A Darker fairytale

Part two: Potions class

With a billow too practiced to be accidental he turns to the indignant raised hand, silken voice lowered it breaks all expectations and though little more than a whisper arrests attention, and all as one look up, awaiting the outcome with baited breathe.

"Because, despite how sweet and adorable animals are in the wild, it is necessary to often dissect, dismember, and disembowel them for necessary lifesaving potions."

The hand falls, and the once proude animal rights defender folds into herself, her psudeo Gryfindor bravory banished at the mere words of one atagonist. Though such a thing so paltry could be considered victory, Professor Severus Snape was hardly one to make a show of such lean winnings.

Twiddling the knife between her fingers, she watches as her house mate (back home, they were dorm mates, why Hogwarts would confuse the issue by making them housemates as well was one of the worlds smaller mysteries) fall to tone and stance alone she continues her twiddilng. And, has to wonder... if sarcasm and snark could be cut away from the syllables, would he still speak? After a moment she decides it's impossible, he exudes a subtle biting sarcasm with every breath. It would be like cutting tension from muscle, both would be useless after the surgery's end.

So she smiled, intent on making a point to disprove his. First step to turning victory into ashes... Stop gapping at her whimpering "house" mate and get to work. She stopped poking at the frog in its stereotypical silver tray, and lifted it up.

Besides her, her partner who'd once been intent on watching the drama (with a smirk so like his Professor's she'd half a mind to wonder who taught it to who), jerks in startlement. Then, to spite the icon of the snake on his breast, he tries chivalry on for size. It wasn't a good fit, in the least. Definitly clashing with his blonde hair and steel colored eyes.

"Wait a second, I'll, I mean..."

She looks up from her work, tipping her head, staring at him with clear, blue, eyes.

"You're a girl, girl's shouldn't be handeling gross stuff like frog's eyes, I'd be more than happy to..."

Her lips quirk, even as she grips the dead frog's swollen throat in gloved hands and squeezes.


Typical for their gender the mass of girls cringed back, "ew"ing and the like as he describes in clipped sylables the strokes nessescary to force the forg's eyes open withtou making a ruin of the eyes and leaving the potions one forth eyelid upon the eye requisite in tact. These little girls were... so very mature, squealing at each description. His gestures spring forth a low moan and shiver from the most squimish of the lot. Ignoring the crush of fools, Snape concludesh is pointers then sweeps to the table his Godson resides. It would be… inappropriate for the pride of Slytherin to be assigned a new and utterly witless partner. Determination to remedy the situation clogs his throat, as orders for him to change tables flick across his tongue.

To his surprise the "useless girly girl" –so his serpents call the newest surge of students- has gripped the "cute" and "innocent" animal, one squeeze and she smiles, then sets her knife across the animal's eyes, and cuts the closed eyelids a pair of perfect crosses, and squeezes. The amphibians' eyes bug out at the pressure. The one forth of eyelid is nicely attached, the frogs eyes are whole, and unspoiled.

As an aside, Snape notes that Draco's eyes are almost as wide as the amphibian's, a greenish tinge has taken the boy's face.

For that alone, Severus Snape decides to leave things as they are.