My friends, I'm afraid this has been a long time coming.

It's been nearly 10 years since I started actively trying to write fanfics, but with time and age, my life has conspired to hinder both my creativity and motivation.

The last time I ever uploaded a new/updated an existing story was over 5 years ago. While the ideas for all the existing and conceptual stories have always been in the back of my head, I'm afraid to say that I have never been able to return to the literary wave and surf it.

Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that I bow out of the writing scene. I'm aware that the majority of the stories I had were nowhere near complete, but unfortunately I no longer have the time to dedicate to finishing them.

I'll be keeping the stories up for reading pleasure, but don't be surprised if you see duplicates appear because there is a small lining to this cloud.

A reader got in touch with me not long ago, a rarity in itself, and asked about the future of the existing Naruto fics. I had no clear answer, and it honestly made me realise that I was just disappointing all those who followed the works. Admittedly, it's been 5 years, so I very much doubt anybody's been actively hanging onto the possibility of an update as of late. If anything were to come, it would just be seen as more of an 'Oh, how convenient', kind of affair.

Anyway, I'm drifting. On the matter of the PMs, after coming to the realisation, we ended up talking over the next few days about story adoption. Originally, I had never been fond of the idea of putting fics up for adoption. When I was properly into them, they were my babies, so to speak. I couldn't really stomach the idea of watching something I started get twisted away from how I desired it to go.

Having said that, the fics are just gathering dust, so I figured that it is time for someone with the passion (and time) to take them forward, however that may be. They have been courteous enough to ask for what written-but-not-yet-released material I had floating around and use that as a base for continuing. On top of that, I've given them a general run down of how I wanted the fics that already exist to go, whether they decide to keep to that template or not is up to them.

And with that all being said, this is where I say thank you for your readership in the past. The feedback is what kept inspiring me to write, but with my imagination run dry, I can no longer produce anything I would like to be read.

Do keep an eye out in the next few months for some of these fics to resurface under a new username. I'm fairly certain they are in good hands.

The Guy Who Never Updates,