Here's a short, little one-shot! It doesn't really have anything to do with my story but I thought I'd write something extra.

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Sunkiss Morning


Most of the time Erza was always awake before the sun and was ready for another adventure before the birds began to sing. However, this time the Titania was still snuggled in her small sized bed, she held on to the thin blankets desperately as she felt the breeze underneath her covers. The window was left open, she must have forgotten to close it! Still having the blankets wrapped around her body, Erza lift her arms to securely shut the window and successfully stopping the chilly wind. Laying back down, Erza shifted and turned away from the wall. The wall was still a cold area and her body searched for more heat. Cuddling closer, Erza had found a large source of warmth and pressed herself against it. It was hard and smooth and very warm. The scarlet-haired warrior brought her hands up against the heat source and ran across it features with her fingers. The object gave of a shiver. A shiver?

Erza's chocolate eyes bolted opened and stared in horror at the figure before her. Deep, dark blue locks of hair cover most of his face as the man laid on his back with closed eyes. The slow rise and fall of his chest signified that he was asleep. She instantly recognized it was Jellal from the azure hair and the tattoo that covered half of his face.

Why was he in her bed! Examining closer, Erza realized that he was in fact shirtless which left a pink blush across her face. Taking as much courage as she could summon, Erza lifted the covers slightly to peek underneath. She breathed out a sigh of relief to reveal a long pair of dark plaid pajama pants covering him. Though it still didn't relief all her worries, he was still in her bed.

Jellal must have felt the breeze as Erza lifted the covers and he instinctively turned over, nudging closer to her body for warmth. She tensed up as he wrapped his strong, muscular arms around her torso of her sitting form. He nuzzled his face against her lap, softly breathing in his deep sleep.

"G-Get off." Erza whispered, her pink face now beginning to turn red.

"Er-chan." He mumbled in his sleep, squeezing her body tighter.

Suddenly, Erza grinned mischievously as she recalled something Natsu was telling. The fire dragon had found Lucy talking in her sleep in her bed. Natsu then begun asking her many, humiliating questions and the celestial mage had answered every single one truthfully. Lucy had no idea. She caught herself before she started giggling, not wanting to ruin her opportunity and wake up Jellal.

"Jellal? Can you hear me?" She inquired softly, bending down to whisper in his ear. Her strands of scarlet locks feel on his face.

"Yeah, Erza." His deep voice sounded even more seductive in his drowsy tone.

"Um ..." She found herself speechless, unsure of what to ask him. Natsu never really told exactly what he had asked Lucy, "W-What are you doing in my bed?"

"I ... I was tired." That's it?

"Did you come through the window?" Erza asked.

"Yes." He answer bluntly with his eyes still closed, probably dreaming his conversation with Erza at the moment.

"Why are you here?" She lifted up her head from his ear, feeling her neck getting sore from the awkward angle. She noticed a small smile form on his thin lips. Oh no! Did I wake him up? She felt herself begin to panic.

"Because I love Erza!" He spoke in almost a child like manner, his body lifting up in a quick motion and embracing Erza tightly. She felt the air being forced out of her lungs by his hugging. He was most definitely is still asleep, Jellal would never do such a thing awake.

"O-OKay." Erza muttered, pushing him away, the blush from earlier had never left her face. Jellal returned his position from before with his arms around her torso and continued his light snoring, "I shouldn't ask anymore questions." She sighed forcefully. She should be worrying about more important things than asking a sleeping person questions.

Her thin night gown didn't save her from the intense warmth emitting from Jellal's body, his heat made her whole body feel as if it was blushing. This was crazy, she had to wake him up immediately before her comrades from Fairy Tail began looking for her since she was late. She poked his side roughly but he didn't seem to stir. Erza continued prodding him but to no avail.

"Why won't you wake up?" Erza slightly growled, jabbing her index finger hard on his cheek.

"Because I like laying like this with Erza." Jellal mumbled, surprising the Titania.

"R-Really?" She squeaked, slightly embarrassed. The mighty Titania, who was proud and confident, was embarrassed and looked like she was running hot with a fever just by him saying those words.

"Yeah." His dark, brown eyes slowly opening and a smirk forming across his lips. Jellal stared up at Erza, who was completely speechless and blushing. He felt quite accomplished. He had successfully fooled the warrior into thinking he had been asleep this whole time. He woke up whenever Erza did but he decided to pretend to still be asleep to see what type of action she would do. Jellal didn't expect her to ask him questions but he played along, though he did answer them all truthfully.

"What are you doing here?" She asked softly, refusing to met his gaze.

"Didn't I tell you? Because I love Erza." He smirked even more as he grabbed underneath her chin and pulled her face towards his. Her innocent, brown eyes blinked in confusion just before he pulled her closer and placed his lips on her's. Her body tensed up but she then soon relaxed and returned his gentle kiss. After releasing from their kiss, Erza smiled as she brushed her fingers over his hand.

"I love Jellal as well." She said, giving him a quick peck on the cheek, "I-I have to get ready though, my friends will be worried if I don't show up!"

"Well then, you might wanna check your underwear draw. Some might be missing."

"W-What!" She responded to his teasing by grabbing her feather pillow and knocking him in the head, Jellal only laughed as he grabbed her sides and began tickling her. He ignored her protests and continued with his onslaught of tickles.

Maybe sleeping in wasn't so bad. Erza thought she might do it more often.

A/N ;; Thanks for reading guys! I really enjoyed writing an Erza/Jellal story, their so cute together! I haven't read that far into the manga, but I heard what happens in Ch. 264~