11 - Of Course I do

Alice glanced awkwardly at Danny as he walked through the door of the animal hospital. She'd left him to talk to Olivia about the previous night where she'd been blamed for the whole ring fiasco when in reality it was Dup. Danny felt terrible about losing his temper with her and so Alice had left him to sort things out with her. Last night had been pretty awful for her too despite learning of Danny's intentions to marry her. She'd reacted in a way that didn't reflect her true joy - shock had caused what Danny had obviously considered a bad reaction and they'd spent the night at opposite ends of the bed, their backs to one another, not speaking or touching. Alice had felt at a lost and even this morning, things had been awkward until their brief encounter at breakfast this morning.

"Is Olivia ok?" Alice asked carefully, her tone soft and open.

"Fine." Danny confirmed walking over to wash his hands. Alice sighed, they were back to grunts, nods and single words it seemed. She shook her head moving over to place some feed in the iguana's cage. It was then she noticed the tap had been running for a long time and she hadn't heard Danny move. Upon turning she found herself automatically launching forward - the water was steaming around Danny's hands as he rubbed them absent mindedly staring at the wall.

"Danny!" Alice exclaimed pulling his hands away from the burning water and turning the tap off, 'What are you doing?"

"I... I don't know." He whispered, his eyes cast away from her, "I was just thinking..."

"Obviously not about what you were doing, god, look how red your hands are, any longer and you would have burnt them!" Alice exclaimed, stroking his hands gently. Silence followed for a few moments, causing Alice to turn to look up at him. "Danny..." She whispered softly, her tone drawing his eyes to her.

"No." Danny's voice cracked as he turned his head away from her eyes once more. Alice felt tears well her eyes but quickly blinked them away, raising one hand to his cheek and pulling his gaze back to hers gently, "You don't..."

"What?" Alice asked him, "I don't..." She waited for an answer but didn't get one, just the sad flicker of his eyes turning away. It was in that moment she realised. He thought she didn't want to marry him, he thought she wasn't serious about him. "Hey..."

Alice's abrupt tone made Danny turn almost automatically and in moments she had pressed her lips to his, pulling him closer by his t-shirt, her fist clenching around the pale white material. Danny's eyes closed of their own accord and in seconds his arms were tightly wrapped around her.

"I know you want to marry me..." Alice smiled, "But what you don't know is that I want to marry you too..."

"You do?" Danny asked, his hands falling to her hips as their faces remained close. Alice's hands were still fisted in his T-Shirt, her body still pressed against his.

"Of course I do." She smiled, "I love you Danny. We just have to let things sort themselves out a little first."

"I love you too... and you will be Mrs Trevanion. I promise you." Danny grinned, "I'm sorry for being an arse."

"I'm sorry for reacting in the way I did." Alice admitted, looking down, "I didn't mean too... I was just you know... shocked. I hadn't even suspected anything and you hadn't been acting any different. Usually I can tell but this time I couldn't... then with Dup's bombshell."

"I can't believe he pawned the ring... I thought I could trust him." Danny admitted quietly. "Least it's safe now."

"Good." Alice smiled, "I wouldn't have been impressed if you'd have got a refund."

"Like I'd dare." Danny smiled, "Still, it's safe and well out of reach of anyone but me. Don't want it ending up on another woman's finger again..." He smiled, pulling her closer, his eyes teasing her.

"Hmm..." Alice chuckled, kissing him softly before letting go off him and beginning to walk away, just as she was about to leave, she spun and smirked cheekily at Danny as he watched her like a hawk, "You'll just have to put it on my finger..."

Danny smiled as she walked away and nodded to himself - that's exactly what he'd do.