What is says on the tin... it's a fic for when I've got the old writer's block. It's fluff... Danice fluff though may get some other couples in! Hope you like!

1 – Just Talking

Hectic; that's how anyone at the rambled yet somehow totally picturesque game reserve that was Leopards Den would describe the day they had had. Whether it be Caroline whom had been welcoming numerous guests, Dup and Thabo who had been performing their usual land duties or Danny and Alice who had been rushed off their feet in their animal hospital all day with sudden emergencies and a bucket load of appointments – everyone's day had been one of their busiest.

Alice yawned as she placed the dirty blue cloth in the bin she'd just been using the scrub the shining operating table; it had certainly had some use today and she'd got sick to death of cleaning it as well. She glanced across and noticed Danny was on the laptop in the office; she smirked slightly as she noticed his tongue sticking out the side of his mouth with concentration as he typed away trying to get all the notes from today into the records. She sighed slightly, she felt like she'd not had any time to talk to him today. Of course, they'd operated together and verbally communicated but she felt as though they hadn't 'talked' talked and in all honesty, as stupid and as pathetic as she felt, she had missed him.

Danny felt Alice's eyes on his back as he finally finished typing up the last of notes into their database. God, it was so dull and so tedious; writing in all the many cases had certainly taken its toll on him but that wasn't the reason he didn't feel that good. No. The reason for Danny's down heartedness was the fact the missed his wife. He felt as though he hadn't talked to her at all today even though they'd worked together all day. He turned and stood up, his wooden rackety chair creaking as he relieved it of its duty to hold his weight, he smiled slightly as he saw her, hand on her perfectly rounded bump.

"All done?" Danny asked, a tone of exhaustion evident in his voice as he moved towards his wife who simply nodded. He smiled as they quickly locked up before wrapping his arm around her waist, tenderly leading her up to the house that was all in darkness but for the one flickering lamp that remained outside for them.

"That late huh?" Alice sighed before glancing at her watch, 10.57pm. Not that late but late enough for when everyone had had a busy day. She watched as Danny turned the lamp off before grabbing his hand as they tip-toed silently through the darkened hallways and into their room.

Almost immediately the pair began to undress, throwing their dirty clothes hazphardly where they could. As Danny threw his jeans away to the side he glanced across at Alice before smiling slightly; he knew her and he knew what she was feeling, the same he was feeling.

"Alice." Danny whispered quietly.

"Yeh?" Alice replied turning to face him sporting nothing but her matching red underwear. He smiled dumbly like a love struck puppy as he gazed at her; she was so beautiful and the fact her bump was so clearly on show too... he couldn't resist and pulled her by her hand gently onto the bed. "No Danny..." Alice began to protest taking his gesture the wrong way.

"Nothing like that Al... I just want to talk to you. Feels like I haven't spoken to you at all today." Danny murmured as he led down slightly, propping himself up on one arm as Alice, with a huge beaming smile on her face also made herself comfortable.

"Danny..." Alice choked before leaning forward and kissing him deeply upon his lips, slightly taken aback by his sweetness.

"You look gorgeous Alice." Danny whispered as his hands fell to either side of her bump, "And you're enormous too..."

"You know... if I wasn't pregnant..." Alice giggled as she placed her hands over his.

"I know, you'd kick my ass that hard I'd be in Canada by now." Danny chuckled as Alice too laughed.

"Yeh and don't you forget it either." Alice winked as both returned to propping themselves up on one elbow. She ran her free hand up and down Danny's chest gently as he ran his index finger up her side tenderly.

As they talked long into the night neither could think of any other place they would rather be than just talking to other about any topic that came up from Bob the Builder right the way up to the stars at night. Nothing could be more perfect for the pair...


Hate the ending but meh...