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Harry POV.

I was sitting in the living room in the Black house hold. It had been almost one month since Mr. and Mrs Weasly had gone through and became my legal parents. It was kind of nice to not have to be with my aunt and uncle any more. So I was sitting there reading and waiting for Ron and Hermione to show up from up stairs. While I was reading Dumbledore came in.

"Hello Harry. How are you this morning?"

"Fine professor. As are you I assume."

"Yes indeed."

"If you don't mind my asking professor why are you here?"

"Oh, I just wished to inform Molly that I will be bringing an American wizard. He is the same age as you and will need to be caught up in his studies because he never received a letter to which we have no idea as to how that happened."

"Oh. What's he like?" I asked.

"As far as I am aware, he is quite loyal to his friends and family but is not the best in school. Remus also said that he seems very secretive and it appears his friends and sister know why. It is also been shown that he seems to have senses that match that of a werewolf with out him being one."

"Odd. Anything else I should know?"

"Yes. His parents are ghost hunters, his town is full of ghosts that not only are tangible but have a wide range of other powers that they can use. Remus noted that one ghost by the name of Danny Phantom was always the one to fight of the other ghosts and use an odd thing to capture them."

"Okay...That really is odd. But with what I have seen I have no trouble believing it." The professor nodded and went to find Molly. I went back to reading and thinking about this strange new boy that would be coming.

Danny POV.

"Sam! It is a SATURDAY! Why are we up so early?" I asked my goth friend.

"Because it was either this or deal with Tucker during breakfast." I perked up at the mention of food. I went back to walking next to her on our way back to her house. It really was the only place for great breakfast. We walked in to the dinning room and sat down. The breakfast really was great.

"We should probably head back to my house, Tuck might be there already and trying to find out where we are." I said. She nodded and we left. About half way there I stopped and cocked my head to the right a bit in what my friends called my fox face. I heard the steps behind us stop when I did. I pulled Sam close.

"What is it Danny?"

"We are being followed. I am also getting a weird feel off of the guy too. Plus even from here I can smell wolf on him."

"What do you think?"

"Not a big threat, maybe. Not a ghost though my sense woulda gone off." I muttered into her ear. I made an invisible duplicate to get a look at the guy.

"Duplicate?" Sam asked. I nodded.

"His hair is kind of like Jhonny's only darker. He is wearing a beat up out fit that is dull and kind of long. Thin build a bit muscle but nothing like mine. His hand is holding something in his pocket which looks like it might be a elven inch smooth stick thing. Possible weapon. I can feel him radiating a strange feeling but I don't know what it is. He also is letting off a feeling that is a lot like Wulfs' and he has a bit of wolf in him I just don't know how. Not a ghost for sure. He is also surprised that I know all this and his eyes are wide. He must have higher senses because of the wolf. He should also know that I don't like when people stalk me and my friends so he should just get up here and talk to us rather than stalk us, it is really grating on my nerves."

"Danny, calm down okay? Go to your happy place and calm down. Don't let HIM control your thoughts. Just relax and you can meditate when you get home okay?" I nodded and closed my eyes. I took in a deep breath and let it out. I really hate having to deal with Dan in my head. Though the mental guard I had learned were really nice. And I only had to deal with him because my ghost half looked like him with normal eyes and skin. My hair was odd because it felt like it had a mind of it's own and acted like it had it's own breeze that kept pace with how I felt. The calmer the smaller the breeze, pissed off beyond reason and it might have been white fire. I stayed like that for a while before opening my eyes. I felt the guy moving closer to use from behind. I turned and faced him and recalled the duplicate.

"Hello. You more than likely already know my name, I am Danny Fenton and this is Samantha, Sam Manson."

"Hello. I am Remus Lupin. I am sorry about following you but my... friend wished to know more about you before he came."

"What is his name? I swear if it is Vlad I am going to go to that fruitloops house and make sure all of his lab is gone before I leave. Stupid cookie swearing, cloning old fruit loop." I muttered.

"No, His name is Albus Dumbledore. He is already waiting at your house for you."

"Come on we better hurry before my parents get up from the lab." At that the three of us started heading towards my house that wasn't really far away.

"Jeez. You guys are so slow! Who is that?" Tucker said. He glanced up from his PDA.

"Hey don't blame me that little miss darkness decided that today would be a good day for a breakfast. And this is Remus Lupin."

"Just Remus."

"Cool, the name is Tucker Foley." He said. Than he saw the PDA.

"What is that?"

"This is a Personal Digital Assistant or PDA for short."

"What does it do?"

"Any thing I need it too."

"Really? How?"

"Dude do you know anything about tech?" Tucker asked the man.

"No. Where I come from it either doesn't work or we have things that work better." Tucker let out a very loud very girly scream. Both Remus and I covered our over sensitive ears.

"Tucker!" Sam said smacking him in the back of the head.


"Why on earth did you scream like that?" Remus asked still rubbing his ears just like I was.

"Dude you just said one of his worst night mares. I think the only thing worse would be a tech free hospital. And I swear if you scream again I will personally send you to the ghost writer for a lesson in history." I said. Tucker closed his mouth and Remus looked confused. We walked into the living room where Jazz was sitting reading and working on her paper for collage.

"Hey Danny, Sam, Tucker. This is Albus and he is here to talk to you Danny."

"Yea, yea. This is Remus. And yes that was Tuck screaming."

"I figured even mom and Dad heard it but they just asked if it was Tucker."

"Wow. I feel the love. It could have been a ghost!"

"Nu uh, the alarms would of gone off and plus you had Danny with you."

"Well. If you all would please sit I have things I would like to talk with Mr. Fenton about." Albus said.

"Okay." We all sat down. I sat in the arm chair with Sam on the one to the left of it and Tucker sat in the one next to me. Remus went and sat next to Albus. I looked him in the eyes for a while. I felt like some thing was trying to probe my mind so I just put up the mental shield I use against Dan and Nocturne. Looking at his face I could see he was some what shocked that I had such good shield.

Yea that's right. I got mental guards up. I thought to him.

You have telekinetic abilities? He thought back. I nodded my head.

"Danny! Don't do that. I hate when you use that to keep us out of the loop!" Sam said beside me.

"Sorry but he started it." I said pointing to the man. They looked a little shocked.

"Is he a threat?" Sam asked in my ear.

"I can assure you that I am no threat I only want to talk to Daniel."

"Why does every adult call me that? I mean come on! Clockwork even calls me Danny jeez!" I said to Sam.

"Is there something you would rather be called?"

"Yea call me Danny. Come to think of it I really don't mind Daniel it's just what this...jerk calls me and any thing is better then Dan." I told them.

"Well than Danny, I would like to inform you that this letter was meant to be given to you upon your eleventh birthday." Albus said while handing me a letter. I took it and opened it up.

"Hogwarts? School of witchcraft and wizardry? But magic isn't real!" I said. I looked at Sam, Tucker and Jazz. They all shrugged.

"Ah but I can prove to you that it is indeed very much real." Albus said. He took out a stick or 'wand' and waved it around. Out of no where three more teens showed up.

"You wanted something professor?" The girl with brown bushy hair asked.

"I was just show Danny that magic is real. Hermione." They turned around and looked at us. I used my powers to check to see if they where a threat. The red head and Hermione were easy but the boy with black hair had some mental guards albeit not strong ones at all. They all looked kind of offened.

"Why did you do that?" The red asked.

"I was seeing if you where or might be a threat. And the only one with any kind of mental guards was him" I said pointing to the black haired boy. They all looked at me shocked.

"But it felt like my very soul was being searched! It felt really deep!" Hermione said.

"Okay...? What are you names by the way?" I asked.

"I am Ron Weasly." The red head said.

"And I am Harry Potter." The black haired boy said.

"Okay, Well I am Danny Fenton and this is Sam Manson and Tucker Foley." I said pointing to them.

"Danny? Me and Tuck gotta go. There is that protest for the far treatment of animals in zoos."

"Ah...But animals hate me!" Tucker said as he was dragged out of the house. Jazz shook her head and went up to her room. Just as they all left my parents came up from the basement only to see Harry, Ron, Hermione and Albus and Remus still sitting in the room. Being my parents they happened to both have ecto weapons.

"Who are you and why are you in our house?" My mom asked.

"I am Albus Dumbledore and these are a few of my associates." Albus said. Mom put her ecto gun down and so did dad.

"So why are you here?"

"Ah yes, well it has come to our attention that Danny here is a wizard. But he is a muggle born wizard." He explained.

"Wait... as in a wand using spell casting wizard?" Mom asked.

"Yes. And a muggle is a non-magical creature."

"Where is the school?"


"Are there ghosts there?" Dad asked. Albus nodded. I sighed knowing what was coming next.

"Danny! You'll have to take the specter deflector and the thermos and a wrist ray." My mom said.

"Why would he need those things? How would they do any thing?" Harry asked.

"While the deflector would keep ghosts from touching him, the thermos would capture them and the ray would hurt them."

"Bloody hell! You found a way to hurt ghosts! But how? They are like not touchable and stuff!" Ron said.

"What? Ghosts are tangible!" Dad yelled. The rest of them shrugged their shoulders. I rolled my eyes at them.

"Well...I guess he could go." Mom said. Dad nodded his head.

"Very well. Sirius will pick you up tomorrow to take you back to the house." Remus said. I nodded and they all vanished. I knew that I would have to tell my parents now.

"Mom, Dad, I'm...half ghost." I said.

Me- "Cliffie?"