Dear Hannah,

I doubt Mom tells you a thing about me, but Faith promised that she does, so you probably know that I'm Holland, your big sister, I'm an artist, and I am also a lesbian. That last one is the reason I left home before I was even out of high school. Mom couldn't accept that I am attracted to women. She couldn't accept that this is just who I am. She couldn't accept that Cece (my partner since high school) and I love each other. But I'm hoping that Faith is teaching you better.

Hannah, are you all right?

Is Mom treating you and Faith well? Does she ever mention me? Does she regret abandoning her daughter?

I don't know if Mom ever told you this, but she hates me just for having been born. Sometimes I think that she wishes she'd had an abortion. Mind you, I love Mom. I always will, I guess. But… God, I just can't forgive her for how she treated me all those years, how she treated Cece, how she treated Faith…

You're 13 now, Hannie. You're old enough to stand up to her. So here's a tip.

Don't take her bullshit.

If you take it like I did, she'll control your life. I took it for eighteen years, so when I finally did stand up to her, she exploded. It's not too late for you, Hannie. You can still beat her.

I love you so much. I hope to see you soon.

Your sister,


PS- Tell Faith that I love her, forgive her, and miss her.

PPS- If you see a girl named Leah Smith, tell her I miss her, too.

PPPS- And tell Kirsten that she can kiss my ass.