It had been nearly a week since Sam and Deans argument, and the brothers were still as close as ever. Sam had mostly recovered from his head injury, but Dean and john were still keeping an eye on their youngest.

" Dean. How long have you had that shirt on? Two days? Three?" John was looking at Dean across the small table in the house, seeing the small food stains and larger wrinkles on his son's shirt.

Sam snickered at this. The shirt Dean had on was one of his favourites – an old AC/DC band shirt.

" For all our sakes, go upstairs in to something else. You're starting to stink up the place!" John looked conspirationly at Sam, making him laugh harder.

" Dad! Shut up, I don't smell!" Deans Face began to turn slightly pink with embarrassment.

"Seriously Dean, you smell worse than that homeless guy that lives down the alley way." Sam Said with a Smile.

"Fine. Untwist your panties on Samantha."

Dean quickly made his way up the stairs. He knew he had maybe been wearing the shirt for a little too long, but Dean Winchester didn't smell. He was too awesome for that.

Making his way over to his duffel, he removed the old t-shirt and riffled through his bag for a clean one. Suddenly, his fingers caught something hard and cold. Pulling it out, he found an old sock of his stretched out over his precious hunting knife.

Damn. Sammy was right, it has been in his duffel the whole time. After they had brought Sam back from his little forest adventure, Dean hadn't really thought about the knife. He still had his suspicions, but didn't want to bring it up with Sam, not wanting to upset his little brother.

He remembered now. Before they moved from their last place, Dean had decided that the knife could stay in his duffel bag, protected by the sock until they got to their new town. He Knew he had been paranoid about his nightmares, but he needed to get a grip. Even so, he knew that as soon as they got to the new town, he would take it out and hide it somewhere on him again.

Somehow, in the chaos of getting all of the weapons they carried situated in the house and laying down salt lines, he had forgotten that it was not in its usual place, in the small zip up side pocket on his duffel.

Great. He had not only given his little brother a concussion, but it was because of his own stupidity that it happened. If it was possible, he now felt worse about the whole event than he did before.

Reaching into his bag, he pulled out a clean black shirt and pulled it on quickly, knowing that he had to go down an explain (not to mention apologise) to Sam. Even if it was for what felt like the hundredth time this week.

Taking the knife with him, Dean made his way down the stairs towards the dining room that his brother was sitting at.

As he reached the dining room, he held the knife in both hands in front of him hoping his brother wouldn't hate him to much more.

Walking into the room, he made a small coughing noise.

"Finally, you decided to grace us with your presence again Dean?" Sam joked before turning around to look at his older brother.

"Dean... is that what I think it is?"

"Uhhh... yeah. I kinda found it." Dean couldn't meet his brother's eye.

"Are you telling me that after all this, You just found it?" John could barely believe it. He'd always thought Dean had been observant, thinking that the knife must be either lost forever, or in some deep dark hidden place that would be difficult to find.

"Where was it Dean?"

"Sammy, I'm sorry. It was in my duffel." Dean looked up to Sam, trying to gauge his reaction. "I Guess I just panicked. I thought it was gone, and I was just upset, I..."

"Dean, Shhh." Sam interrupted Dean. "Honestly, it's ok. I'm not angry with you."

"Seriously? Well, you should be. I basically beat you up because I forgot where I put it!" Dean couldn't understand it. Sam should be pissed at him, not trying to make him feel better.

"Dude, really? You can't be that calm! Come on, Just... Just punch me! Yeah, go on, punch me! I won't even stop you!"

"What? I'm not going to punch you Dean. It's not your fault, it could have happened to anyone."

John had to admit, he wasn't that surprised by Deans request. He had always been the type of man who thought that physical confrontation was one of the best ways to get things done. Whether that's handling a guy in a bar, or fixing things with his brother. John also knew that Sam was the type of man who would never accept the offer.

Even in a world full of anger and violence, his youngest son managed to maintain a kindness that John Knew he could only have gotten from his mother. Even if Sam didn't know it, this characteristic that he so frequently displayed is one of the many reasons why John loves Sam so much. John likes to think of Sam as the light house for himself and Dean, Guiding them back to safety and giving them hope.

"You have to do something. You don't get it, no matter how many times you say you don't blame me, I do! Just do something, I can't take it anymore Sammy."

Sam really looked at his brother then. Not just glanced, but really truly looked at him. It was then that he noticed the dark circles under his eyes and his hunched over stance. He didn't know that Dean felt this guilty about everything that happened. Sam had forgiven Dean almost immediately after it happened, but now he was starting to see that it would take a little more for dean to forgive himself.

"I'm not gonna hit you Dean." Sam stopped to think for a while, It only taking seconds for him to come up with the perfect way to help Dean, and maybe get a little perk for himself. "I guess, there is one thing you could do for me. Then you wouldn't have to feel guilty."

"Anything you want Sammy. Just say the word."

Pausing for effect, Sam knew exactly what to ask for. He couldn't wait to see Dean's reaction.

" Well... How about you let me drive the impala later?"

Dean was stunned. His Dad had only given it to Dean to drive less than 2 years ago, and that was only when John wasn't around.

Now, his little bitch of a brother wants a go? He's 14 for Gods sake.

" No way in hell. Pick something else."

" Dean, You said he could have anything he wanted. You're not going to go back on your word, are you son?"

Sam smiled. There was no way Dean was going to get out of this one.

" But... he's not even old enough to have a license yet!"

This was the last thing Dean could think of to get out of it, even if he knew it had a snowballs chance in hell of working.

"And how old were you when you first drove Dean? 13, maybe 14?" John wasn't letting Dean back out of this one. He had made a promise to Sam, and he would keep it.

"That's different! Come on Dad!"

"No way Dean. Take it like a man and just agree already."

" What the hell... Fine! You can drive the God damn car."

" Yes!" Sam couldn't keep the trademark Sammy smile from his face.

Dean wasn't happy about any of this. Sure, he expected this from Sam, but he didn't expect his Dad to gang up on him as well. Even so, seeing that enormous smile on his little brothers face, it was almost worth it for Sammy to be happy. Sam had always been someone who didn't try to hide his emotions, and both Dean and his father had become pretty close to perfect when reading Sams facial expressions. The pure innocence and excitement in the youngest Winchesters face was enough for Dean to give in, even if it meant trusting his idiot little brother with his baby.

"Don't get ahead of yourself kiddo. I've got a few ground rules before I even let you near her."

" And what exactly would these ground rules be Dean?"

Sam knew Dean was protective of the Impala, and could only hope Dean wasn't going to nag him like an old lady the whole time he was driving.

"This is going to take a while Sammy. May want to get comfortable! I'm not letting you drive anywhere before I know that you're not going to damage the car. Or kill yourself in the process."

"Gee thanks Dean, Good to know where your priorities are."

"Shut up Bitch."