the moment she cradled him into her arms. Kenshin sat down on the couch and wrapped his arm around Kaoru and smiled at his lovely wife and six month old baby boy.

"Is everyone ready now?"

Kenshin and Kaoru nodded.

"When I count to three, I'm going to snap the picture," said Tsunan. "One.... two.... three.... (Flash!)" The picture was taken. Tsunan stood back and viewed the instant film saying, "I think I've got the perfect picture."

A week later, a portrait of a smiling Kenshin, Kaoru and baby Kenji was hanging in their living room. Kenshin and Kaoru was cuddled together in their bed watching cable TV. Baby Kenji was taking a nap.

While switching channels, Kenshin paused as he saw Sano modeling the latest fashions with Megumi on his arm. The crowd of women went wild as Sano took off his shirt revealing his bare chest. He threw his shirt into the audience. The women all clamored for the shirt as Sano danced on the runway.

"Sano looks like he's really enjoying himself," giggled Kaoru.

"Yes, he loves to show off for the ladies," chuckled Kenshin. "I think he finally found his true calling in life."

"Kenshin, do you miss modeling in front of all those women?"

"No, there's only one woman I'll ever model for and that's you my love," he replied as he pulled her into a warm embrace and kissed her tenderly on her forehead.

Kaoru glanced over to Kenshin's portrait hanging on their bedroom wall and cuddled into his chest sighing his name, "Kenshin."


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I had so much fun writing this story. I hope everyone enjoyed reading it too. So as you can see, all the RK couples got together. And in case you wondered what happened to Yahiko well he was transferred into Kaoru's phys. ed class. She made him do 100 sit-ups and push-ups for a week for calling her ugly. Kaoru's revenge was so sweet. Anyhoo, everyone take care. I've got to get busy with my other ficcys. Bye, bye!^_^

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