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Chapter 5

After the war to save Ace, things had changed on the Moby Dick. Whitebeard absolutely refused to let Ace be the active second commander, or go on missions, or get supplies. Actually all Ace was really allowed to do was sit in Whitebeard's line of vision. If they landed to do anything, Marco was always there with him (Whitebeard had made Marco Ace's new bodyguard). It was annoying, frustrating and overall boring. And it's been going on for two whole years. So when Whitebeard told Ace to go over to Kuraigana Island to see what Shanks was up to, Ace was gone so fast that some crew members made some lame jokes about fire and speed (Look at that! He's quick as fire! or He was gone in a flash!) which were all met with groans.

Unfortunately for Ace, before he could get too far Marco used his devil fruit ability to catch up to Ace's fire-powered dinghy. Apparently Ace could go on missions as long as the first mate was there with him.

"This is crazy, I can do this myself." Ace grumbled when they landed. Ace spotted the Red Force (Shanks' ship) and went over to investigate before he was pulled back by Marco.

"We're headed for the castle, not the ship. Pops wants this over with as soon as possible," Marco said dragging Ace with him.

"I can walk," Ace snapped, breaking Marco's grip, "I'm not a baby. Contrary to your and everybody else's belief. I could've done this on my own." As if sensing that this would be the perfect time to refute Ace's point, a Red Hair pirate carrying a large piece of wood turned toward his friend's direction and knocked Ace on the back of the head.

"I'm so sorry!" The wood carrying pirate said. Ace was on the floor, trying to soothe his wounded pride when Marco heaved him up, patted dust off Ace's hat (which had fallen on the ground) and placed it back atop his head.

"Humor us," Marco said with one of his all knowing smiles. What was with first mates and having that 'I know something you don't' vibe anyway? Ace glared but followed Marco back up toward the castle.

In Mihawk's Room

Doctor Greg was checking Mihawk for a concussion while Shanks fussed around him, while trying not to touch him. Not out of fear of hurting him, but because Mihawk had managed to excavate Kokuto Yoru from beneath the pile of clothes after his fall and now had it sitting next to his bed. Ready to use.

"I'm sorry. I was just worried, and Ben said that-" Mihawk glared at Shanks who eyed the lethal sword, trying to determine if getting closer was worth the risk. When he finally decided it was, Ben walked in.

"Whitebeard sent us two friends to see what you're up to," he said as Ace and Marco walked into the room. Ace said hello and bowed to the Yonko.

"Hey, no need for that, I'm just nursing Mihawk back to health," Shanks said happily.

"Alright, mission complete," Marco said, "Let's go, Ace."

"What? No way. This is the first time I haven't felt a bunch of eyes watching me constantly. I'm staying til Mihawk's better. I'll help you, Shanks. If you don't mind." Ace said. Shanks was more than happy for some extra help. And any complaints from Mihawk about people invading his house after he had just kicked out two squatters were left on deaf ears.

"Well, he seems to be fine. He doesn't have a concussion but he bruised the top of his head so I'm just gonna get him an icepack." Doctor Greg said, happy for an excuse to leave the room.

"So what do you need?" Ace asked. Marco, for his part, was lounging against a wall deciding to wait for Mihawk's recovery than knocking out the fire logia and just dragging him back to the ship.

"For one you could get me different blankets," Mihawk said, throwing most of his blankets onto the pile of shoes that were lying near his bed.

"You can help me write a new story, I just finished telling one based on Mihawk and Zoro," Shanks said.

"Oh, the whole 'surpass me one day' thing. Yeah, I heard about it. Sounded epic," Ace said, "Did you hear about that Marco?"

"Everybody heard about the day Mihawk took on a protege," Marco said.

"Where are you people hearing this from?" Mihawk asked, "And Roronoa is not my protege."

"I don't remember, it was just something everyone knew I guess," Marco answered.

"Well, since we're just sitting here, how about a who's more epic debate?" Ace asked.

"Again? Ace, the crew is split down the middle," Marco said, "You and I won't agree."

"How about them?" Ace said inclining his head toward Shanks and co.

"That's not very fair," Marco said.

"What debate?" Shanks finally asked. Ace turned toward Shanks with a smile.

"Well, the Whitebeard crew has been having this debate over who saved a kid by sacrificing a limb more epically. I said it was you, but Marco here says it's Zeff," Ace explained.

"The guy ate his leg," Marco said. Everyone grimaced at this.

"Shanks scared off a Seaking with haki!" Ace countered.

"Zeff cut off his leg with a rock andate it," Marco said, "besides you just say Shanks is more epic because he saved Luffy."

"Yeah, that grants him like a million extra epic points," Ace said as if he were stating the obvious.

"Don't you think you're a little biased?" Marco asked.

"No," Ace said as if that was final. Marco would have fought back but Whitebeard had instructed him to 'be conscious of Ace's feelings' since 'he's still delicate after his ordeal'.

"This is what you pirates do with your time?" Mihawk asked, "Shouldn't you be raiding a village or something?"

"Psh, that's so old school, you have to get with the times. Saving people and stealing money from the bad guys, that's the style now," Ace said, "And do you know who came up with that?"

"Luffy?" Marco said.

"Yes, Luffy!" Ace said proudly, like only an overprotective brother could.

"Luffy is perfect isn't he?" Shanks said, like only a proud father could.

From there the night deteriorated into Shanks and Ace talking about Luffy. Marco and Beckman talking about what it's like being first mate to a Yonkou. And Mihawk wondering what had happened to his ice pack and why no one seemed to remember that he was sick and needed sleep. When morning came everyone had fallen asleep on Mihawk's bed, except Mihawk who had stayed awake the entire night since he couldn't sleep with four people invading his personal bubble.

"Get off of me!" He said to all four of them, though they were sleeping so it did no good, "This could not get any worse." Oh, how Mihawk would regret these words.

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