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~Chapter 1~

'Glowing Oatmeal'

"PUCK! GET YOUR BIG BUTT DOWN HERE!" The members of the Grimm household braced themselves and looked at each other knowingly. A door slammed upstairs, and another opened before hysterical laughter filled the house.

"I've gotta say Grimm, you've never looked better than now!"

"Puck, I swear to God, if this doesn't wash out, I will literally hang you by your toes in your forest where no one will find you!" Sabrina Grimm came storming down the stairs, dressed in light washed jeans and a deep blue sweater, which matched her now deep blue hair, which was standing straight up. Her hair was usually down her entire back, meaning it was now so tall, it was close to hitting the ceiling fan whenever she passed it.

"'Brina, uh, new look?" Uncle Jake snorted into his coffee and shrivelled back when his niece glared daggers at him.

"At least it's a pretty colour this time," Daphne said, trying to cheer up her sister. Sabrina smiled slightly at Daphne, then continued to scowl as a boy of the same age came flying down the stairs and landing a safe distance from the angry Grimm.

"Puck, must you continue to harass Sabrina? It's starting to become obnoxious." Granny Relda asked the fairy boy sweetly as she shovelled what looked like glowing oatmeal onto plates.

"Then I've reached my goal! Soon, you will all be forced to bow down to me to escape the horrible wrath of the Trickster King."

"Yeah the wrath of your breath," Sabrina mumbles under her breath as she finds some normal bread on the counter and makes herself some toast.

"Shut up, stinkpot,"

"You first booger breath,"

"Lieblings! Please, not at the breakfast table," Granny scolded the two teenagers, making them both blush and slump into their seats, but not before Sabrina elbowed a Charlie horse into Puck's leg, making him wheeze in pain.

"So, Granny," Daphne looked up from her plate to speak to her grandmother, "what are we up to today?"

"You three are going to be running some errands for me today," Relda said sweetly, pushing more oatmeal onto Mr. Canis' plate. The old man winced but ate every last bite dutifully.

"No, please old lady! You know I'm allergic to work!" Puck whined and Sabrina rolled her eyes at him.

"Fine, fine," Relda smiled at her adopted grandson, "the girls will go and solve the mysteries by themselves then." Puck paused and thought before saying,

"Well, I guess I'd better go too, wouldn't want to miss seeing Grimm burnt by a passing dragon,' Puck smirked at Sabrina, who only rolled her eyes at him again, missing the knowing smile Granny shot at Daphne.

"You three had better leave soon, it looks as though it will rain, and you won't want to be caught in the storm." The three kids nodded and left to dining area to go upstairs and get ready. The girls went into their room, which they still shared, and got dressed in more suitable clothing. Daphne changed into stretchy pants, and a plain t-shirt, while Sabrina changed into similar pants but kept on her sweater, as she struggled to tame her hair. Eventually, the two girls worked together and pulled it back into a messy bun at the back of Sabrina's head. But seeing as their was at least two bottles of glue mixed with the dye, her hair still tried to stand straight up, causing her bun to stick out into an odd style.

Leaving their room, the Grimm sisters headed back down the stairs and strapped the necessary weapons to their bodies as they waited for Puck. Daphne's weapons consisted of magical items, mostly wands and rings, with some extras in the pockets of her new coat, which was beginning to resemble Jake's. Sabrina, being the more deadly of the duo, strapped knives and daggers, with multiple grenades (real ones, not glop) and a whip fastened to her hip. She completed her weaponry with a long silver sword she and Daphne had fashioned together, using magic and melting down old protection laced metals into a beautiful sword. The sword had an intricate handle with sapphire blue diamonds embezzled into the hilt.

"All right, you Grimm's ready to go?" Puck announced as he landed beside Sabrina, and strapped the last of his weapons to his chest. Puck didn't hold as many weapons as Sabrina, but he held quite a collection of daggers and explosives, while he relayed more on his wings and transforming.

"Yup, let's go, before the rains get here." Puck grabbed Daphne's hand and swung her up in his arms.

"Puck!" The younger girl squealed as the boy flipped her around and headed out the door. Sabrina smiled at her sister and Puck and turned to wave goodbye at Granny. Granny had a small loving smile on her face as she watched the three young soldiers.

"Bye Granny, we'll be back by tomorrow tonight!" Sabrina called to her as she followed Puck and Daphne. Relda watched as her oldest granddaughter reached Puck and Daphne and seemed to scold them over something. Daphne laughed and Puck smiled at her, with a smile Relda knew he reserved for Sabrina. He lifted into the air, still holding Daphne and reaching out for Sabrina's hand as well, smiling wider as she reaches back for him and laces their fingers together.

"They'll be fine mom," Relda looks behind her and sees Jake standing next to her, holding her close. She pats her sons hand and smiles at him.

"Oh, I know they will be, but I still worry for them," Relda and Jake move back into the house, unaware of the extra set of eyes watching them as they retreat back inside.

~Chapter 2~

'Bedtime Stories'

"Are we there yet?" Daphne sighs as Sabrina whines again. She looks up at Puck, and is surprised to see him smiling at her older sister.

"Almost 'Brina, be patient." Daphne gaped slightly at his use of her nickname.

"Says the Prince of Impatience," Daphne giggles at her sister and tugs on Puck's collar.

"Could we maybe stop for a bit? I'm starting to fall asleep, and you're looking tired." Puck scowled, but looked down at the girl in his arms and noticed she did look dozy. Sabrina looked tired too, her dazzling blue eyes starting to droop. And he was getting pretty tired too.

"All right, sure, we can stop for a bit. We're almost half way to New York City anyways." Puck dropped down towards the ground and placed Daphne in a low tree branch and continued to hold Sabrina in his arms, smiling when she snuggled a little closer. Puck looked back at Ferryport Landing and sighed when he realized that after being stuck in the small town, he thought of it as home, and was already missing it. The barrier had fallen when the Grimm's had saved Relda from Mirror, destroying him and the barrier surrounding the town. This was good, and bad. Good thing was, Relda was back with her family, safe and sound along with baby Basil. The bad thing was, all the Everafters fled the town, except a few of the close family friends, including Snow White, Mr. Canis, Red Riding Hood, and of course Puck. Others stayed as well, realizing they either had no money, or did not support the Scarlet Hand, and stayed in Charming's camp. Now, Puck only left when the Grimm's did, mostly in part because of Sabrina, and also because they were his family now, and he wouldn't leave without them.

"Puck?" Puck looked up, startled by his name and smiled when he saw Daphne hanging in the tree.

"Hey Marshmallow, just dropping in?" Daphne snorted a very Sabrina like snort, and landed gracefully beside him.

"You wish; but alas, I can not leave you alone with my sister. Bad things would come out of that, you know, with you loving her and all."

"Daphne Grimm!" Puck was slightly embarrassed, but relaxed when he looked down to see Sabrina sleeping soundly. He also noticed she was still in his arms. He revelled in the feeling and slid down the base of the tree, and settled in, ready to sleep too.

"You know it's true. And I know you know that Sabrina knows about you knowing how she knows she loves you and you knowing you love her." Puck blinked a couple times, trying to understand Daphne's scrambled sentence.

"Okay, run that one by me again?" Daphne giggled and slid down beside them.

"She knows you love her, and you know she loves you. So what's the problem?"

"There's no problem," He mumbled, embarrassed again.

"Not one that I can see! So why aren't you two confessing your love for each other and ceasing to prank and insult one another?" Puck chuckled at Daphne, before letting go of Sabrina's legs and wrapping his arm around the younger girl instead.

"Well Marshmallow, it's mostly because she's stubborn and so am I. Honestly, we have had that dreadful conversation, sorry that you weren't there," Daphne squealed and bit down on her palm. "but we don't know how to proceed and I don't want to push her. We've been nicer to each other, but still, neither of us will budge from the safety line we've created."

"Hence the blue hair," Daphne whispers, making Puck laugh.

"Yes, like her hair. You know, she took this prank in stride, she didn't try to kill me instantly."

"Yeah, she seemed pretty relaxed when we brushed it down, no death threats or bitten pillows." Puck paused for a moment before looking down at Daphne.

"Bitten pillows?" Daphne blushed as she realized what she's said.

"Not important, anyway, you were saying about your undying love for one another?"

"No, I don't think I was,"

"You know what I mean, continue please." Puck chuckled at her again before continuing.

"I'm not pushing her, but I'm being nicer, just little tidbits of affection, so she won't get embarrassed or mad."

Daphne frowned, "I've never seen these tidbits of affection, what are you talking about?" Puck winked at her, smiling mischievously.

"Like I said, I don't want to get her embarrassed," Daphne held in a small squeal, and resisted biting her hand.

"Have you kissed her?" Puck's smile intensified.

"Before or after the declaration of undying love for one another?" Now Daphne did squeal, making Puck cover her mouth, muffling the small pig sounds.

"Well that's attractive, my brother sure caught himself a good one," Daphne blushed as Puck mentioned Mustardseed, who had previously taken a liking to Daphne, much to Henry's dismay, saying Daphne was too young, although she's just turned fifteen last month. Puck didn't mind; now his mother and Henry had someone else to yell at.

"Oh hush, and don't change the subject, when did you kiss her before?" Puck thought a moment before answering her.

"Once when she punched me in the gut, the other when she was crying, and the last when she woke me up." Daphne muffled her own squeals herself this time, and widened her eyes as if telling him, 'well go on'.

"After that, they come more casually, mostly when no ones watching her, she'll be the one to kiss me, just because, or I'll kiss her, mostly to make her shut up or stop crying," Puck winced a bit, "I hate it when she cries." He looked at Daphne after he said this. "Don't you dare tell her that,"

"Tell her what?" Puck smiled at her and ruffled her hair.

"All right, enough with the bed time stories go to sleep." Daphne sighed, but obliged as she snuggles closer to Puck's side, tucking her head into his shoulder. Sabrina did the same, almost simultaneously with Daphne, stretching her long legs out and wrapping her arm around his waist, using his chest as a pillow. Puck leaned over and pecked Daphne's head,

"Goodnight baby sister," Daphne smiles at him, keeping her eyes closed, than once Puck is sure she's asleep; he leans over and presses a gentle kiss to Sabrina's hair, breathing in her scent.

"Goodnight love," he whispers softly into her hair, smiling when she sighs and shifts closer to him. He's startled when a small giggle comes from Daphne.

"I saw that," Puck nudges her with his elbow, and smiling, falls asleep with his two favorite Grimm's in his arms.

~Chapter 3~


"Aww, this is the cutest thing I've seen since we found that puppy a few years back." Puck started awake, instantly reaching for the sword as his side, jostling the Grimm's in the process. Sabrina woke up first, snatching her sword as well, holding it threateningly at the intruder. Daphne took a little longer to wake up, but was startled to see the young boy in front of her. The boy had long shaggy bronze hair, covering most of his ears, but not enough, as the pointed elf-like tip poked out. He was wearing a casual pair of jeans, with a plain green t-shirt, and matching converse, and a goofy grin on his face as he watched the trio. Sabrina stood up and walked closer to the boy. He was no more than twelve, and came up to Sabrina's shoulder when she walked closer to him.

"Who are you?" Sabrina asked politely, but a warning was behind her eyes. The boy threw up his hands, chuckling like it was a game.

"I'm a good guy," He smiled at Sabrina, "unless of course you like villains," the boy winked at Puck, who only glared back. "and I can see you do."

"Oh God, please don't tell me your—"

"Peter Pan, in the flesh." The boy's grin grew so wide, it looked like his face would crack. Sabrina groaned and removed her sword from his face; Daphne squealed and bit down on her hand, and Puck glared at the boy. Pan looked at Puck and smiled devilishly.

"Hello Puckerly, how have you been?" Sabrina snorted at the name and turned to collect their bags.

"I thought I was the only one that called you embarrassing names," Sabrina giggled as she strapped her bag on, and tossed Puck his. Puck broke his glaring contest with Pan to smile at Sabrina.

"No, but you're the only one that won't be hung by their toes if you do," Puck turned to glare again. Sabrina sighed and helped Daphne with her bag, before turning back to Puck.

"Are you coming? Or are you going to try and stab the kid?" Pan looked at Sabrina with wide eyes, almost saying, 'you'd let him stab me?' Puck just continued to stare at Pan.

"I'm thinking about it," was Puck's answer and you could visibly see Pan swallow nervously. Sabrina and Daphne went to Puck's sides and looped their arms through his.

"Let's go Puck, I wanna get this over with and head back to Granny's." Daphne said, breaking Puck out of his trance.

"Okay Marshmallow," Puck scoops Daphne up and begins to walk away, "you coming Grimm?"

"I can walk, you know that right?" Daphne protests, but enjoys having her friend so protective of her and her sister.

"Grimm? You're the Grimm sisters, aren't you?" The trio turned back to Peter Pan, who was looking at them, mesmerized.

"Well we're certainly not the Grimm brothers." Sabrina scoffed at the boy, beginning to grow impatient with him. Puck noticed and leaned in to whisper to her.

"Annoying, isn't he?" Sabrina giggles and nods her agreement. Pan watches them together and smiles devilishly again.

"Has our little Puck grown up? Aww, I take that back; this is cuter than that puppy." Sabrina made a growling noise in the back of her throat. Pan's smile only grew. "And you've ended up with a Grimm. Lucky dog." Pan walks over to them, invading their personal space.

"Back of Pan, you're getting close." Puck snarled at the boy, only making him smile wider.

"I must say, the stories about you two don't do your beauty justice." Daphne blushes, but Sabrina only half smiles and pushes the twelve year old back.

"Cute, but creepy. I'm nineteen, sorry, but it'll never work." With that Sabrina drags her family members down the path, cutting through the trees, ignoring Puck and Daphne's hysterical laughter.

"Not what I was getting at, but I'm flattered you thought that," The three looked up and saw Pan sitting in the tree in front of them.

Sabrina rolled her eyes and hit the kid in the face with a branch "Well you're not getting Daph either, so buzz off." Puck snorted another laugh out, making Pan turn red with either embarrassment or anger, Sabrina wasn't really sure.

"I can see why Puck chose you; you're both pretty pig headed." Daphne snorted a laugh too. Puck grinned widely at Sabrina.

"See Ugly? I told you your face resembled Elvis'" Daphne laughed at Puck, and Sabrina stuck her tongue out at the fairy.

"Whatever, at least I don't have an obnoxious flying boy crushing after me."

Pan turned a deep shade of purple. "There is no way anyone could love Puck, especially me!" Sabrina shrugged, enjoying the fight with the young boy.

"Whatever you say; come on guys, Daphne, walk by your self and build some muscle."

"Fine," Daphne sighs and climbs out of Puck's arms. Puck then turns to Sabrina and scoops her up into his arms, holding her close.

"No fair! You just kicked me out so you could have a ride." Daphne grumbled, but was smiling at her sister.

"But Sabrina's already got muscular legs, she needs to rest." Puck grinned at Daphne, making her smile and Sabrina blush and smack his hands off of her legs.

"I can walk too Puck," Sabrina rolls her eyes at the boy holding her, but snuggles closer anyway.

"No, I don't think you could without tripping or impaling yourself on a tree.

"Oh shut up, frog face."

"I love you too Grimm," Puck says with a laugh and swoops in to peck her lips with his. Daphne smiles and leads the way into the trees.

"I saw that one," She says without turning back to Puck and Sabrina.

"Good, I meant for you too." Daphne laughs as she uses a wand to twirl unruly branches back into the forest without breaking them. Peter Pan didn't follow them, only stood on the path way, watching them walk away, suddenly feeling an emotion he'd thought he'd never feel.

He felt jealousy. Towards the Trickster King.

~Chapter 4~

'Knock Knock'

"Here we are! New York City!" Puck announces over dramatically. Sabrina looks up from his hoodie, and takes in all the changes since the Everafters had gotten out of Ferryport Landing. Only a small amount of humans strolled through the streets, shaking and checking behind them every twenty seconds. Most of the buildings had been burnt down, or scavenged through, creating a pure 'End of the World' feel to the once beautiful city.

"All right, well let's get going, I'm tired, and I'm pretty sure we won't get done until tomorrow." Sabrina sighs and stretches, leaping out of Puck's arms.

"And Granny was going to make hamburgers," Daphne pouted, but Sabrina shuddered.

"She probably would have made them out of camels. I'm sure we'll survive missing one of her meals."

"Okay Chicklets, lets get to Fairie." Puck says and heads toward the Anderson statue in the middle of the park. The statue was a mess, full of garbage and what Sabrina hoped was only paint. Walking up to the statue, Sabrina and Daphne brushed some of the garbage off of the statue, before pressing their hands to his arm, along with Puck, who stood back slightly.

"Knock Knock," The three of them says together and smile when the statue moves his head and looks down on them.

"Who's there?"

"Umm, interrupting cow," Daphne answers and Sabrina groans. She hated this joke.

"Interrupting cow wh—?"

"Mooooooo! Haha, get it?" Daphne starts laughing, falling over Sabrina. The statue laughs along with her and moves his foot off the doorway, leading to Fairie.

"Thank you Mr. Anderson!" Daphne smiles at the metal man as she lowers herself into the doorway. Puck follows and reaches up for Sabrina.

"Anything for the Grimm's, thanks for the joke, haven't heard that one yet!" The statue lends his hand to Sabrina and she takes it and lithely slips into the doorway, landing in Pucks arms.

"Can't resist being in my arms Grimm?" Puck smiles at her, making her blush. She hated that he could make her blush. She never blushed!

"Don't be corny Puck-o,"

Puck let go of Sabrina and led the way into the Golden Egg bar, where a hoard of Everafters were sitting and talking. Momma Goose was at the bar, serving drinks and smiling at all her guests. When the war had started, Momma had made it very clear, that she didn't appreciate people who came and ruined her restaurant, so there was a happy medium in the Golden Egg. So Scarlet Hand and Everafters alike were in the bar, either glaring or having easy conversations with each other.

"Sabrina! Daphne! How are you?" Momma spotted the Grimm's and came zipping around the bar stools and tackled the sisters in a massive hug.

"Hi Momma, how have you been?" Sabrina asked the portly woman. Momma was the Mother Goose from the bedtime stories, and was like another grandmother to the Grimm's.

"Oh, good. We haven't had a bar fight in over a month!" The woman beamed at Sabrina and kissed both her and Daphne's cheeks. "My, my, my, you girls have gotten so big! How old are you two now?"

"Fifteen," Daphne says proudly, while Sabrina answers, "Nineteen," with slightly less enthusiasm. Momma looks them up and down and smiles, with actual tears in her eyes.

"Last time you were in here Sabrina, you were fifteen!" Momma says, letting go of the girls and continuing to smile at them.

"I know," Sabrina smiles back at her.

"Now you're an adult! Almost twenty! Oh, you're growing too fast!" Momma shoved herself at Sabrina again, hugging her tightly.

"Tell me about it," Puck mumbles behind them, standing at the bar, leaning against the table. "one day she's cute as a button, now she's intimidating and all legs." Daphne and Momma start laughing as Momma disengages from Sabrina and folds Puck into her arms for a tight hug.

"I thought you liked my legs," Sabrina scoffs at the fairy hugging Momma. Puck pulls away from the woman and smiles devilishly at Sabrina.

"Oh, I do. But I also liked when you were shorter."

"I am short! I'm shorter than you are,"

"Yeah, like two inches shorter,"

"Not when I wear heels,"

"But I've pretty much banned you from wearing heels,"

"Only because you're threatened by my height,"

"Never said I wasn't,"

"Are they always like this?" Momma whispers to Daphne, and giggles with the young girl.

"Yeah, they don't want to admit it, but they're desperately in loooooooove." The two woman start to giggle again, when Puck turns to glare at them playfully.

The reunion is interrupted suddenly, when a chair goes flying across the room. Momma whips around and cries out when she sees a troll about to punch a young man's face in. Once the first punch is thrown, Puck and Sabrina spring into action. Puck pulls the man out from beneath the troll and pins him against the wall when he tries to lash out at the troll. Sabrina pulls out her sword and pulls on the trolls clothing, spinning him around, then pushes him to the floor, stepping on his chest and pushing her arm into his windpipe, cutting off his breathing.

"C-can't-t b-b-breath-h," the troll stops squirming instantly, trying to catch his breath. Sabrina shifts her arm so that the troll can breathe a little, but slid her sword to his throat, stopping him as he tries to move forward.

"Stand still if you know what's good for you," Sabrina grunts as she presses her sword into his throat a little more, pressing her point. The troll's Adam apple bobs as he swallows, nicking himself on the sharp blade.

"Marshmallow? A little assistance please?" Daphne looked at Puck, who was struggling immensely with the man. He suddenly turned and punched Puck in the nose, making a satisfying crunch, before trying to make a run for it. Puck tackles him again, and wrestles him to the ground, pinning him completely.

"You ass, I like my nose," Puck grunts as he immobilizes the man. Suddenly, there's a flash of light and the man freezes. Puck falls off of him and sits on the floor for a moment, catching his breath.

"Are you okay?" Daphne comes rushing to Puck and pulls him up to his feet, "Puck! Your nose is broken!"

"Really? I didn't notice." Puck wipes at the blood trickling from his nose.

"Daffy?" Daphne looks over at Sabrina and squeaks when she realizes she didn't freeze the troll.

"Sorry, sorry!" Tweaking her ring on her finger, the flash of light fills the room again, and the troll freezes. Sabrina rolls off the troll, and wrinkles her nose cutely at the crushed food on her pants.


"Don't worry 'Brina, at least he didn't puke like the last one," Daphne laughed at her sister as she brushed off the mess.

"Oh thank you!" Momma smiled at the Grimm's and bustled each of them back to the bar stools. "Sit down! Down! Let me help you clean up." Momma hustled everywhere, disappearing behind the wall for a moment, and then appearing again with a cloth for Puck's nose. For a split second, Momma sprouted feathers and a beak, and then transformed back. A door, at the end of the bar swung open, hitting the wall as a fairy walked into the bar, with three other fairies behind him. The first fairy looked to be only a few years younger than Sabrina and Puck, and had a stern look on his face. Sabrina could tell that it was only show, as the laugh lines crinkling around his eyes and mouth were pronounced after years of laughter. His hair was a cropped dirty blond, and his eyes sparkled a forest green. He looked over the mess in the bar, seeing the frozen troll and man, both with scared faces, and looked over the remaining people in the bar, most still sitting there, staring at Puck and Sabrina. Finally, the boy's eyes went to Sabrina, Puck, and Daphne, and his stern look washed away, replaced with a wide smile that covered his face.

"Guess I know what happened here,"

"Mustardseed! Hi!" Daphne launched herself at the fairy who held his arms out for her, his smile getting wider as she jumped into his arms, hanging onto his neck. Sabrina rolls her eyes at them, and Puck looks away uncomfortably. Once Daphne pulls away slightly, Mustardseed smiles and hugs Sabrina as well.

"Good to see you Sabrina,"

"You too Mustardseed, glad we ran into you,"

"I'm glad you came so quickly,"

"No problem,"

Mustardseed untangles himself from Daphne and Sabrina and hugs his brother, making the remaining customers of the Golden Egg whisper to one another, about the prince of Fairie conversing with the strangers. Finally, Mustardseed turns and leads them to the door at the end of the hall, with everyone's eyes following as the young woman in the group holds herself to his side and the older couple follows behind them. Once the door is shut behind them, the Everafters continue as they were, and the troll and young man unfroze suddenly, gasping for breath. No one pays them any attention as the troll leaps to his feet and storms out of the bar, enraged at being taken down by a woman. The young man, still trying to catch his breath, goes over to the bar counter and leans in close, signalling Momma closer.

"Who, may I ask, were they?" Momma gives the man a confused look, wrinkling her eyebrows.

"Why, the Grimm's of course. How could you not know that? Every Everafter knows about them,"

"Then they are related to Jacob Grimm?"

"Well, yes, he's the girl's uncle."

"Really," the man looks back at the door, frowning in thought, "well now that's interesting."

"What are you mumbling about John?"

"Nothing Momma," The young man, John, turns away from the counter and heads towards the door at the end of the bar.