The Fire Nation has a large system of prison camps, all of which are held along the Nations northern border, on the edge of the sea. Most of the prisoners were people accused of criticizing the government, which included all who resisted Fire Nation takeover in their cities or villages.

Sokka had fought bravely for his home, but being the only man in his village made it impossible for him to succeed in preventing the Fire Nation Soldiers from accomplishing their siege. After claiming the ice-lands, they'd concluded the frozen tundra as useless, and abandoned it after taking the village people hostage. Once captured and on board the huge steam driven ship, ropes had been tied around their necks and they'd been strapped to the mainmast, unable to escape.

" What are you going to do to us?" Katara had demanded. Sokka assumed it would be death.

A young male soldier had informed them that their ships general would decide their fate. Sokka had expected a large middle aged man and was therefore quite shocked when the general arrived, and turned out to be a beautiful young woman. She was tall, curvaceous, and had milky pale skin and plump red lips. Her beauty was merely a facade however, as the siblings had soon discovered how wicked she truly was.

She'd glanced Katara once, and Sokka would say the look was almost lecherous. But homosexuality was forbidden in the Fire Nation, so he figured he'd misinterpreted the look.

The Fire Nation general had then informed Katara that she "was to be her servant henceforth." Katara had resisted, and the General, Azula, as she'd introduced herself, had held a blade of fire to Sokka's throat, " Come with me, or he dies." She had said. Naturally, Katara acquiesced, despite Sokka's protests. Azula cut the rope from the mainmast and then gripped it, tugging slightly, causing Katara to choke slightly. Azula smirked, " Yes, you'll do fine."

"Stay away from my sister!" Sokka had shouted, and the Captain only laughed, flipping a wisp of her dark hair over an iron- clad shoulder.

He'd watched his sister be dragged away from him by the rope around her neck by the Fire Nation bitch, and, with ten Fire Nation Soldier's spears pointed to his throat, could say nothing else. Katara had watched him with fearful blue eyes until she was forced into the female captains cabin, from which he never saw her emerge throughout his voyage. He had heard her crying from within though, and he had wondered what strange tortures the Fire Nation girl had put his sister through.

He'd never felt more emasculated or useless in his life.

He hadn't seen or heard from Katara since. When he and the other prisoners were dropped off at one of the Fire Nations concentration camps, she had not been among them.

He wondered of the fate of his sister every day, and hoped she fared better than he.

He wondered about her even now, trying to keep his focus away from the blazing heat.

Prisoners at the Fire Nations concentration camps lived in bunkhouses with one hundred people per room. He and ninety-nine other prisoners had the misfortune of being placed in the bunk near the boiler room. Being so close to the sea, changing water levels often meant that the room would flood. It never reached past three feet, but it also never went below six inches, so his feet were in a state of constant submergence.

Mid day was the worst in the cell, and the room's temperature, what with the heat transmitted from the sun, the boilers, and the crowded masses, would reach past one hundred degrees. Growing up in a land of ice and snow, he could barely withstand the burning. People were removed daily, having died from strokes and heat exhaustion. But they were replaced daily, new prisoners from the earth kingdom pouring in.

He looked up at the sound of the wrought iron gate opening, mucky water sloshing as it did so. Three prisoners who'd been removed earlier were returned. They bore the markings of torture and beatings - torn ears, gouged eyes and faces covered with scars. He wasn't surprised at their appearance; torture was a daily occurrence.

He himself had lost an ear to it for not bowing once when they'd opened the gates.

He sighed as they were shoved in, causing sweaty, malnourished bodies to bump into eachother.

He'd hoped it would be food, although it would only be watery corn meal. Sometimes a rat would appear in their midst, but he no longer had the strength for fighting over one. Only new prisoners had any strength, and it didn't last.

He glanced down at his hands, swallowed at the sight of the thin, wiry fingers. Below them were his feet, submerged in water, but even through the polluted muck he could see that his toes were reddening. Some were even purple. One was completely black.

It was gangrene. He wondered how much longer he'd be able to stand on them. The pain in most of his toes was unbearable, but the blackened one had grown completely numb. He supposed the tissue there had died.

His attention perked again as the gates opened once more. He gulped as a guard pointed to him, limping forward apprehensively. Resistance was futile.

He wondered if today was his last. If it weren't for his sister, and his desperation to reunite with her, and save her, he would've gladly gotten himself killed much earlier.

The masked guard placed a firm grip on his shoulder, leading him down the darkened corridor that lead to the guard's courtyard. As they approached, he could already make out the sounds of cruel laughter.

He blinked away tears as his eyes adjusted to the sunlight. It'd been at least three days since he'd last been outside. His first instinct, strangely, had been to look up at the sky. It was crystal blue, just like he remembered it. The earth beneath him, firm, just like he remembered it.

Sometimes the sky and the earth are all you can depend on to always be there.

The courtyard was a field of green, with white flower weeds popping out of the ground. He supposed the prison had been built on what was once a beautiful field.

'So this is what the Fire Nation calls progress.' He thought, bitterly.

Wrapped around it were the wrought iron walls of the prison, atop which roughly fifteen guards were currently patrolling. He noticed with disinterest that there seemed to be a bit of confusion passing between the patrolling guards about an approaching ship, one of them was insisting that it looked strange. The rest were passive, dismissing the paranoid guard and reminding him that it was simply another fish merchant there to sell the soldiers fresh crab.

Or at least he thought that was what they were saying, roughly. He couldn't be entirely sure as they were high atop the gates of the prison, and he was all the way down on the ground.

The guards who were currently off duty payed no mind to what was occurring above them; after all they were on their break. And they had better things to do: throw darts at prisoners, and feast, and rape.

His soggy feet padded with pained delight at the feeling of the cool, dry, and soft grass beneath them.

Five guards were throwing darts at an elderly man, laughing. A few more, about seven, were sitting at the edge of the clearing, drinking rice wine and eating roasted pork.

Sokka eyed the pork, wondering how long it had been since he'd last eaten any meat.

'Months.' He reminded himself.

Soon his attention was pulled away from the food, however, as he noticed something that made his stomach churn, and not from hunger.

A naked earth kingdom girl lay unconscious a few feet away from them. One of the guards, growing tired of the dart throwing, moved to join the feasting men, patting the girls bottom playfully on his way there, otherwise ignoring her. Sokka's nostrils flared as he could make out an unmistakable pool of red between her legs.

Guards routinely raped female inmates. From the curves on her body, he supposed she was a new one. They preferred those. Girls who'd been there long were nothing but skin and bones.

He stumbled forward as the guard pushed him roughly, urging him to travel to the center of the clearing, " Go on, join the old fart."

He travelled slowly, each second a small eternity. He winced when a dart stabbed into his back. His eyes travelled back to the fallen woman, she was stirring.

' Pretend to still be unconscious.' He chanted in the back of his mind. The guards would return to assaulting her if they knew she was awake. As her arm shifted, it seemed she'd temporarily forgotten where she was. After a moment, her body grew still again. So still, he knew she was faking. Its what she had to do if she wanted to avoid the guards' attention. He couldn't see her face, as her rich, coffee colored hair covered it.

Another guard escorted the old man back into the prison, wherein his wounds would undoubtedly fester.

Another dart pricked into his flesh, followed by three more. The guards laughed, encouraging a young soldier to throw a few. He missed. Embarrassed, he threw a few more. One hit Sokka's infected foot, where an oozing sore was. He cried out from the impossible pain, hunching.

They only laughed louder, throwing more darts as he fought the urge to scream.

" Run around a bit, it's better practice!" One of them shouted. Another dart shot into him, and so he pours his remaining strength into his legs, focusing, limping as fast as he could, which was not very fast, away from them. He felt tempted to run to the girl, to her aid, but he knew better. They'd only kill them both. As he ran, dart whizzing past him. He stumbled again, distracted by a sound so immense in its cacophony that his ears rung from it, he shook from it, the ground trembled.

The guard-tower at the front of the camp crumbled, smoke and gravel spewing from it.

Suddenly the guards weren't laughing anymore, instead, they were running to the scene, running to their fellow soldiers aid.

Sokka seized his opportunity, and so did the naked woman. She stood with remarkable agility, and began to run. Fast. Sokka tried to keep up, she seemed to know where she was going, but with his rotting feet, it was impossible.

He cried out, "Help!" She kept running, and he tried once more, " Help me!"

She slowed down, turned, glanced over him. She paused, calculating. Miraculously, she started sprinting towards him. Sokka limped to her, and once she reached him she flung one of his arms over her shoulder and began almost dragging him with a strength he hadn't expected. Now, as she pulled him across the emptied courtyard, he realized her arms and legs were, although very feminine, quite muscular.

" It's the revolutionaries." She remarked, pulling him back into the dark hallway. A guard stood at the end, and noticed them. He seemed confused as the whether he should stand guard at the gates or go to the tower. Unthreatened by a naked woman and dying man, he approached them, defenses down. Once he was within three feet of them, about to ask them a question, the girl slammed her palm into his nose, shoving the bone into his brain and killing him, her other arm still supporting Sokka.

The water tribe boy had no doubt that if less than six guards had surrounded her before, she could have fought them off. Fate had dealt her ten.

The girl crouched, letting go of Sokka for a moment, and removed the man's tunic and helmet, throwing the red garb over herself. She then took his keys, and unlocked the gates, the prisoners gasping excitedly and worriedly as she did so.

As she opened them, screaming, " Go!" The people stood in place in fear, wondering if perhaps this was some cruel trick.

She growled, "Go!"

They didn't move. Sokka turned to them, " This is your only chance people! Don't you want to see your families again? Don't you want revenge? That explosion earlier is only going to distract the guards for so long. I don't know how it happened—but it must be the revolution. So seize the opportunity, now!"

Coming to their senses, the able bodied folk began to push forward, some helping the weak, most saving themselves, running. The old man from dart practice earlier hobbled back towards the courtyard, mumbling to himself about the beef stew leftovers. Sokka could understand that strain of thought, and was almost tempted to do the same.

The girl sighed and threw his arm over her shoulder again, " Lets get out of here. I know a way."

Sokka ran with her, tripping as she took a sudden turn, " Why are you helping me?"

She glanced at him, " You asked."

Toph turned over onto her side, breathing in the smell of Zuko's hair, which carried the scent of amber and musk. She moved a hand over his chest, running soft fingertips down his firm stomach, plucking a salmon peak as she did so. Goosebumps followed her touch, and she moved her hand down to his still naked cock, gripping the tender flesh, sliding her hand up and down the flaccid length. It started to stiffen in her hand, but his breathing indicated he was still sleeping. That just wouldn't do. She bit his ear roughly, rousing him into waking.

He turned onto his back, clearing his throat and rubbing an eye. " Again?" He asked tiredly, but she was not fooled for she could hear the small, begrudging smile in his voice.

"It's our honeymoon." She commented, giggling evilly as she moved to straddle his hips.

Traditionally, Fire Nation honeymoons lasted three days. Today was the last.

The first night, they'd been so excited to be alive, they'd copulated, and were both confused when they'd found their door to the halls locked.

The night after the wedding ceremonies, the couple was locked in their bedchamber, and left with many delicious treats. Aphrodisiacs were also placed in the room, for the shy couples.

Toph had thrown them out the window when Zuko had explained to her what they were when she'd almost downed one of the small flasks, thinking it was liquid candy.

"We don't need them." She'd proclaimed. Zuko had scoffed at her attitude, but wasn't resistant at all towards her advances once she'd made them.

When they first realized why the door had been locked, the girl had given him the most salacious look he'd ever seen. It had almost terrified him, but that was mostly because he hadn't known it was possible to get an erection from one look.

Now, he placed to large calloused hands on her hips, "And you're going to insist on being on top. Again." He said dryly, and then groaned when she wiggled down and gripped his penis, guiding it to press between her folds and against her clitoris.

" You don't seem to mind it too much, Sparky." She teased.

She gyrated her hips more and bit her lip to prevent herself from moaning as she rubbed the slit of his cockhead against her bud. He moved his hands to her perky little breasts and squeezed them, adjusting his palms so that his thumbs rested on her nipples, rotating their little peaks in small circles.

She continued the back and forward motion of her hips, feeling his pre-cum begin to leak from the slit of his head and began moving more, so that his it was pressing and sliding over her entrance. Toph smiled wanly as she recalled the way she'd bounced on his dick the night before, the way she'd been able to slam him into her so forcefully and deliciously. She wanted it again.

He moved an arm down, adjusting to where he was propped up against a few pillows, so that he had a better view of her writhing over his cockhead. He licked his lips in anticipation, and moaned deeply as she gripped the base of his cock and began sliding him into her. Once she was seated to the hilt, he moved his hands to grip her hips once more, where they hung loosely as she seemed to have no issues with balancing herself atop his thick length. Toph placed a dainty hand on one of his wide shoulders, kneading it in her palm and smirking when she felt his slick shaft inside her. He groaned from the wet friction of their bodies.

Toph cried out with each satisfying thrust, Zuko grinding himself upward. Her toes curled as he shifted his upward thrusts slightly, and she ran a hand through her own long dark hair. Zuko looked her up and down, marveling at how such a delicately framed girl could ride him so hard.

The heat began to build and Zuko could feel himself growing closer to orgasm. Toph squeezed experimentally around him, and as she did so, he came, hard, his back arching and his abdominals flexing as he did so.

When he was finished, she removed herself from his cock, and then lied flat on her back, beside him.

" Did you…?" He began, and she shook her head.

" But I want to."

Zuko gave her an inquisitive look, " It's going to take me a moment to…" He looked down at his limp dick, and she chuckled.

" You don't just have to use that."

Zuko ground his teeth; annoyed she apparently knew more about the subject than he did. But he wanted to pleasure her all the same, wanted to hear her cry out, wanted to overpower her.

He crawled on top of her, scanned her teasing, flushed face. He moved a hand down in between her legs, and began rubbing his index finger over her sweet spot. His mouth moved down to her breast, where he licked casually. The hand he had placed above her head clenched, red silk sheets wrinkling within his fist.

Toph brought her own hand to her breast, which he sucked at harshly.

She placed a fingertip at his lips, " Use this."

He leaned up, dark eyebrows furrowing, " I am…"

Her hand travelled downward, and she pointed to her nether regions. The finger he had on her clit stilled.

He grimaced, " You don't really expect me to put my mouth there."

Her eyebrows raised, arms crossing over her perky breasts, " Yes, I do."

She'd sensed others performing the act before, and the women receiving it always seemed to be enjoying it thoroughly. Now she wanted it.

Zuko withdrew, " But that's gross."

Toph glared at him, " You just had your dick in there."

'Exactly.' He thought to himself, and he cleared his throat. Toph spread her legs obscenely, and he watched as some of his own thick creamy semen dripped out from her tight hole. He did not think he wanted to taste that.

He stood from the bed, running a hand through his messy hair, which was especially wild as he still had gel in it from the wedding.

" I need to take a shower." He said, at last.

Toph watched him retreat into their bathroom, and he clicked the door shut behind him, his face bright red.

Toph glowered, unsatisfied, shouted after him, " This is exactly why you people are so violent. Not enough oral."

He said something indistinguishable behind the doorframe, but she figured it was probably just a squawk of indignation.

The earthbender rolled off the bed, and contemplated her next step.

She walked about the room, feeling around until she had her hands on a small potted flower on their night stand that was presumably a wedding gift. She grabbed the dirt from it, and spread it onto her feet.

The floors of their room were metal, so she could see but not with perfect clarity. The small film of earth helped slightly, and she began spreading it across the floor, shrugging when she realized he might have a negative reaction to the mess she was making.

She needed to find where he might keep any military information, even that which came from his studies. The earth kingdom had to familiarize them-selves with Fire Nation stratagem, if they ever wanted to surprise and overcome the powerful nation.

After a few moments, her hand rested on the hilt of what felt like a military scroll. She'd been instructed on what military scrolls hilts would feel like on the long boat ride to the Fire Nation by Xin Fu ages ago, and she was somewhat surprised she even remembered.

Toph jumped when she heard the door begin to creak open, and turned around, still naked, then approached the bathroom door her-self, quickly.

" I need to shower too." She announced, " I accidentally knocked over that flower pot, by the way," She lied smoothly. Zuko just sighed at the state of disarray the room was in.

'I'll worry about that military stuff later. I'm going to get this idiot prince to eat me out first.' She thought to herself, leaving the bathroom door open as she stepped into the bath.

They arrived at last to a nondescript door. She gestured for him to stand back, and kicked it in. Her skill in doing so made him wonder as to her martial arts training, but he refocused when he took in the sight of the large window in the room.

She looked around for a moment, then picked up a polished wooden desk seat, and smashed it into the window, glass flying. She shielded her face with her arm, a few gashes slicing into her skin. Ignoring the pain, she moved to the bed that was at the corner of the room, removed the sheets, and then pushed it out the window.

"What are you doing?" Sokka finally asked.

" We're by the sea. That's our raft." She handed him the bed sheet, then began rummaging through the rooms dresser, pulling out more sheets.

He glanced out the window. They were indeed right on the waters edge, a few feet of gravelly sand the only thing separating the particular area of the prison they were currently in from the vast blue expanse.

At the sounds of a few footsteps and shouts from down the hallway, she turned and took the sword that was hung upon the wall, and threw the sheets at him. " Start tying those together. I hope you have enough energy to get down." Sokka nodded, wondering if he did. God, he hoped so.

The girl exited the room, and he heard shouting coming from at least two men as she did so. Swords clanged, and he tied the sheets with a quickness that he didn't know his body was still capable of. He hoped the girl was good with a sword, he certainly wasn't, not in this state.

And he had to get out of this place. He had to find Katara.

The girl re entered the room, sword soaked in blood and a long gash across her shoulder. She threw the sword unto the ground beside her, then closed the door behind her.

They worked together for the next few minutes on tying the sheets together. She then pushed what was left in the room onto the bed, and secured the long sash to one of the legs of the bed, and threw it out the window.

"Follow my lead." She said, and he nodded. She hopped out the window, then and began repelling down the side of the prison wall. Sokka grasped the rope tightly, swung his legs over the window ledge, scraping his knee on some of the remaining glass. He shimmied down after her, not travelling nearly as fast. There was a fourteen feet drop from the end of the tied sheets to the ground below, and she made it with ease, tumbling safely to break her fall, flashing her bloodied privates as she did so, causing him to look away, although not from embarrassment. He was too taxed to feel embarrassed, but he was cordial all the same. When he reached the end of the rope he knew he was going to be damaging his ankles; he knew how to tumble safely but his almost useless feet weren't strong enough to propel it.

The girl, who was pushing the mattress into the edge of the sea, turned in exasperation and began pushing it so that it would be below him, breaking his fall.

She glanced around her, checking for more guards, and breathed a small sigh of relief as none were approaching. She turned back to him, " Jump."

He did, gasping as he landed on the bed, his bottom stinging from the impact. He rolled off, wheezing from the energy spent. The infection from his feet had been giving him a fever, and it weakened him considerably.

The girl again pushed the bed out to sea, and he moved tentatively into the water, wounds stinging from the salt.

They continued until they were waist deep, and then pushed themselves up onto the mattress, her helping him. She glanced him over, " You're a water bender, right?"

He gulped, wondering if that had been her reasoning for bringing him along, " No. I'm just a regular guy."

The girl sighed deeply, "Then this is going to be much more difficult." She looked around, " We have no choice. We have to use our hands."

She cupped her palm and dove it into the water, pushing it as if it were an oar, and gave him a pointed look. He copied her movements, and they began moving.

He couldn't believe it. He'd been dreaming to escape since the moment he'd set foot into the prison, and now the moment had come at last. A part of him had almost given up hope.

After fifteen minutes, Sokka turned to her slightly, " How is it that you're so strong?"

She chuckled, "Where I come from, the women are the warriors."

He nodded in understanding; he'd heard of such places before, though there were not many.

Her affect cooled, as her thoughts seemed to wander, "Although, clearly, I wasn't strong enough." Her jaw clenched.

He thought back to the courtyard and the state in which she'd been. He decided, wisely, not to ask her.

Instead he said, " Thank-you."

She smiled at him in response, though it was strained. Both of them were growing tired from using their hands as oars to push them, and ten minutes in he'd become almost useless, as he was beyond weary.

" We just need to make it a few miles down the shoreline. If we can get to a remote village, we should be able to steal some supplies and lay low until we figure something else out."

Sokka nodded, though he was shocked she planned on allowing him to tag along even after they'd reached safer land.

"What's your name?" He asked. Her round brown eyes looked into his.

" Suki."