Chapter Twelve

"Baby Girl Anderson Hummel"

The next morning found them settled into a clean room, Blaine showered and changed into his own clean and comfortable cloths and baby girl Anderson-Hummel washed and dressed in her very first pink baby grow and snuggled into Kurt's arms as he sat on the bed next to Blaine whose head was resting on his shoulder as he watched the baby in his boyfriends arms.

Blaine had slept soundly after he was cleaned up while the baby was cleaned and checked over, and Kurt and Carol ventured to the waiting room to tell everyone before they left with the promise of returning first thing in the morning and he returned to Blaine's side unable to get the blissed out expression off his face while he watched Blaine sleep.

A nurse poked her head in and upon seeing his partners sleeping form told Kurt that they would keep the baby in the nursery for a few hours and let them both sleep before disappearing and returning for pillows and a blanket for Kurt and leaving them to it and after a few hours sleep found them here, baby fed and content in her dads company.

"She looks like you" Kurt whispered smoothing a hand over the her thick curls just like Blaine's smiling as he felt Blaine chuckle.
"She'll curse me for those curls" he said softly before Kurt gently passed the baby girl back to Blaine whose grin widened once she was back in his arms as he was having a hard time parting with her even to allow Kurt time with his daughter instantly missing her the moment she left his arms, but the sight of Kurt cuddling her was enough to make him feel better.
"She needs a name, can't be baby girl Anderson-Hummel forever" Kurt chuckled
"Lillian Elizabeth Carole Anderson-Hummel, Lily" Blaine said softly and tears filled his eyes at the name he had loved when they spoke about it weeks ago and the tribute to his mom and to Carole who had been so much a mother to Blaine and him.

"Are you sure, I know you preferred Paige" he asked
"She looks like a Lily..." was all the answer he needed as he placed a kiss on his boyfriends lips resting forehead to forehead when they broke apart voices hushed
"Thank you, for naming her after mom, just thank you for her, I've never felt so happy in my life and you've given me something so special...I just... I love you" Kurt whispered as a tear broke free
"I love you too Kurt, and Lily" he smiled as they both returned to watching their little girl sleep.

Carols reaction when she heard her name made everyone cry and Blaine knew that he had never made a better decision in his life, she may not be related by blood but no one else would look out for his little girl more than Carol and Burt.

A few hours later the calm was broken by a knock on the door before the room was filled with the members of new directions each carrying gifts wrapped in pink and 3 different 'it's a girl' balloons and all had massive grins on their faces as they filed in. Santana moving straight to Blaine and wrapping him in a hug before placing a kiss on his cheek and setting herself in one of the chairs at his bedside, Rachel copying her actions with Kurt, who when he looked at Blaine could see pride and happiness shining in his eyes as everyone made their greeting following Santana and Rachel's lead before settling in around Blaine hospital bed as Kurt informed them that ladybug was with the nurses for another check but that they would bring her back shortly and everyone agreed that it would give them time to give them their gifts and so Rachel proudly presented her present to Blaine who opened it with care as Kurt sat at his side arm around his shoulders and gaze on his boyfriend, although he turned his attention to the present in Blaine's hands.

"Rach ... it's beautiful, thank you..." Blaine said softly, not only had she gotten the baby a beautiful pale pink dress but she had also gotten a beautifully detailed sliver photo frame with ...

'Baby Girls First Picture'
along the top and
May 4th 2012

"Really Rachel it's perfect" Kurt repeated
"I had to go with ladybug since, well it's stuck, and I didn't know the name you've picked..."

Rachel's gift was followed by many more little girl outfits and cuddly toys and eventually Santana was the last one left to give them he gift, and after Blaine opened her present to find a beautiful outfit for the baby and a personalised baby blanket she added that she had more.

"I knew that everyone would have gift for the baby and I wanted something for you, well both of you, Blaine you're my best friend and I love you so I wanted you to have something to mark this day, well other than your little girl" she chuckled before handing him and Kurt small black boxes and what was inside brought tears to both of their eyes. In Blaine's he had a long leather chain containing dog tags one with his and Kurt's names and birthdates and the other saying ladybug with the baby's stats. Kurt's were the same only on a long silver chain.

Blaine's words caught in his throat so he settled for pulling her to him in a tight embrace as tears overcame him when she pulled away he blamed them on his hormones before telling her how perfect the gift was before pulling them over his head and watch Kurt do the same before hugging her too.

The moment was interrupted by the door opening and Blaine wiped away his tears as his smile became blinding bright as the nurse announced that she was returning the baby to her parents hand settling her Blaine's arms before leaving the friends to it. Blaine cuddled his daughter to him before glancing at his friends who were all edging forward for a glance as he moved the blanket from her face before speaking softly.

"Everyone, this is Lillian Elizabeth Carole Anderson-Hummel, Lily" he looked up to see Finn had tears forming at hearing his mother's name and when he caught the new parent's eye he smiled "Mom's so honoured" he said softly and Blaine nodded before asking if uncle Finn wanted to hold his niece and was answered with a small nod before Finn took Rachel's offered seat as Kurt took Lily from Blaine and gently rested her in Finns arms after telling his step brother what to do.

"She's beautiful you guys, seriously, really gorgeous..." he sighed as rocked her softly. As Lily was passed to the others who wanted to hold her most of the guys settling for cooing over their girlfriends shoulder as they held her. Eventually Lily was passed gently to Santana who spoke to her in soft voice that none of the members of the club had held her use before except Blaine and she honestly didn't care, only Blaine calling her name took her attention from the baby.

"I, well Kurt and I had something we wanted to asked you, well you and Rachel" he said looking in Rachel's direction who smiled and moved to Santana's side
"Tana, you know I love you, you're my best friend, and Rachel so are you, in fact without everyone in this room, I don't know where we'd be, but what I'm trying to say is that we would really love it if you both of you would be Lily's godmothers?" he smiled, instantly filling up when he seen the tears fill Santana's eyes as the girl who never let anyone see her cry allowed one to fall before nodding and whispering "I'd love to" as Rachel added "I'd be honored" as Santana turned her attention back to Lily who choose that moment to open her eyes.
"I'm sorry to say Kurt, but those baby blues she has are not staying that colour their so dark I can nearly guarantee that they be brown like Blaine's in a few weeks, meaning that that this poor munchkin is gonna look just like him" she grinned.