Ok so this is my first fanfiction. This is a RE4 Self-Insert fanfiction.

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Summary: Nothing ever happens to me. All I do is work, or do nothing. Well, as they say, becareful what you wish for, because you just might get it.


Rain beats down on my window. Hard, droplets of water just pours outside. It has been raining all day. There is nothing to do. My power has been knocked out because of it.

I lay facedown on my bed, groaning. The lights arent even on in my room. Which, sucks. I look up, and get off my bed, because I need to do something other than sleep, or eat. I could always finish my homework- nah. Too boring.

I could always read a book- no. I've read all the books in my room. I can't play videogames because... well, the power is knocked out. DUH.

Lighting cracks through the air, making me jump. I look outside my window, which is covered in water. I can see lighting through the water and clouds. I love it. I love dark, gloomy days like today. I hate the sun, but love this anyway. Even though it knocked out my electricity, and have like, nothing to do.

Going outside would be really stupid. Or would it...

I prop myself off the bed, grab a sweatshirt, and grab an umbrella off of my desk. Am I stupid? Like, completely and utterly stupid? No. I'm insane. But, that's okay.

I run downstairs, and struggle to throw on my Avenged Stevenfold sweatshirt. Pulling it over my head, I adjust it to my body. I open the door, and the crackle of thunder makes me jump. I sigh, realizing it's only the weather.

For a split second, I thought a grunt and a thud above me. On the roof. I look up out of paranoia, but there's nothing there. Thunder... it's the thunder.

But I'm wrong. Dead wrong.

A pair of strong arms grabs from behind, and my first instinct is to thrash around like an animal. Biting. Scratching. Clawing. Kicking. Screaming. Any of those things to get away from this unkown threat. A gloved hand clamps hard over my mouth.

"You're a real fighter, aren't you?" I hear the gruff voice from almost in my ear.

Nuh uh, no way. I wasn't going to take this. But, I couldn't bite through a leather glove. So, I kick instead. I hit right where I shouldn't. Below the belt.

"LITTLE BITCH!" the man screeches, and releases me for a brief second to regain his composure.

I take off running through the rain. It beats down on me. The mud splatters beneith my feet. My heart is pumping against my ribcage like a caged animal. I am breathing so hard. My lungs are on fire.

A crack of lightining scares me, and I slide through the mud. I slip and fall. My hair and -well- my entire body splashes through the wet grass. I am covered in grime. I had to get back up though.

Before I can, a strong hand grabs my arm, and pulls me up by one arm. It felt like it was gonna rip right from my socket. I look at my captor.

I am insane.

This man... no. It couldn't be him. He didn't exist. He wasn't supposed to! But, there was no denying it.

"Night, brat!" I hear the man say, as he jams a needle in my arm with his free hand.

Everything goes black.


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