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Doctor Tenma, with the Doctor and Rose in the backseat and Nina in the passenger seat, began explaining his situation. He was willing to tell it to anyone who would believe him.

"Nine years ago, a boy came into Eisner Memorial Hospital with a gunshot wound to his head. He was in critical condition, his parents were DOA and his twin sister-" He glanced at Nina. "You were called Anna back then. You were found with the boy, but you were in shock, a state of dissociative amnesia.

"I had been told by the hospital director to operate on the Dusseldorf mayor, because he was giving us funding at the next meeting, so we had to make sure he survived. But your brother came in first, and I was the only one with the skills to operate on such a critical area of the brain, so I defied my orders and operated on him. He survived, but I lost my job.

"A few weeks later, in the ICU, both you and your brother disappeared. That same night, the Director and two others above me were murdered."

The Doctor was grinning, acting as though this was simply a movie he was watching. "It was the boy, right?"

Tenma nodded. "About a month ago, your brother came to me and told me that he had killed them as a way to say thanks for saving his life."

You are like a father to me.

The ice-cold voice of a sociopath. Almost mocking.

"I ended up framed for the deaths because the hospital ended up promoting me to the Director's position, so now I've got to find your brother, and prove my innocence."

Tenma slowed the car. They were nearing the Fortner residence. "Where are the police cars? Mr. Maurer was going to call the police."
"Maybe they already went to the station with Johann?" The Doctor supplied. Tenma shook his head and put the car in park.

Nina got out of the car and walked up the steps she had walked millions of times. She was scared, so very scared, but she was also determined to face whatever might be there behind that door.

A doorknob turning.
A bleeding arm, a pink dress.

"I'm back."

"Welcome home."

She stopped halfway to the door and grabbed her temples, rubbing her head to get rid of the pain. Where had those memories come from?

Tenma saw her distress and grabbed her shoulders. "Nina. You might not want to see whatever happened to them." Nina nodded but opened the door anyway, walking into the living room. She screamed, covering her mouth. The others ran through the door, looking at the scene.

Oh god. The Doctor furrowed his brow, horrified. He ran back and grabbed Rose before she could turn the corner and see...that. "You don't... you don't want to see this. Trust me." He whispered to her. He paused, running a hand over his face, thinking of how to describe this. He tapped his temple. "There's nothing there, no leftover emotions hanging in the air, no feel of anger or lust or revenge in those killings. There's just... death."

Nina and Tenma just stood there, processing the horror before them.

Three bodies lay on the blood-soaked carpet. Her mother, her father... they were gone. And for what reason? Some man she had never heard of? The 21st birthday cake her mother had baked for her was smashed on the floor, along with a picture frame of her and her parents.

Suddenly, something pulled itself to the surface, a memory. Her hands felt heavy, holding something that was not designed for someone her age. Back when she was eight. Her pointer finger twitched. Bright light and sound. A horrible feeling, like her wrists were being broken: recoil. Fear, hatred... hatred for a single person.

"My brother." She whispered, it was not heard.

Tenma fell to the ground, crawling over to where her parents lay, their faces still wearing the shocked faces they must have had when-that man- attacked them.

Tenma checked for any signs of life: pulse, pupils, breathing. There was none. Mr. Maur was the same.

"Mr. Maurer! You don't have to give up! Please, you need to live!" Tenma began pushing on Maurer's chest, performing CPR. "You don't have to quit smoking. Just... please..." Tenma looked over the dead reporter who had finally believed in him and his tale. The monster had killed him, had killed and had felt nothing. "We need to go to the police, and tell the there was a shooting-"

"Shot...I shot my brother!" This time Nina's voice was louder,a shout. Rose rushed over to comfort her, but Nina collapsed to the floor, in a state of shock.

Tenma caught her, carefully walking her to the door. "And I brought him back to life." He turned to the Doctor and Rose. "We need to leav-" The door opened by itself.

"Police! We got a call." Two men stood outside the door, holding their badges. The names on the badges identified them as Detectives Mesner and Muller.

The Doctor stepped forward, taking control of the situation. "Hi, I'm the Doctor. Now, can you just tell me, cos I'm a bit new here, but- how exactly did you get the call when the phone's been cut?" He motioned to the phone that was sitting on the floor, smashed to pieces. He looked the men in the eyes. "And, I must add, considering this was a murder, you didn't have your lights on, did you?" He looked the policemen up and down. "Oh, and the blood on your trench-coat is a dead giveaway. You might want to get that washed out."

The two policemen looked at each other.

"They're already in the house."

"Right, we'd just blame it on the same man who killed the reporter."

The Doctor did not like where this was going at all. "Now, wait. You don't want to do anything irrational." He reached in his pocket for his psychic paper. "You see, I'm Detective John Smith, and I'm looking for... what was his name? Johann. I've been hired by him too, you see." He was talking nonsense, buying time while he tried to think of a way out of this situation.

The two men both pulled their guns out of the holsters, pointing them at the Doctor. "Ooh, guns again. And one for each heart, that's a strange coincidence, now isn't it?" He held up his hands, backing away. "Now, you don't want to do that. Because we know that Johann said Anna had to be kept alive." The Doctor glanced at Rose and ducked his head quickly, signaling her. With the Doctor holding the full attention of the policemen, Rose walked up to Tenma and placed her arm around his shoulder, bowing her head and going limp like Nina. "...Now, if Johann gave you orders to keep Anna alive, then I've got to ask- can you tell which one is which?" With that, he stepped away, showing a confused Tenma with his arms around two girls who, really, in the darkness of the house, could both be Anna. Then, three things happened at once:

The police man reached for the switch to turn the light on, determined to see which one was the one who was not going to be shot.
The Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver and pointed it at the chandelier in the living room, causing it to burst.
The two policemen ducked for cover and the Doctor grabbed Nina, letting Tenma run forward and shoulder past the two policemen, pushing them against the wall. Rose, the Doctor, and Nina ran out of the house, Tenma and the police following close behind.

"The car!" Tenma shouted. The Doctor and Rose helped the still shocked Nina into the back seat, then Tenma turned on the ignition and stepped on the gas.

"Uh...Br—brother." Nina began shaking, whimpering.

"Shh... It's okay, mate." Rose rubbed Nina's shoulder. "It's okay."

Sirens and flashing lights flared up in front of them. Tenma glanced in the rear-view mirror- the corrupt cops were still on their tail, and now there was a roadblock on the bridge up ahead."We're done for." He stopped, and the police man knocked on the window. The corrupt cops were closing in on them. Tenma rolled down the window. "Can I help you, sir?"

"We're just searching for a suspect in a case. We've got a roadblock set up to make sure he doesn't leave town. Wait-" He leaned further into the car, looking at Tenma's face. "Aren't you-"

"-We have a Code Blonde, officer. Those men behind us are our escorts. These two women are being held in our custody until we can get to the German branch." The Doctor was speaking a mile-a-minute, looking out of the corner of his eye at the ever-advancing police men. "I'm with UNIT, sir. Here's my identification." He passed over his psychic paper to the officer-

"Stop them!" Mr. Mesner called out of his window. "They're the suspects!"

The police man handed the Doctor back his psychic paper. "Go." The Doctor whispered to Tenma.

Tenma floored it, racing past the officer and... approaching the roadblock, a group of police cars lining the bridge. He slammed his foot on the brake and the car fishtailed, flipping over the guardrail and plunging into the dark river below.