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'narsisits' = actually, this is narcissistic, but Ivy's only four, and she tries, but sometimes, it sounds like Auntie Daphne

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"Sprat, are you sure? I swear, she grew, in my hands!" a tall blonde figure was standing in the medical tent, towering an entire two feet over the poor, pudgy nurse. Her hair had been coiled up earlier, and now cascaded down her back in loose curls, hitting the back of what looked like hard leather armor. In front of her, a little blonde girl, whose hair was only a few shades darker than the woman's, was sitting on the cot in front of the adults, looking around curiously. Large, curious, deep blue eyes were taking everything in the tent in, probably to tell her daddy about later. At the moment, wings, about half the length of her own body, were protruding out of her back, as she tried with little success to fly to the top of the tent. The white glistening insect wings were fluttering uselessly, while the girl's mother held her down with one hand, already used to the toddlers antics.

"Sabrina, I've measured her twice now, and she's only grown and inch since the last time you came in here." Sabrina sagged, and the girl looked up at her mother, wondering why she suddenly looked so sad. She decided to cheer her up, by climbing up her arm to her shoulder.

"I was so sure," Sabrina trailed off, and Sprat rubbed her back, while Ivy tried to do the same, but mostly just hit her mom in the face a couple times.

"Give it time, Sabrina. Maybe the spell will even wear off." Sprat trailed off suggestively, and Sabrina nodded, knowing that was very unlikely to happen. With one last smile at the chubby nurse, Sabrina left with Ivy in her arms.

"Well baby girl, it seems you're still stuck in tiny toddler mode." Sabrina sighed, looking down at her daughter, who was looking up at her mother in turn. An adorable smile spilt across her face, making Sabrina smile too, and kiss her button nose. "You're too cute."

"I know," Ivy nodded, answering her mother surely, saying what her daddy taught her; something called 'narsisits'*. Sabrina just shook her head at her daughter, and plopped her on her feet, to walk on her own. Her cubby little legs ran as soon as she hit the ground, making her way to her Granny's house. All the Everafters that were walking around the camp watched her go, chuckling as she reached the stairs, and did a weird bear crawl up the steps before pounding on the big door, announcing who she was. Sabrina heaved a sigh and jogged after her little girl, just as the flung the door open, announcing to the world, "Grandma Roni, I'm hoooome!"

"Ivy Sophia, how many times have I told you not to call me that?" Sabrina's mother yelled through the house, reaching Sabrina's ears, just as she reached the steps of the house.

"Lot's o' times, but I'm sill doin' it." The little fairy girl smiled proudly at her grandmother, and then her mother, who was closing the door behind them. Veronica Grimm was standing there with her fists propped on her hips, trying not to smile at the adorable little girl.

"Ivy, Grandma told you no, that means you listen." Sabrina chastised her, and she looked over her shoulder at her mom.

"But Momma, Daddy told me yes." She grinned her smile that only held about seven teeth, but it was still perfect. Just then, it happened that Daddy came down the stairs, launching himself at the fridge instantly, "Daddy!" Ivy squealed and launched herself at him.

Puck turned at his daughter's scream, catching her just in time before she crashed into him.

"Hey Princess, how was your 'walk'?" Puck asked the little girl, using air quotations around the walk. Ivy wrinkled her nose, and shook her head.

"Mommy tricked me." Ivy whispered, and got a tiny smack to her bum from her mother who had just passed by without Ivy's noticing. Puck sniggered and reached back into the fridge, grabbing a piece of pie for him and a yogurt for Ivy.

"Well, mommy is pretty sneaky." Sabrina gave Puck a withering look, but continued to open the yogurt for Ivy while Puck set her up on his lap with the pie over to the side for himself. Ivy nodded in agreement with her dad, and took the yogurt from her mom and pulled the pie for her dad closer to herself. Before either of them could stop her, she had proceeded to dump the content of the yogurt container all over the pumpkin pie. "And apparently so is her daughter." Both Ivy and Sabrina looked at Puck proudly.

"I think she just officially claimed your pie, Trickster." Puck looked over his shoulder at a young man that had just entered the kitchen area. Puck gasped, like he hadn't realized this until now, making Ivy giggle evilly.

"That's what she thinks." He stated and pulled the pie closer, taking a huge bite out of the yogurt filled pie. Sabrina, Veronica, and Peter Pan all grimaced as he swallowed the pie in front of Ivy's widened gaze. He chewed noisily, and swallowed, looking thoughtful.

"You know, that wasn't half bad." He said, and took another bite. This seemed to egg on Ivy, so she took a bite as well, and grimaced the same way her mom had.

"Yucky!" She tried to wipe her tongue off with her fingers, but it didn't seem to help any. Sabrina giggled and took Ivy buy the arms to the bathroom, to wash her up. Ivy's face lit up at the prospect of getting a bath. Once they left, and Puck had finished the disgusting pie, he looked back at where Sabrina had left with Ivy with a look of horror.

"No matter how much that kid seems to like me, I still can't get her to hate being clean." Daphne came into the room now, looking refreshed, and her hair dripping wet.

"Well she is Sabrina's kid too remember." Puck flicked her arm, and Veronica told them to behave before leaving after Sabrina, to help with Ivy's bath.

"How did Ivy's checkup go?" Daphne asked Puck, but he shrugged, his good mood disappearing instantly. She nodded and looked at Peter. "And how's the search for Tinkerbell going?" Peter sagged in his seat as well.

"Apparently the new mirror isn't able to get into Mirror's databases, and therefore can't find the Snow Queen's lair." Daphne patted Peter's shoulder, and he nodded his tanks to her.

"We'll find her soon."

"It's been three years Daphne. I'm starting to think we won't." Nobody said anything after that. Sabrina was the one to break the silence, coming back into the kitchen and slumping down into the chair next to Puck's.

"This sucks," She whimpered, and Puck threw his arm around her back, tucking her into his chest.

"How'd the check up go?" He asked and she craned her neck to look at him.

"Apparently she hasn't grown any more than half an inch since last check up."

"That was over three weeks ago! Shouldn't she be bigger by now?" Puck asked worriedly, and Sabrina nodded slightly. Daphne leaned on the top of the table.

"That spell they put on Ivy, it's going to obviously stunt her growth. I'm sure it was meant for her to stop growing altogether and therefore stop the Grimm line from growing. But of course, with Ivy's fairy blood, she overruled the spell, and now she's just growing really slowly.

"But she will grow still though, right?" Sabrina asked her sister, but Daphne could only shrug her shoulders, not really sure of what would happen with her niece.

"She'll be fine 'Brina. Maybe she'll just be really short for most of her life." Puck nudged his girlfriend, and she nudged him back.

"Was that a short crack at me?"

"No, but it worked, didn't it?" Puck grinned, his crappy mood pretty much gone now. A yell from upstairs made everyone jump in their seats, and Daphne run up the stairs to aid her mother with Ivy's bath.

Clementine came into the kitchen now, opening the fridge for herself and taking out an apple, and munched on it happily. The girl was now seven years old, with shorter hair than when she was found, only reaching the nape of her neck. It was still incredibly curly though, and a honey brown colour, not unlike her mother's.

"Hi Tiny, how are you today sweetie?" Sabrina asked the little girl and she shrugged, continuing with her apple.

"Okay I guess. Where's Ivy?"

"She's having a bath at the moment." Sabrina told her, and Clementine nodded, like she expected this, and then left the room.

"She's too mature for her own good." Puck said, watching his niece leave the room.

"Sometime's maturity is a good thing, Puckerly." Sabrina said standing and getting herself a glass of water.

"What have I said about calling me names, Grimm?" Sabrina raised an eyebrow at him, while Peter smirked, "Grimm doesn't count as name calling it's your real name!"

"Lieblings, please." Relda was coming into the kitchen now, trying not to smile at her grandchildren.

"Sorry Granny,"

"My bad Old Lady,"

"Where's my wonderful great-grand baby?" Granny Relda asked as she sat down heavily on the kitchen chair, her bones old and frail now more than ever. Puck pointed upstairs as splashing noises became louder when, Sabrina was pretty certain, Ivy opened the door while her grandmother and auntie were trying to wash her. Sabrina set down the cup on the table, but it dropped when it was about to touch the table top, spilling all over Puck.

"Jeez Grimm, what's up with you today?" Puck asked, jumping up to grab a cloth to wipe up the mess. Sabrina bit her lip, picking up the pieces of the broken glass. Relda watched her closely, noticing the shaking hands of her grandchild as she carefully picked up the glass.

"Sabrina, liebling, are you okay?" Puck stopped and actually looked at Sabrina, noticing she was shaking too.

"Brina, it's okay. It was just a glass, not the end of the world. What's wrong?" Sabrina looked at the three people looking at her and smiled nervously.

"I wasn't going to do this like this, but I'm already nervous enough. I'd rather not have a stomach ache all day from not telling anyone." Peter, Puck, and Relda all sat still watching Sabrina turn to look straight at Puck, but till addressing everyone.

"Puck," She looked up at Peter and Relda too, "Granny, Peter, I'm pregnant again." Silence followed her, with Peter looking shocked, Granny pleasantly surprised, and Puck a cross between really excited and horror struck.

"You mean I have to go through a whiny Sabrina for another nine months?" Puck demanded, standing up and grabbing her around the waist, spinning her around in a hug. Granny Relda smiled at the young couple, giving them her congratulation s and kissing Sabrina and Puck's cheeks in turn. Peter congratulated the parents, and left the room. Relda sat back down and smiled as Puck talked animatedly about having another 'Trickster' in the family, while Sabrina sat down at smiled while watching him.

Veronica and Daphne came back down the stairs, with Daphne holding a towel clad Ivy. Whenever Daphne was holding Ivy, you could see just how much Sabrina's sister had really grown. She had ceased to put her hair in braids anymore, only leaving them in over night to create waves in the morning. Her face had slimmed out, well, her entire body had, but she continued to wear her trench coat with the millions of pockets sewn in. For a nineteen year old, she wasn't the most mature kid, but she was braver than anyone else.

"What's all the hubbub about?" Daphne asked, patting Ivy's hair with the towel, propping the squirming child on the table. Puck smiled at Daphne and Veronica, holding Sabrina around her waist.

"Sabrina's pregnant again!" Veronica's jaw dropped and Daphne's palm was into her mouth, biting down.

"Ogmy gowb dish ied sof cokld!" Sabrina and Puck frowned at Daphne, and Ivy cocked her head at her auntie strangely.

"English, Daffy." Veronica told her daughter, and Daphne did so, epeating herself without the hand in the way.

"I said, 'Oh my gosh, this is so cool!'" Daphne jumped up, leaving Ivy sitting on the table, which Veronica rushed over to and grabbed the tottering toddler. "Congratulations you guys!"

"Mommy, what's Auntie Daffy doin'?" Ivy questioned her mother, and Sabrina smiled at her little girl, picking up the toweled girl in her arms.

"Auntie Daphne is excited for mommy and daddy, because you're going to be getting a baby brother or sister." Sabrina told her fairy baby, poking her button nose. Ivy seemed confused for a second but then recognition dawned on her face

"Oh! Mommy has baby in tummy, like with me!" Ivy patted Sabrina's stomach fondly, like it was a dog. Sabrina nodded at Ivy, glad she had made the connection.

"But how'd they get there?" Ivy questioned and an awkward silence filled the kitchen, until Daphne and Granny Relda giggled a little.

"Ivy, Daddy's already told you that. They play chess, remember? But you can't play yet, because it's a really difficult game, and only adults know how." Ivy looked over at Puck, and nodded her head, remembering the conversation with her dad.

"Daddy teach me to play chess later?"Ivy asked, and Puck shook his head no. Ivy pouted and looked at her mommy for help, but mommy only shook her head too. Frustrated, Ivy got off the table, trailing the towel behind her.

"Ivy, where are you going?" Sabrina questioned her daughter, but Ivy just shot over her shoulder, "Uncle Jake teach me to play chess." Puck and Sabrina looked at each other and raced after their daughter, who was running out the front door already, her wings fluttering uselessly behind her as she streaked through the camp, a wet blue towel and two laughing parents chasing after her.


"Well, that was an eventful day." Puck sighed, landing on the bed in their cabin, disrupting all the pillows piled up around him. Sabrina agreed with him, and grabbed one of his shirts to sleep in for the night. A thump his their wall, and she dropped the shirt in surprise. A giggle followed and she rolled her eyes.

"Ivy Sophia Grimm, if you'd don't go to bed right now, Daddy's not going to play with you tomorrow." Sabrina threatened through the wall, and the thumping sounds disappeared instantly. Puck frowned at Sabrina, watching her come over to the bed next to him and lay down, curling his arm around her neck.

"That was mean Mommy," he whispered as he nuzzled into the side of her neck. Sabrina kissed his cheek, closing her eyes.

"Mommy's the mean one, remember? Daddy's the instigator." Puck chuckled and kissed her softly. The lay next to each other for the next few minutes, not saying anything, just sitting in comfortable silence.

"So, I've been thinking," Puck said, breaking their silence, Sabrina opened her groggy eyes, smiling up at him.

"Always a dangerous thing to do." He smacked her arm lightly, with a smirk on his face.

"Shut up, this is supposed to be serious," She nodded in apology, and he continued, "Anyways, I've been thinking. We've been together for more than five years already, with a three year old fairy on our hands, and another on the way," he rubbed her abdomen, running his hands over the invisible bump. "I thought maybe, this would be a good time to ask you."

"Ask me what?" Sabrina frowned, rubbing her stomach as well, hitting Puck's hands with her own. Puck grinned mischievously, and slid off the bed, kneeling beside her head. He brushed her hair back off her face, looking in to her beautiful blue eyes.

"This isn't how I was going to do this, but I figure if it doesn't happen soon, I'm either going to forget, or screw it up, so," Puck looked around the room, and saw one of Sabrina's hair ties, and grabbed it up. "Sabrina Grimm, will you marry me?"

Sabrina smiled at Puck and nodded quickly, kissing him and saying yes for him to hear. Puck took her hand and wound the hair tie around her finger. "And, seeing as we are currently living in the middle of a war camp, we'll have to take a rain check on the rings. If that's alright?" He looked up at her underneath his hair. Sabrina reached out and tucked it back, kissing his cheeks.

"Of course it's alright. How else is a Grimm supposed to get engaged? The weirdest ways are the best ways." Sabrina grinned and pulled Puck back up into bed with her.

"And to the Trickster King, no less. What a way to go, fighting with an Everafter for the rest of your life. You're ancestors would be so proud, I'm sure." Puck teased her, pulling on her hair playfully. Sabrina flipped over to her side to face him, grinning like an idiot.

"I'm a Grimm. This is what we do."


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