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Eight weeks. It was hard to believe that it had only been eight weeks since Lucas had proposed to her, eight weeks since she found out she could die if she delivered her baby vaginally, eight weeks since she had been in school. She was going stir crazy by the end of the second week, but it was as if nobody cared. All she kept hearing was safety first. That's why today was so exciting for her; the doctor had finally given her the all clear to get married. The baby was still four weeks from coming, and it thrilled her to no end that when her baby came, it would be in wedlock.

"You look beautiful Peyton." Karen said softly as she helped pin the veil into place. Peyton's dirty blonde hair hung half loose, in wild curls. Her pale yellow wedding dress showed off ample cleavage made slightly larger by the pregnancy, and slightly flared out at the bottom. She had chosen a pale yellow in lieu of traditional white since it was obvious she was no virgin.

"Thank you for everything Karen. Since my mom was unable to be here, I'm glad you were." The watery smile Peyton gave Karen made both girls almost weep but they were able to compose themselves by the time a slight knock was heard and Keith poked his head in.

"Are you guys ready? The groom's at the alter, Peyton's father is pacing himself sick waiting to give his daughter away, and the guests are all out there. You never mentioned you invited Brooke." He was looking quizzically at his soon to be niece wondering what had made her invite the brunette who had been a constant source of hurt for the young woman.

"Consider it an olive branch. Before all this went down, she was my best friend. I'd like to get back to a semblance of friendship with her. It's been hard." She said and Keith just nodded, knowing the blonde knew what was best to do.

"I'm ready." She smoothed the front of her dress down and smiled widely, ready to walk down the aisle and finally marry the father of her child. Keith held his arm out and led her down the hall to where her father waited for her. Larry Sawyer smiled widely at the sight of his beautiful daughter as they hugged.

"Your mother would be so proud of you. I know I haven't been the most receptive, but I cannot wait to meet my grandchild." He kissed her temple as Karen scurried past them to wait at the alter for them as well. Peyton had decided not to have any bridesmaids. Haley was playing the wedding march on the piano, her cue to get ready. She smiled widely once more before butterflies took over, and she closed her eyes letting her instincts took over. She felt rather than heard the gasps as people saw her for the first time, and when she did finally open her eyes, she looked straight into Lucas's eyes. His blue eyes sparkled and shone with pride. She made a mental note of how amazing he looked in his black tuxedo with white undershirt and pale yellow tie.

"I love you." He mouthed quietly to her as she continued the slow walk up the aisle, registering a slight twinge in her stomach, unsure of whether it was butterflies or the baby. She masked the pain, knowing she was probably just imagining things. By the time she was up by Lucas's side, she had completely forgotten about the pain. She took a second to slowly gaze over the church they were in.

Rose petals were scattered down the aisle, in soft whites and pale yellows. Candles were located at every pew, lighting the way for them. All their friend's were dressed in their finest and Brooke even threw a smile her way. She moved her eyes back over to Lucas and took his hand as the minister began to speak. The words from his mouth were unheard by Peyton however as she squeezed Lucas's hand, a tidal wave of pain washing over her. She tried her hardest to mask her pain, but knew she had been unsuccessful when the pride in her future husband's eyes changed from pride to fear.

"Are you ok?" He asked her softly, vaguely alarmed by the glassiness in Peyton's eyes, but she only nodded.

"Of course I am, please continue." She smiled tightly, more pain settling in her stomach, then a burning beginning between her legs. Her knee's became wobbly, and leaned onto Lucas to keep from falling.

"Oh my god, is that blood?" Brooke had stood up, noticing the slight redness dampening the back of Peyton's dress as the blonde's eyes rolled into the back of her head and she slumped heavily into Lucas's arms. Chaos broke out as the brooding man's worst dream came true.

It was obviously daylight judging by the light shining in her eyes, but she was struggling to open her eyes. Once she did, she groaned. She was in a little bit of pain, though she was unsure why.

"You know, seeing you in the hospital are beginning to become quite the habit P. Sawyer." Brooke commented from her side and Peyton just groaned.

"Oh hell. I must have died and been sent to the fiery pits below if I'm seeing you." She closed her eyes tightly before opening one again to peek out at the brunette who just smiled.

"No, I'm just here for a few minutes. Broody, Tutor Girl, Nathan and I have been taking turns sitting with you until you came around." The brunette explained and Peyton sighed.

"Why?" The question she posed intrigued Brooke for a moment.

"Because you're in the hospital silly girl." Peyton smiled slightly at the teasing in Brooke's voice.

"No, I mean, why are you here?" She asked again and Brooke picked at the blankets on her bed.

"Because when I saw the blood on you…Peyton I was scared I was going to lose you before we had a chance to properly make up. I haven't been the most supportive best friend, so I'm sure that title's gone, but we need to start over at least. I need you P. Sawyer." Brooke finished her speech as she realized Peyton looked horrified.

"Brooke, where's the baby?" Her hands were on her stomach, which was not completely flat, but enough so that she knew her daughter no longer rested under her heart. Brooke looked uneasy for a moment.

"Well Peyton, you started hemorrhaging pretty bad at the wedding…the doctor's had to perform an emergency C-Section a couple days ago…" She trailed off as the hospital door opened and Lucas walked in, a bundle of pink in his arms. He smiled widely at the sight of Peyton awake.

"You know, if you didn't want to marry me, you didn't have to almost die at the wedding." Behind his teasing, Peyton could hear the tenseness and fear that had been carefully hidden for several days.

"You know me; I don't like to hurt anyone's feelings. Is that…my baby?" She asked softly as Lucas placed the soft tiny human on her chest. Her heart filled with joy at the sight. The little girl's blue eyes were open and staring into her mother's green ones. Right away, Peyton could see her nose and Lucas's chin.

"She's beautiful." She smiled up at the crowd that was slowly gathering around the couple and their child, Brooke's seat having been given to Lucas only moments before.

"What's her name?" Karen asked the happy trio in front of them. Lucas and Peyton shared a look before answered.

"We've decided on Sawyer for her first name, since she has Lucas's last name. Her middle name is going to be Brayley, for both Lucas's best friend, and my best friend. Sawyer Brayley Scott."

The happy parents beamed at each other before leaning in for a kiss. Neither one of them could think of anything that could be better about their lives. They had their happiness, they had each other, but most importantly, they had their daughter now.