Author's Note – I was just watching Season 1, Episode 12: Crash Course in Polite Conversation when this idea came to my head…I'm sure it's been done before, but I'm pretty certain not the way I intend to do it Please be kind, review!

Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer was royally screwed. She gave a short scream of frustration and threw the object in her hand at the wall. How could this have happened? Logically she knew how it happened, but how could she have let it happen? She was supposed to be more responsible then this, more careful. She closed her eyes and ran her fingers through her wild, curly blonde hair.

"Peyton? Are you ok?" Her brown haired best friend came running into the bathroom, alarmed at the absence of music in the room. She found her best friend sitting on the bathroom floor, crying.

"I'm fine Brooke, just a little shaken up." Every time Peyton looked at Brooke, the scene in the motel room with Lucas would replay in her head. Her inability to be a good friend was the reason she was even in this position. She struggled shakily to her feet and peered at herself in the mirror. She was pale and sweaty, with puffy red eyes. Her black tank top fit her snuggly across her small chest and flat stomach. Her legs clad in black sweats were visibly shaking. She used the sink to hold herself up, and as she looked up once again, she saw the look on Brooke's face. Frozen horror, her long hair going straight down her back, making her cheer leader practice outfit look amazing on her body.

"What is this Peyton?" She held up the discarded item the blonde had thrown, thinking it would solve her problems. Peyton sighed again while motioning for Brooke to follow her downstairs. The girls remained silent until they were seated comfortably at the table, bowls of sherbet set out in front of them.

"It was, well it is I guess, a positive pregnancy test." Peyton shoveled a bit of the cold cream into her mouth, relishing the feeling of coldness in her mouth.

"Whose pregnancy test is it?" Peyton almost laughed at the question, but instead she just put on a thoughtful face.

"I don't know Brooke, let's see, I just found a used pregnancy test in my bathroom and freaked out. God Brooke, it's obviously mine!" Even she was taken aback by the bite in her words but she didn't take them back.

"Ok P. Sawyer, don't freak out. We can tell Nathan together if you want." If the situation wasn't so serious, Peyton would have let loose the biggest laugh ever. It was sweet that Brooke was so blind as to believe her best friend would never betray her.

"It's not Nathan's baby Brooke. My period is six weeks late, making me about four weeks pregnant. I did all the research. Nathan and I have been broken up almost twelve weeks. Plus he's with Tutor Girl, and he wouldn't cheat, we both know that. Haley is changing him into a different guy." Brooke furrowed her brow taking in what Peyton was saying.

"Well I don't know of anyone else it could be Peyton, you're never with anyone. The only guy I ever see you with is Lucas, and it definitely couldn't be him…could it Peyton?" There was a hint of something in Brooke's voice that Peyton couldn't identify, but knew it was bad.

"Brooke, let me explain. I never meant for anything to happen…" Peyton trailed off as horror spread over Brooke's beautiful face, twisting it into a mask of pain.

"Tell me you're joking Peyton. Tell me you didn't stab me in the back." Brooke's teeth were clenched, and a feeling she couldn't identify was burning in her stomach. Peyton's hazel orbs dropped to the ground.

"I can't tell you that Brooke. I'm sorry. You know I love you." Peyton said with a pleading tone in her voice.

"You two faced backstabbing bitch. You knew how I felt about Lucas and you still had to have him, didn't you? Answer me Peyton!" Brooke screamed as tears formed in both girls eyes as they looked at each other.

"It wasn't like that Brooke. We were in the motel room the day we had to identify my dad, and I thought I left my bracelet so we went back. It just got out of control Brooke, I'm sorry." Tears were openly running down her face at this point but she didn't care.

"You mean the day I trusted my best friend with my boyfriend? God Peyton, you thought your dad was dead so you what? Decide to sleep with Lucas? Does he know?" Fire in her brown eyes, Brooke Davis knew for the first time the pain she had caused others. She had never been in love before, and she could officially declare that love sucked.

"I haven't told him yet. I don't know how." The blonde took a shuddering breath trying to calm her racing her heart and the brunette just shook her head as she prepared to leave.

"How about like this? 'Hey Lucas, remember the night you and I decided to stab Brooke right in the back? Yeah I got pregnant from that.' There you go slut, I just wrote your story for you. I'll be nice though, I'll give you until tomorrow to tell him before I do." The front door slammed a few seconds later, leaving a heartbroken Peyton Sawyer behind. She dropped her head into her hands and sobbed openly and loudly for a few minutes before sitting up and wiping her eyes. She pulled out her phone and dialed a number that she had long since memorized. After a few rings, the phone was answered.

"Hey Lucas, I'm sorry to call, but can you come over?"

"Hey Peyt. You know I'd love to, but Brooke's supposed to be coming over, and I don't want to upset her. You sound upset though, is everything ok?"

"Luke, believe me when I say Brooke won't be coming over. She knows about us. Can you please come over?" The sound of sobs swayed his heart.

"Yeah I'll be right over. Give me just a few minutes." Gentle goodbyes were exchanged before the phone was hung up with a click. Peyton waited in anxiousness.

Peyton was sitting at her desk in her room when Lucas entered the room. He surveyed the look on her face and the anger in which she was throwing her pen across the page. He was thrown off by the absence of music in her room, as was the person who was here before him.

"Peyton, you're starting to worry me. Are you ok?" She looked up swallowing hard. She looked into his confused blue eyes. With a sigh she looked down.

"Luke, Brooke knows about us sleeping together. But that's not all." Luke cocked his head and squinted at her.

"What else does she know? That we've still been seeing each other?" She shook her head and whispered her reply.

"I'm pregnant." And those two words broke Lucas's heart and changed his world.

"You're sure? That you're pregnant I mean." Lucas was having trouble breathing as Peyton hesitated.

"I've taken like ten home pregnancy tests but I haven't been to a doctor yet." Lucas looked a little relieved, then guilty then thoughtful.

"Well, then we'll make a doctor's appointment, I'll go with you, and then we'll make a decision from there. No matter what Peyton, I'm on your side. We're in this together." Lucas strode over to Peyton and wrapped his arms around her, unaware of the webcam that was pointed directly at them, and those who might be watching.