AN: I needed to write something that was a little more on the funny side. So I present you, Round The Bend. I really hope you enjoy reading this as much as I wrote it. I usually don't giggle and laugh at my own work, but after going through it a few times, I just couldn't help myself. So please enjoy!

Kagome's footing wasn't exactly sure on the smooth stone surface. It didn't help that she was covered from head to toe in what she guessed was porridge or pudding. Not only that, but her hands weren't free either. No, they were holding a now tiny version of Ayumi, who was trying her hardest to wrap a small ribbon around herself while still keeping balance in her porridge covered hands. All this while Kagome herself was running from strangely dressed... things and a crazed cutlery throwing rabbit. All this inside a white castle, that was most definitely not the English country side they were touring not an half hour-ago.

And how did they end up in their current situation?

A crazed pair of the most oddly dressed couple they had ever seen. A tall, pale, lanky, eye patch wearing, dark haired man and a short, pale, large headed red headed woman. Both of whom were cuffed to one another, neither looked happy about it either. They looked like they had just stepped out of a 'Maerchen' picture, causing all four girls to stop and stare. It was the minute of them staring which allowed the man to stab her in the leg while the woman snatched the Shikon.

They left in quite a hurry, and Kagome gave chase, not expecting her friends to follow suite. She had followed them into a manicured hedge garden that led to a forest of sorts at the edge of the museums grounds, and she watched with wide eyes as they dove into a large hole at the base of a large, gnarled tree. So like any logical person that had a duty of protecting a powerful and sacred object, she dove right after them. Not at all noticing a hand latching onto the back of her shirt until it was to late.

Looking over her shoulder she noticed, that like in a manga, the one closest to her had grabbed her shirt, which was Ayumi, Ari onto hers and Yuka pulling up the rear. So when Kagome jumped, they all had to follow with her.

Strange sites, sounds and even scenes lined the walls of whatever they were falling in, and a strange sense of welcome and irony hit Kagome like a ton of bricks. She was always falling into new adventures. Why couldn't she walk into one, like in Narnia? Did gravity always have to work against her when if came to new adventures?

A scream brought her back to reality.

A door was coming at them, and rather fast. She could feel how Ayumi was now clutching to her while the other two had let go. And suddenly it swung open, revealing a churning mass of something, and the first two of the girls landed in it with a loud splat, and all went dark.

The first thing Kagome realized was, whatever they landed in, it was thick. Next came the warmth, and how it was quickly rising in temperature. So, blindly she reached out, searching for her friend until frantic fingers latched onto her wrist. With her free hand, she placed it near her mouth and let out a small amount of air, quickly learning which way was up.

Swimming in the liquid... or whatever thick mass was, they went in that direction, and gasped for air when they broke the surface. With blind eyes, Kaomge led them to the edge and hauled them out of whatever it was they were in, not expecting them to fall a small ways.

Ayumi was coughing and hacking anything that may have entered her lungs, and Kagome having had many near drownings looked for the substance that would help sooth a throat after all that. Water. How ironic was that? Grabbing a cup of what looked like tea, she handed it to the frantic girl. If her friend didn't look so frightened, she would have laughed her head off at the sight she made. Like she'd been dunked into a pot of porridge. Looking to the trail of what they crawled out of, it was just that.

Angling her brows downwards, her rational mind tried to figure out how they feel down a hole, that only a doped up madman could think of, to crawling out of a... cauldron? A surprised and frightened shriek drew her gaze to watch as her friend started to shrink. The cup fell from her hands, shattering against the stone flooring, as they reached out to Kagome. She rushed to her friends side, seeing with wide eyes as she shrank and shrank, only for her clothes to hide her completely from her eyes.

If it wasn't for a lump moving about under the shirt, she would have thought her friend had disappeared entirely. Quickly, she pulled the heavy porridge sodded material back and the disbelieving eyes of an ex time traveler and that of a tiny Ayumi stared at each other. What just happened?

Careful hands took her friend, still covered in porridge, and gathered the clothes and stood up. The two were asking one another, without giving any answers, to what was going on and if the other was alright and so on and so forth. If it wasn't for the enraged yell of what sounded like a man that brought them out of their party of two for panic, they would have completely ignored the dressed and talking rabbit.

The next thing they knew, he was yelling about, to what Kagome could understand, the mess and how the porridge belonged in the pot and not dancing about in the kitchen. They way he went at it, it sounded like it happened often. The porridge actually going for a spin on the kitchen floor, not the people climbing out of said porridge. After they, well Kagome since the rabbit couldn't see Ayumi, refused to get back where the porridge belonged, he started to throw random kitchen cutlery at her and shouted for the guards to put the porridge back.

Kagome knew the guards would notice right away that they were indeed not part of the porridge, hopefully, and most likely arrest her. And so, after years of running away from small bands of whatever took to their heads to chase her, she was out of that kitchen so fast, she was sure if Kouga were there, he'd be impressed. More so since she was covered in porridge and slipping all over the place.

Now, back to the present.

Ayumi was screaming, telling her to watch out, duck and whatnot, when nothing was really being done to her. Although Kagome could understand. Memories of the time where Miroku, Shippo and herself were shrunk into the box garden of... what was his name again? All she remembered was being put into, another stew, about to be eaten... again, all because a student of a Sennin got greedy. But back to the main point, everything was frighteningly terrifying when one was the size of a mouse



"I'm going to put you one my shoulder. I'm gonna need my hands if I'm gonna get us out of here."

"... okay, just don't drop me!"

"Hang on then. Tightly." with the slight exchange done, and her friend now perched on her shoulder, clutching to whatever was able to be grasped in her tiny hands, Kagome used her somewhat freed hands to her advantage.

Slipping at her sudden stop and spin to face the strange people, who felt the need to dress like chess pieces, but not to the point where she fell on her back, she waited till one of them got close enough and grabbed one of the pole arms closest to her and gave a good yank and spin. Twirling the weapon in her hands, she stood in a ready position, unstable as it were, and the deadly end pointed towards the group and rabbit. She still had to figure out about the talking rabbit.

"YEAH! Go Kagome! Now I say we get the hell out of here!"

"Agreed, let's get going. Don't forget to hang on."

Backing away a few steps, plus a few more, she spun around and took off. It took a few steps before she actually went anywhere thanks to the porridge, but then she was off like the hounds of hell were on her heals. Well, she was using the feeling of the complete Shikon as a guide really, but the principle was the same.

Ayumi was squeaking and crying out from the sudden movements and running of Kagome. She watched with wide eyes with the way her friend was moving. After being sick all those years, she shouldn't be running like she was, what was going on here?

She was planning to stop and open the doors, but the fact that her feet were covered in porridge wasn't a factor she took in. Her body slammed painfully into the white door with a wet splat, groaning as one of her free hand slipped down the door and smearing the porridge along the surface, she groped about for the handle, pushed and the door creaked open.

"Kagome! Hurry, move!"

"Arwg." it was easy for her friend to say, she wasn't the one running or had just slid painfully into a heavy door.

A fork imbedded itself into the door near her, where Ayumi let out a high pitched scream next to her ear, Kagome recoiled slightly and stumbled out of there, and was once again running with the pole arm in hand and a tiny Ayumi screaming as Kagome tore down the pathway. And then it hit her as a group of pale dressed people squeaked and cried out as they parted for her. Ayumi was tiny, she was running from a talking rabbit that threw everything it could get it's hands... ahem, paws on, and hopefully people dressed as chess pieces. She started laughing at it all. Not only was she running from all this, but she was also covered in porridge.

"What are you laughing about? This isn't the time to be LAUGHING!"

"Saa... sorry Ayumi-chan. But think about it. You're tiny, we're both covered in porridge and on the run from people dressed as chess pieces and a talking rabbit that seems to have a thing for throwing cutlery! How is this not funny?"

"It's insane! I am just really hoping this is either some weird form of a dream or a hallucination! But that still doesn't make this a laughing matter!"

Some more chess dressed up guards were marching up ahead, only to turn around at the commotion and fan out and get into a ready position. And seeing how small she was naturally compared to their own size, and seeing that there was a good sized gap, a crazy idea came to mind and her smile just matched it.

"Kagome~" her friends tone was low in question and warning. Mostly in warning. "Whatever it is you're thinking about doing... don't do it!"

She picked up speed and threw herself onto her knees, using the now cold porridge to help her slide relatively easily across the stone. Leaning back and down a bit, and swinging the pole are to knock two the guards off their feet but also help her to slow down and be able to get to her own feet.

"I said NOT to do whatever it was you were thinking!" she merely let out a laugh at her friends protest. How could she complain? She was doing all the work! But sadly she was met with a set of high, and sure to be, heavy gates. Perfect.

Coming to a stop and spinning around, she twirled the pole arm into a better grip, and got ready to take whatever on.

"Ah... Kagome-chan? What are you doing?"

"Getting ready to take them on. Why, what does it look like?"

"Uh... I don't know... but since when do you know how to... to, to fight?"

"Believe me, you don't want to know. And you wouldn't believe me even if I told you"

With that, she widened her stanceand got ready for whatever was going to come her way. Well what appeared to be an albino like woman dressed in completely white was not it.

AN: Ah, like I stated above, I had real fun time writing this one. I think I freaked my mom out with how I was giggling like a mad man typing this up! Please tell me what you think, and if you've noticed any mistakes. (Repeated words/sentences/grammar/spelling/ect...)

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