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Summary: How do you solve a problem like Harry Potter? That is the only thought occupying Cornelius Fudge's mind these days. The brat needs to be silenced and brought to heel, and Cornelius Fudge is just the man to do it. HP/SS/LM

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Fudge's Fudge

01 Fudge's Fudge

It is rather ironic that in the end the prophecy that Albus Dumbledore had been given had nothing to do with the resolution of the war between Light and Dark. It all came down to the bumbling of one disgruntled little man known as Cornelius Fudge.

Fudge rather liked being Minister of Magic. His will was absolute and he was free to do pretty much whatever he wanted. It didn't exactly hurt that anyone wanting something had to go through him to get it, and the more gold they were willing to fork over the more willing Fudge was to listen.

Yes, life was grand if you were Cornelius Fudge.

Until that fateful day in 1995 during the year the Triwizard Tournament took place at Hogwarts. The day when Harry blasted Potter claimed that You Know Who was back.

Being the consummated politician that he was, Fudge immediately thought to seek for the solution that would make him look least bad in the eye of the people. And proclaiming that He Who Must Not Be Named was back would not make him look good to the people. So Fudge did what every good Politian does in this type of situations, he denied everything. Even going so far as to discredit the brat in hopes that whatever statement the boy did would be met with scorn and ridicule by the public, which should, hopefully, shut him up nicely since no one would willingly face that kind of scorn.

Unfortunately for Fudge, Harry Potter was made of sterner stuff than he had predicted, and the boy simply refused to cease his outlandish claim, insisting that he was telling the truth to anyone willing to listen.

Starting to fear for his political career, Fudge gave his most trusted lackey free hands to deal with the brat, knowing from experience that dear Dolores could change the mind of the most stubborn of people.

But for once not even Dolores could come through for her Minister, and Fudge was forced to look for solutions to his thorn elsewhere.

For weeks Cornelius buried himself in boring old tomes, studying diligently in a way he hadn't since his N.E.W.T.s year. And in the end his sacrifice paid off handsomely. He found the solution to how to make the boy shut his big mouth.

Cornelius Fudge was going to forcefully bond the brat to his soul mate!

Fudge didn't like to admit it, but Harry Potter was strong enough to have a soul mate, something that only the strongest of wizards and witches had. Something about balancing their powers and helping to ground them or some such nonsense. And if the brat didn't have a soul mate, then Cornelius was free to find someone suitable to bond the boy to and his problems would still be solved. One nice little threat to the brat's soul mate/spouse and things would finally go back to normal again.

Finding the item he needed was easy. All it took was a stroll down to the Department of Mysteries one night when he knew the place to be all but deserted. One of the perks of being Minister of Magic.

Feeling confident and sure of himself, Fudge ventured to Hogwarts one sunny Saturday morning, knowing that Dolores would ensure that Potter would be present and not off somewhere sulking in corners and thinking up new strategies to turn the wizarding world on its ear.

Humming a jaunty tune, even though it galled him that he had to walk from Hogsmead – honestly, he was the Minister of Magic, he should be allowed to Apparate wherever he wanted and not being forced to walk like some common wizard – Cornelius entered the Great Hall, ignoring the greeting coming from Dumbledore and zoomed in on his victim.

Walking over to Potter, Fudge plastered on a big smile and said jovially, masterfully, or so he thought, hiding his revulsion as he shook the Boy Who Lived's hand. "Harry Potter, the Ministry wishes to congratulate you for all the things you have done for the magical world. As a token of my appreciation, I am presenting you with this gift," Cornelius said, slapping the bracelet onto the brat's wrist, all but shouting the words that would activate the spell embedded in the bracelet, making sure to let go of the boy's hand before doing so to ensure that he wasn't ensnared by the magic.

"Cornelius Fudge, what have you done?" Dumbledore shouted, advancing on the Minister like some avenging angel. Fudge stood his ground, secure in the knowledge that the old coot was too late to do anything to stop him.

"Just what I told the bra- erm, the boy. I am awarding him for all the grand deeds he has done for the wizarding world," Cornelius replied, a benevolent smile firmly plastered on his face. It would not do to appear too smug. Not yet.

"Something is wrong with Harry!" a redheaded brat shouted, and Cornelius dimly recognised him as the best friend of the Boy Who Lived. A Weasley if he wasn't mistaken.

"Nonsense, the magic just needs some time to work, that is all," Cornelius replied, keeping firm hold of his benevolent smile. It really wouldn't do to appear too smug this early in the game.

"What magic? What does that spell do? I don't recognise it," a bushy-haired female said, giving Fudge a reproachful look, causing the Minister to almost fidget. How dare that child question his actions?

"It is an ancient spell, designed to find a person's soul mate. It was more or less outlawed some eight hundred years ago," Dumbledore said, looking and sounding rather grim.

Cornelius huffed in annoyance but held his tongue. The magic should be finished soon, and then he would know who to threaten to keep the Boy Who Lived in line.

"Why was it outlawed? What does the spell do?" the nosy girl asked, chewing on her lip in worry.

"The spell searches through the magical population, looking for the perfect match to the one wearing an especially spelled bracelet," Dumbledore said, giving Fudge a dark look. Cornelius pointedly ignored him, watching the Brat Who Insisted On Living intently, waiting for some sign that the magic had run its course.

"That doesn't sound too bad," the girl said, looking between the Headmaster and Potter.

"The drawback is that the spell doesn't distinguish between species. It looks only to magic. The spell was outlawed when the daughter to one of our most prominent families had that spell cast upon her and she ended up tied to the leader of a Centaur clan. Understandably, no one was happy with that union."

Cornelius perked up as he heard that. None of the books he had consulted had mentioned that. Well, this was getting better and better. If Potter was tied to some half-breed, then his standing in the magical world would lessen without Fudge having to do anything at all. Oh, this was turning out to be even more magnificent than he'd even dared to dream of!

"Something's happening!" someone suddenly shouted and Cornelius leaned forward eagerly. Yes! The boy was beginning to glow, a clear indication that the spell was reaching its completion.

Fudge stepped closer, all but holding his breath in his eagerness, completely ignoring the angry mutterings among the staff and students. Apparently not everyone was happy with how the Minister opted to deal with Harry Potter.

Then someone screamed and Fudge frowned as Potter stopped emitting a steady golden light, and began to flash between gold, blue, and red instead.

"What is going on? Why is the boy flashing red and blue? He is supposed to be golden, proving that he has a soul mate that is on their way!" Cornelius demanded petulantly of Dumbledore, seeking the aid of the aged wizard much like the way young children go to their parents when things don't go their way.

Dumbledore sighed and resisted the urge to pinch the bridge of his nose. "I do not know, Cornelius. I told you, there is a reason as to why this particular spell was abandoned. Who bespelled the bracelet? Perhaps they made a mistake when placing the spell on it?"

"How should I know? I merely picked it up from the Unspeakables. I have no idea who originally cast the spell on the bracelet. All I know is that it is old and that it has been in the Department of Mysteries for ages," Cornelius said with a careless shrug.

"You took a bracelet from the Department of Mysteries? So you don't even know for sure what spells are on the thing? Cornelius, how could you!" Dumbledore thundered, rising Cornelius' own anger.

"Now hold on, Albus! I was only doing what was needed to protect the wizarding world. Harry Potter was getting out of hand, and someone needed to do something about him. You refused to do so, leaving that unpleasant business to me.

"I did my research. I know what the spell is supposed to do, although I must admit that I didn't know about the Centaur. But that is beside the point. The point is that the boy needs someone who can ground him and who will stop the boy from spreading this nonsense that He Who Must Not Be Named is back," Cornelius said, puffing his chest out in an attempt to look bigger and more important.

"Cornelius...!" Dumbledore groaned, but whatever else he was about to say was lost when the doors to the Great Hall was banged open and two cloaked figures came storming inside.

"Who goes there and what do you seek?" Dumbledore called, moving forward to meet this new, possible threat.

"Albus Dumbledore, what nonsense have you done now?" an irate voice hissed, sounding ready to murder the Headmaster.

"I can assure you, good sir, that this is not my doing," Albus said, looking highly affronted. "Blame him!" he added, pointing an accusing finger at Fudge.

Cornelius pulled himself up as tall as he could and began to bluster. Before he could actually say anything the doors leading to the dungeons were slammed open and a furious looking Severus Snape came stalking into the room, glowing an interesting blue.

"What imbecile is responsible for this?" the Potions master hissed dangerously.

"I'm so sorry, my boy, but it would seem that our Minister has caught you with his idiot spell," Dumbledore said with a tired sigh.

"What spell would that be?" one of the cloaked figures asked, and there was a decidedly reptilian quality to his voice.

"I was merely doing what was needed to keep the wizarding world safe," Cornelius said importantly, not about to allow these cretins to walk all over him.

"And what, exactly, did you do to ensure the wizarding world's safety?" Snape asked, looking like he wanted to eviscerate the Minister and use him for potions ingredients.

Fudge pulled himself up even higher. "Now look here, Snape, you have no right questioning my methods to keep a dangerous brat in line," he said, attempting to sound important and falling rather short of the mark.

"I have every right to questioning you, you pitiful baboon! Especially when you involve me with whatever plans your pathetic mind is capable of dreaming up!" Snape hissed, looking, if possible, even more pissed off.

"This is leading us nowhere. Cornelius, I demand that you tell us what spell you used," Dumbledore said, for once not bothering to even attempt to keep things from the student population.

"You cannot demand things from me. I am the Minister of Magic," Cornelius said pompously.

"And I am Head Mugwump and Chief Warlock," Dumbledore retorted dryly. "I think you will find that I outrank you at this point in time. Especially since you have harmed one of my students, not to mention a member of my faculty, by using a spell that was outlawed centuries ago. I think that you will find, Cornelius, that this is a mess that you will not be able to talk your way out of. Or bribe," Dumbledore added thoughtfully.

"Harmed? Harmed? Albus, how dare you! I have merely attempted to give the boy the grounding he so clearly needs. It isn't my fault that the boy somehow foiled that plan," Fudge added petulantly.

"Cornelius, the spell!" Dumbledore ordered, and Cornelius sighed, giving up the battle, but only for now. Besides, maybe Albus could fix whatever had gone wrong with the spell. Perkin up slightly, Cornelius became a bit more willing to disclose what spell he had used.

"It was the Soul and Magic Binding Spell, Albus. The one in old Celtic that was recorded down by Barabbas Mauha."

Four men simultaneously groaned in fury and despair.

"What?" Cornelius complained, cringing back slightly at the venomous looks sent his way.

"I always knew that you were a fool, but I never dreamed that you were capable of this level of stupidity," Snape said, but he was interrupted before he could let his vitriol tongue completely lose.

"I have to agree with Severus. This is an entire new level of stupidity on your part, Cornelius, and I am going to see you kicked out of the Ministry for this. Preferably out of the country!" one of the cloaked figures hissed in such fury that Cornelius took several steps back.

But then he remembered that he actually owned a backbone and faced the figure to respond to the uncalled for attack, but before he could, Potter stirred with a groan.

"What happened? And did anyone get the name of the one flying that broomstick?"

"How are you feeling, Harry?" Dumbledore asked, giving the youth a concerned look.

"Like shit! What the hell happened? Great, what did the idiot do?" Potter asked when he noticed that he was glowing in a rather spectacular way.

"I fear that Cornelius attempted to tie you together with your soul mate, only..."

"Only the idiot messed up," Potter groused, giving the Minister a truly venomous look. One he could only have learned from Severus Snape.

"Now see here," Cornelius said, highly affronted at the way everyone was calling him an idiot all of a sudden. He was the Minister of Magic and as such he demanded some respect!

"The spell Cornelius attempted to cast was an abbreviation of the original soul mate spell. The original searched for a match between souls, this one also searches for a match between mind and magic. Harry has been bonded to not one but three living beings. I suppose it is fortunate that one of them is human. The last time this spell was cast, the youth in question was bonded with a Mermaid, a Vampire, and a Werewolf. It was not a happy match," Dumbledore said with a heavy sigh. "The poor boy ended up killing himself."

A shudder went through the Great Hall, and everyone turned to eye the two figures still hidden under black cloaks.

"Great!" Harry groaned, "just great. And just my luck! Honestly, can my life get any worse?" The teen sighed heavily and looked towards the ceiling as if he expected some higher being to give him an answer.

"So... I take it that this... thing can't be broken?" Harry eventually asked, still staring intently at the ceiling.

"I fear not, my boy. The binding goes too deep. Attempts to unravel the bond have caused irreparable damage to the mind of those involved," Dumbledore said, his voice heavy with regret.

Harry turned burning eyes on the aged Headmaster and magic began to crackle in the air. "So, I'm tied to Snape for the rest of my life. Wonderful. At least I don't feel a... romantic pull towards him. I'm guessing that the two of us are the mind part of the bond. Although how anyone can even think that we are matched in that department are beyond me," Harry muttered earning himself a snort from the Potions master.

"For the first time ever, I actually agree with you, Potter," Snape said sourly, looking highly displeased with his admission.

Harry snorted but did not comment. Instead he turned towards the two strangers and regarded them sombrely. "So... Which one of you is supposed to be my soul mate?" he asked with a defeated sigh.

The two figures shared a glance, and then the one to the left pulled down his hood, revealing a very disgruntled Lucius Malfoy. "I am," he ground out, sounding just as happy as Snape as he forced the words out.

"What? No bloody way!" a shout came from the Slytherin table, startling Harry into a laugh. "I guess I'm not the only one who's not happy about this revelation," Harry said, turning to look at a livid Draco.

Lucius merely sighed, not even bothering to admonish his son for his outburst. How could he, when he had thrown a similar tantrum himself once he had realised what was happening?

"Lovely, this is just... lovely," Harry said dryly, looking the blond up and down. "Well, I suppose it could be worse," he eventually said, running an agitated hand through his hair.

"How can you sat that?" Ron shouted, turning a lovely shade of red. "It's Snape and Malfoy! How can you stand there and be so... so bloody calm?"

"Would it make you feel better if I threw a tantrum?" Harry asked sardonically. "Besides, it isn't as if any of them are Voldemort. I actually expected him to be under that cloak," Harry added, pointing at Malfoy.

"I fear you spoke too soon, Potter," Voldemort said with a smirk, lowering the hood of his cloak.

The silence filling the Great Hall could be cut by a knife. Then someone screamed and pandemonium filled the room as the children and many of the teachers began to panic.

Harry just planted his face in his hands and fought the urge to laugh. He had a feeling that once he begun he would be unable to stop, and he simply did not have time to be hysterical at the moment. He would wait to break down until he was someplace private. Someplace private and with plenty of time, because Harry had a feeling it would be some time before he managed to pull himself together after this blow.

Deep in thought, Harry didn't even flinch when Dumbledore's wand emitted a mighty bang as the Headmaster ordered everyone to sit, calm down, and shut up. The aged wizard then turned towards his unexpected guests and then the shouting began.

Harry couldn't believe that he would have to be the voice of reason when he was surrounded by some of the most powerful wizards of the wizarding world. He was a fifteen year old kid for Merlin's sake! Why did it always befall him to fix other people's messes?

Unable to take any more of the disgusting debacle taking place before him, Harry took a deep breath and shouted at the top of his lungs, "Oh, do be quiet!" Earning himself a startled silence. Apparently no one had figured that he would dare to raise his voice to present company.

"You are all behaving like squabbling children," Harry said with a scowl, wanting nothing more than to crawl into bed and never wake up again. Or rather, wake up to find that this was all some very weird dream that he never wanted to experience in real life.

"For once, Voldemort is blameless for this mess. If you are to blame someone, blame that bloody fool Fudge," Harry snapped, giving the Minister in question a dark glower.

"Now see here," Fudge blustered but he was easily cowed when Dumbledore, Snape, Malfoy, and Voldemort all bent their disapproving stare at him.

"No, you see here!" Harry snarled, stalking menacingly towards the blubbering, bumbling, idiot of a fool who had insisted on making Harry's life a living hell ever since the night of Voldemort's return. "Just because you are a weak-minded dunderhead who can't see past the end of his nose, you have meddled with things better left alone.

"What the hell were you trying to do anyway? Did you honestly think that you could make me shut up by threatening my soul mate? Hah! You did, didn't you?" Harry crooned in delight at the way Fudge squirmed, not to mention that the rosy blush along the man's non-existing cheekbones were a dead give away. "Well to bad for you that your plan didn't work. Good luck intimidating Lucius Malfoy," Harry managed to say before bursting into laughter, all but crawling on the floor in his hilarity.

Incensed, Fudge began to bluster and stutter, going on about his innocence and how it was all Harry's fault that his plan hadn't worked, since it wasn't Cornelius' fault that Harry was contrary and refused to follow the plan.

Those words ended Harry laughter swifter than a cold bucket of water could. "Are you saying that this is my fault?" Harry asked in a low, dangerous voice, unaware that his green eyes were flashing with power and emotions.

For once Fudge's fine honed self-preservation failed him as he glared angrily at the Boy Who Lived To Be Contrary and snapped, "Of course it is! You messed the spell up somehow, you must have, how else would we be in this mess? And who is expected to clean this disaster up? I am, and let me tell you young man, I-"

"Shut the bloody hell up!" Harry roared, effectively silencing Fudge, and everyone else in the room as well. "This is my fault? My fault? How. Dare. You!" Harry hissed, so furious he had difficulty getting the words out. "You are the one using an outlawed artefact, bespelled by a forbidden spell you know nothing about I might add, and when things doesn't go your way you immediately blame everyone but yourself."

Harry gave Fudge a look of pure contempt, then he sneered. "This is so typical of you, Fudge, isn't it? You hide behind your title of Minister of Magic, expecting everyone to fall over backwards to do your biddings. You have sold yourself to the highest bidder, willing to follow any lead string as long as your pockets are lined heavily with gold. But this time you have gone too far and I will see that you pay for what you did."

"Now see here," Cornelius snapped, standing up straight while glaring down at Harry. "I am the Minister of Magic and my word is law. There is nothing you can do to me, little boy. Besides, what I did was for the greater good of the wizarding world. You have sown unsettlement by your outlandish claims, it was clear to me what my duty towards the people were-"

"What exactly was your duty, Minister?" Snape asked, his voice silkier than usual, yet filled with such disdain it was surprising Fudge wasn't actually cut by the Potions master's words.

"To bring the boy to heel, of course," Cornelius said as if it was obvious what he had done and why.

"Bring the boy to heel," Harry snorted, his fury still running high. "You make me sound as if I was some deranged animal or something. So, Fudge, I've been spreading lies, have I? How was it you put it, been sowing unsettlement among the good wizards and witches?

"If I was lying, then how do you explain him?" Harry asked, pointing an accusing finger towards Lord Voldemort who had remained surprisingly silent so far.

Fudge cast a glance at the Dark Lord before dismissing him as unimportant. "How should I know who your friends are, Potter? Besides, who he is isn't important. What is important is the fact that Lucius Malfoy is your soul mate. Trust me, I can make things very difficult for Lucius; I'm sorry my dear friend, but keeping Harry Potter in line is more important at this time than our longstanding friendship, I hope you can understand that and won't hold what I must do against me," Fudge said, giving Lucius an apologetic smile while trying to figure out what threat would work best against the influential blond.

Harry could only stare incredulous at Fudge before breaking down into a fit of giggles. "You are actually going to threaten Lucius Malfoy? Are you completely stupid or what? Do you honestly think that Malfoy will stand for that? Or that Voldemort will allow you to live if you do that? Everyone knows that Malfoy are Voldemort's right hand man, you honestly believe that a threat to him will be allowed to live?" Harry could only shake his head in disbelief, how had this moron managed to become Minister of Magic anyhow?

"I'm sorry, Ron, but you will have to go through the Auror training on your own. There is no way in hell that I will ever work for the Ministry, I wouldn't want to risk catching whatever he's got. I do not fancy becoming that frighteningly stupid," Harry unexpectedly said, giving his friend an apologetic look while patting his shoulder.

"I understand, mate. In truth, I'm having second thoughts about joining the Ministry as well," Ron replied, giving Fudge the evil eye.

That was too much for Dolores Umbridge who rushed to her beloved Minister's rescue. "How dare you talk to so disrespectfully towards dear Cornelius? He is the Minister of Magic and as such demands your respect."

"Respect? It will be a cold day in hell before I respect that piece of-" Harry said only to be interrupted by an indignant shriek.

"Three months of detentions, Potter! Starting tonight, let's see how three hours of writing lines will change your tone of voice," Dolores said smugly.

Harry smirked. "Seeing as how you have yet managed to change my mind concerning Voldemort's return, I doubt you will manage to change my mind about respecting Cornelius Fudge any time soon.

"That reminds me... Professor Snape, are professors really allowed to torture their students during detentions?" Harry asked, turning towards Snape who was still glowing an intense blue.

"Explain!" Severus barked, not sure who deserved his ire the most, Potter or Fudge.

"Umbridge has been using this queer quill during her detentions. Whatever is written by it is carved into to the flesh of your own hand," Harry replied, holding out his hand as proof.

"Harry, why didn't you report this to one of your professors?" Dumbledore asked, rushing forward to inspect the proffered hand with a frown.

"Who was I supposed to report it to?" Harry asked with a shrug. "You have been ignoring me, and my Head of House told me to keep my head down and my mouth shut. So who was I supposed to report to?"

"I am so sorry, my boy, I fear that I have let you down most severely," Albus said with a sad sigh, letting go of Harry's hand so that Severus and Lucius could take a look as well.

"Hey Malfoy, is there anyway I can sue the Ministry? I mean, they have prosecuted me for daring to speak the truth, somehow I doubt that even the Ministry of Magic is allowed to torture its subjects just because they dare to speak an uncomfortable truth," Harry said, a decidedly Slytherin smirk gracing his lips.

"Now see here!" Fudge blustered, only to be cut off once again.

"No you see here!" Harry snapped, finally at the end of his rope. "I refuse to put up with your bullshit any longer. Voldemort is back. Deal with it, you pathetic cry-baby. I have kept my mouth shut and done my best to keep my head down, not making waves, because that is what my professors asked me to do. But no more. You started the smear campaign sullying my good name. You appointed that bitch to teach defence, which, by the way, she isn't doing, making you responsible for her actions.

"Rest assured, I will have my revenge on you, you weak-minded fool. I will not rest until you have been kicked out of office, and preferably destitute and stripped of your home and fortune as well," Harry spat, never noticing that his magic was rising along with his temper until two hands landed on his shoulders causing him to jump in surprise.

"Calm down, Mr Potter, before you bring the entire castle crashing down around our ears," Snape snapped irritably, giving the boy a dark look for good measure.

Taking a few deep breaths, Harry did his best to get his temper back under control.

"Do not worry, Mr Potter, Fudge will be dealt with, this I can assure you. You are a part of the Malfoy family now, and no one is allowed to harm a Malfoy, no one," Lucius said silkily, his gaze firmly planted on Fudge the entire time he was speaking.

Fudge gulped, having no trouble reading the promises of pain and humiliating in silver eyes turned to an icy steel grey making it abundantly clear just what Lucius Malfoy felt about the current Minister of Magic.

Remembering his plan, Cornelius nervously wetted his lips and one last attempt to regain the upper level in this power struggle.

"I believe you forget who it is you are talking to," Fudge said, his voice trembling only a little. "I am the Minister of Magic, and as such it is a death penalty to threaten me." Gaining confidence as he was reminded of that fact, Cornelius regained his superiority and continued almost cheerfully, "As I said before, I can make your life most difficult, being bonded to Harry Potter will not help you, and do not think that you can scare me by producing a fake You Know Who. Honestly, did you really think that you could scare me with that... that thing?" Cornelius asked, giving Voldemort a look filled with contempt.

"Ho boy, he's dead now," Harry said with a longsuffering sigh, not feeling particularly sorry for the fate that was about to befall Fudge.

"You dare to call me a fake?" Voldemort asked incredulously. "You dare to dismiss me as something unimportant? Let's see how you will dismiss this, shall we? Crucio!"

"Tom! Stop!" Dumbledore shouted, summoning a chair and sending it crashing into the Dark Lord, effectively ending the spell. Unfortunately, that act turned Voldemort's ire to him instead.

"You dare to interrupt me?" Voldemort hissed menacingly, causing the students to start screaming and crying.

"Enough!" Harry snapped, grabbing hold of Voldemort's arm, effectively derailing the brewing argument. "You can argue about who has the bigger balls later. There are more pressing matters to discuss first," Harry stated with authority.

"Such as?" Snape asked in amusement, starting to find the entire situation humorous. Who would have guessed that Harry Potter had the gall to go against two of the most powerful wizards of their time?

"I want to know about that spell Fudge cast. Can it be broken? What does it mean for us if it can't? Just what exactly is it meant to do? Once we have dealt with that we can discuss ways to get back at that idiot," Harry said carelessly, nodding his head towards the pile sobbing piteously on the floor.

"HARRY!" several voices cried out in union. Harry ignored them.

"Let's take our discussion to a place more private, shall we?" Harry asked, already heading towards the nearest door.

"An excellent idea. Why don't we relocate to my office?" Dumbledore said, desperate to regain control of a rapidly deteriorating situation.

Harry merely snorted and went on walking, not caring to see who was following, just needing to get the hell out of there before he broke down completely. He had no idea what to do now, how to get out of the mess he had landed in this time. All he knew was that he would be damned if he allowed Albus Dumbledore to rule his actions. Not this time.

Sharing a look, the three Slytherins mentally shrugged their shoulders and followed the teen, curious to see what he planned to do next.

Dumbledore frowned in displeasure but followed as well, already planning on how to turn the situation to his favour. Hopefully, they'd be able to end the war before it started up again. Tom and Lucius would not follow his lead meekly. Fortunately, he had both Severus and Harry in his corner. His two boys would ensure that the others followed his will, bowing down to his rule. Smiling brightly, Albus began to plot how to bring about the changes their world so desperately needed, never realising that his tools were not in the mood to conform to his wishes.